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I think my Stellaris game has gone full weird mode.

Previously, I've stated I made a game without Fallen Empires, no spacefaring extraterrestial life, and x3 primitives. So I could RP with a human being a precursor empire, and a FE on endgame. Well, it has turned out to be extremely strange to put it on a way.After I deafeated some crystaline entities, I discovered that after doing some trading, purchase a destroyer, and salvaging some data from their abandoned ships with the Rackets, and humans being humans, they just decided to do snu snu and create a hybrid even without xenocompatibilty; well, at least now I could use that to colonize some tomb, arid and unpleasant worlds I've near.
After some years, a mysterious fleet showed on my space, it was a second caravaneer type, plantoid ones I don't remember how were called. Well, that turned out to be the less weird of my issues.For some reason, the game locked me with chemical propulsion nearly for 50 years, so I'd to rely on a very low expansion and exploring, luckly I developed auto-pilot for sci-ships fastly. I found the Sanctuary world, and nothing more for a while, I started the typical path of development or expansion, I put an observation post, and explored a little bit, discovered the Limbo thing, downloaded their neural paths, created some shinny robots, and in general suffer with all the micromanagment issues, but at least, I could devote a significant portion of time doing such, since I sensed that I was alone out there, so the worst thing I'd have to fight would be some space monsters and Guardians.
So, one of scientific officers was assigned to explore a delerict vessel, nothing weird, just that turned out some kind of invisible thing, also infected my ship and caused to end like the very same delerict, all crew has gone mad and exploded the entire ship. At the same time I was also searching for another crazy nihilistic ones, the Vultaum, and I was pretty fast, relatively, because their clues were there, just I didn't have enough ships to explore and investigate, so I'd to divide my resources between them, eventually I discovered their native system, learned their tragic fate trying to crash my PC, and blah, blah, just give me the cheating orb. Also, my presapients on Alpha Centaury suffered somekind of memento, and attacked one of my settlements, after following them, it was that they were seeded by another spacefaring species, just they only managed to reach tribal state, before devolving for some reason, but, the impression of their benefators remained, and the as such, the humans looked somewhat like them. That fact gave another reason to evolve those nice sloths one I reach the tech.
I destroyed a couple of asteroids trying to kill my tomb-world dwellers, just send a ship to break it up, literally I didn't have time to go on Deep Impact mode so I just sent my 3 initial covervettes the first time, the second just send a single corvette. Meh. And talking about asteroids, I had to create an anti-asteroid system to avoid worrying about my desert planed, propely called, Tatooine, well, except if Anakin tries to destroy all the sand in universe.
Oh, and curiously, I encountered a damaged battleship slowly melting away on a toxic planet, it was an AI controlled vessel, and the game trolled me saying it was armed to the teeth and was very dangerous, so I risked, and prepared, thinking that if turned out to be evil, it would be at least a battleship-level threat, but no, it was just a robotic corvette, with a sapient AI, that told me it's tragic story about going to battle with his brother, falling onto that planet, turning off, and such. But then I allowed it to join the UN, being the nice xenophile I'm. That would have been just an isolated incident, but for some reason, when the elections came, my citizens chosed it as president. Yeah, ignore the IV-VI level science man and go with a toaster I discovered just a decade ago. And somehow, the synth that was in control of the ship teleported magically to Earth, leaving the corvette with no control, but with somehow a way to still be opperational. And strange enough, the people liked it so much, they have been reelecting him for like the past 30 years, and with reason, somehow a warform drone has positive traits like "champion of the people", and "reformist". So now the entire UN is being run by an ex-wardrone.
After that I received a nice reference from our own planet, founding a toxic one that supposedly was marked that, because its native inhabitants relied too much on contaminant fuels and chemical, what an indiret I suppose. Well, after that I got a strange rescocue mission, because somehow a group of people has managed to fly well beyond my empire's borded and somehow they ended being captured by pirates that wanted an ransom. But the next was even more illogical, I organized a rescue mission to storm the pirates' base, and after making a deal with the captives to they take evacuation ships, while I combat their captors, but their were so dumb to tell me to not attack the base, since their ship was damaged, so I unwittingly I ended killing them, what an intelligent men!
Oh, and one of my ships suffered a wandelust-like event, dissapearing from the face of universe for a while, returning just the half, and I was assuming the other half was eaten by the Unbidden, but no, they somehow returned to reality, and with them, a nice transparent ship of unknown origin (imagine trying to do something private in a 100% transparent ship), anyway, I just put them to explore even more. I should mention that I chose the option to allow them join again, I don't know what would happened if I have chosen the one about attacking them. If someone have an idea of this event, please tell me.
And even more weird events, I discovered a hermit scientist that has no records on a random planet, he told me that he would join my staff as long as no more human ships explored the system, thing that I done anyway without repercurssions, discovered the ameba, and locking it in a single star sys to let it become centenary. And finding debris of a weird ship on a pulsar, just to find it was boiled down because its FTL failed and put them too close; and then the very same ship coming out of nowhere, intact and with their crew, sending a gibberish language, and when finally managed to translate, they told us that they were extragalactic explorers, and such, but eventually they panicked up when I started to show them their own registers, because the destroyed ship contained actually future entries compared to the intact. And I knew it was a time travel event, knowing the rules of it, I chose to inform them about the dangers of the pulsar, half attempting them to avoid it, half hopeless knowing a time paradox could solve itself transforming into a self-fulfulling profecy. So the seconds was what happened, just instead exiting FTL too close to a deathly stellar corpse, they were hit by a comet on that system. I'm wondering that would happened to them, if I never told their future. But, meh, fate is a bitch. Well, Kohtalo, rest in peace.
Oh and I before encountered the Pioneer's 11 disc... on the other side of the galaxy, yeah, for some reason, the fucking gold disc traveled thousands of lightyears on a STL ship. Maybe this could be linked with the wormwhole events of the CoM, and talking about them, more next. Oh, and also I found the Gekko purifiers before they transformed into purifiers, while they were on their Steam Age, although I was already worried because they had very high tendencies for xenophobe and authoritarian, so I decided to indoctrinate them, or if that didn't work, just outright use infiltration or assimilate them after tech illustration.
I found some easter eggs, like a system called X-3PO. And I had to disarm a fucking hydrogen bomb that some of my Racket hybrids activated because they thought it was funny to play on a former atomic warfield, whatever. The weirdest thing was coming next.
I was prompted to create the Galactic Council, all funny, I was grinning knowing that I was going to be the only member of the Council (I'm the Senate after all), but after it was formed, I was looking into the members, and for a few minutes it was just the UN, all fine, all good so far. But then the CoM appeared (I was starting to suspect when on the culinary ship event, it was mentioned as good dish), and I thougt at first, well, the game perhaps is fulfilling its programming of always spawn the CoM when the UN spawned, but then other empires appeared, one of Tree-Man, and the other, called the Citizen Alliance of Lijiz, that was composed by the fox-like Othari, the curious thing is that they were Democratic Crusaders, not the typical xenophobe opressors. So then I ended realising something, them, as well as the tree people, were separatists. So I could reasonably assume, they were former oppresed xenos that were conquered by the CoM while primitives or while on their early space age, and the they rebelled and took over.
As for the CoM, I've come to a new headcannon to justify why besides their expansion are so weak comparated to me in all aspects. That would be that the Chrysanthemum did not pass in completely safe way, the wormhole, and it closed before the Hieronymus could enter, then the former had to return Earth to tell the bad news, so it was thought that all the ships were destroyed, but the reality it was, all survived and ended on different planets, just that all of them were badly damaged. After centuries the Chrysanthemum colony managed to make it to space and formed the CoM, more likely on the 2260, because their damaged equiment, after that, they managed to contact with the rest of the lost colonies, some of them were already expanding a bit, so with the notion that UN govt has abandoned them, or even worse, the Earth has been destroyed by wars or pollution, they set into a vicious reunition campain with the rest of colonies. Some of them, gladly joined, united by the common ideal that xenos were a danger for humans, and it was now their responsability to take the mantle and allow humanity to achieve their well-deserved glory. However, other colonies disagreeded, some of them, even having already starting their own xeno-contact and illustarion programs with other races. And because of them, war erupted, in the end the CoM won by a slim margin, although the constant warfare left it weakened in all fronts, and because of the constant effort of war, they resources to put on scientific development were low, causing them to lag in comparing to the UN. Also, their constant struggle to keep all in order, left their military forces scattered and incapable of stopping the successful revolutions of two of their servants.
So now, the UN, fearing the CoM would try to retake them and subject them to an even worse destiny that slavery, has started to leave their slow paced expansion, and in consecuence, has started to create an express corridor that could allow them to reach their xeno allies whenever it was needed. Additionally, facing the fact its technological superiority could be defeated if their starships fell prey of the enemy, has embraced cryptic designs with the purpouse of defeating any attempts of reverse engineering. Moreover, it has also started several scientific and research pacts, in order to allow the Othari to gain more knowledge to face their former despotic masters; and immigration ones, to allow at least their species be spared from being wiped by the now furious CoM.
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Best Crypto Trading Bots 2019

Best Crypto Trading Bots 2019
WolfpackBOT - The World's Fastest Crypto Trading Bot
There are basically two different ways you can make mazuma from digital currencies. You can purchase a couple of coins currently, hold them for an extensive period and offer them after the esteem has risen significantly or you can get started with exchanging digital forms of money, here once more, you can exchange physically or run with the best crypto exchanging bots. While holding cryptographic money for a more drawn out term has turned out to be fulfilling, it takes a bounty of time and tolerance for you to optically observe the estimation of your speculation increase.If you are somebody, who does not have the persistence to hang tight for so long, at that point digital currency trading provides you with the immaculate chance to make some mazuma. Numerous prosperous digital currency dealers do recommend you purchase low and sell high. In any case, this is easier verbalized than done.
Digital currencies have been cosmically unpredictable since the earliest reference point. They are the main tradable resources whose esteem shifts in twofold digit rates every day. The cost does not generally go up either. Along these lines, timing the market is the way to turning into a prosperous cryptographic money merchant.
Exchanging digital money isn't any advanced science. All you require is a record on a digital money trade and some cryptographic money in your wallet. This would have been the situation, had you started exchanging these computerized resources route in 2010.
Presently, on the off chance that you try to put in any limitation request on any famous cryptographic money trade, you will outwardly see another application set appropriate above you're, putting forth a superior arrangement. Hence, you are constrained to put orders at market esteem.
The way that a superior offer quickly negated your offer does not assign that somebody is continually crushing before the PC. You just set off crypto exchanging bot when you submitted your request. The best bitcoin exchanging bots have surmounted the whole cryptographic money exchanging biological system, and this is primarily because of the way that they are more effective than people, particularly when it comes down to exchanging.
Presently that you ken that bots have surmounted the crypto exchanging market, you more likely than not understood as of now that the chances of making mazuma when piled facing a great many bots are cosmically svelte.
You could ace all the distinctive specialized investigation strategies and exceed the bots. In any case, in addition to the fact that this is tedious withal very tedious. So instead of investing more energy finding out about the specialized investigation, you can set up the crypto exchanging bots all alone. By the end of this article, not exclusively will you ken probably the most profitably rewarding cryptographic money exchanging bots out there, yet moreover will be enabled with the intelligence of winnowing your very own exchanging bot later on.
Variables to Look for When Culling the Best Crypto Trading Bots
  1. Dependability
A standout amongst the most vital viewpoints to consider is the dependability of an exchanging bot. You would not operate to lose on a brilliant open door because your crypto bot went disconnected or stopped working for quite a while.
You may contend that there is no real way to make sure about the dependability of a specific exchanging bot. Notwithstanding, you aren't the just a single using a bot. Scan for what alternate clients who have used a particular bot need to verbally express about its consistent quality or basically allude to our rundown of the best bitcoin exchanging bots underneath.
  1. Security
With regards to cryptographic forms of money, you can't inculpate anybody yet yourself if there should be an occurrence of a hack. When you initiate using an exchanging bot, you are giving the bot access to your mazuma. This can be very jeopardous, particularly if the exchanging bot is beginning in the field.
There is no telling how secure a specific bot is. In this way, while separating an exchanging bot, complete quintessential research and winnow a bot that has been broadly extolled for its security.
  1. Productivity
Everything comes down to this fundamental part. Is the bot profitably worthwhile or not? An inquiry for which it is elusive an answer. The primary reason you chose to run with an exchanging bot is to benefit over its exchanging ability. There is no influential pertinence in using a bot that isn't profitably rewarding. In this way, discover the productivity of a bot up to you put both your time and mazuma into it.
  1. Straightforwardness
The fundamental motivation behind why digital currency rose to acclaim is that the entire system is plenarily straightforward. There is the wrong spot for any injustice. The equivalent ought average even from the exchanging bot that you choose to run with.
Attempt to winnow a bot whose engineers are unmistakable for their work in the network. Straightforwardness benefits to fabricate trust as well as also profits you to connect with the ideal individuals to adjust any issue.
  1. Simplicity of profit
The entire cogency of running with a robotized bitcoin exchanging is to make the whole procedure of transferring cryptographic forms of money simple for everybody. A bot which accompanies a simple to use interface is the one that is exceptionally well known. Having the capacity to control the bots with only a couple of snaps of the mouse is something you should pay individual mind to, in the bot that you choose to use.
Considering every one of the variables we have arranged a rundown of the best ten digital currency exchanging bots in 2019, the review will be unendingly refreshed with the goal that data remains apropos.
Top 10 Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2019
  1. Cryptohopper
This may be a new bot in the crypto exchanging market. In any case, this newcomer has figured out how to blow some people's minds because of the comprehensive exhibit of highlights that this bot gives. One of the defeats of most exchanging bots is that they kept running on your neighborhood machine. This betokens they run just when you have turned on your PC.
With the lift in enthusiasm for cloud-predicated advancements, Cryptohopper uses cloud innovation to keep the bot running day in and day out. By running the bot on a cloud, clients will most likely put in exchange requests notwithstanding amid the night. In this manner, no open door is missed.
Another critical reason that prompted the lift in the notoriety of Cryptohopper is its simplicity of usage, particularly for the tyro. The bot has incorporated with an outside exchanging signaller. This assigns anybody can initiate using this bot by running it on autopilot. This is a help to the nascent dealers, who need not stress over setting exchanging signals for their bot. The bot withal gives progressively experienced clients a chance to mess around and set their own exchanging signals. Along these lines, it is satisfying the desiderata of both. Aside from this, the bot is incidentally outfitted with highlights, for example, trailing stops, specialized examination, formats, and backtesting. Formats benefit you to design a nascent setting for your bot quickly, and specialized investigation sanctions you to redo and arrange your own settings.
Like every extraordinary thing, the crypto container comes with a sticker price fastened to it. The cost starts from $19 every month for the fundamental arrangement and goes up to $99 per month if you operate their most extravagant arrangement. When you buy into any of the organizations, you can start using the bot on prominent trades like Binance, Huboi, Kucoin, Bittrex, Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Cryptopia, and Bitfinex. On the off chance that you are slanted to spend the additional buck on an exchanging bot, at that point Cryptohopper is an extraordinary separate.
  1. 3Commas
Even though 3Commas bot is nascent to the exchanging bot scene, it could give its clients huge increases, notwithstanding amid the crypto bear showcase.
The new element that dissevers this bot from other bots is its workforce to trail any crypto advertise. This authorizes the bot to close the exchange at the most profitably excellent position, yet the objective addition set by the utilizer had just been come to. This element benefits enormously amid the crypto bull run. Additionally, the bot adventitiously endorses clients to exchange numerous cryptographic forms of money simultaneously. In this manner, it is not passing up any great exchanging opportunity that goes along the way. The bot is set up on the cloud and is available through the site. This betokens the bot runs 24X7. The bot can be designed with Binance and Bittrex at this moment and increasingly legitimate trades, for example, BitFinex, Poloniex, KuCoin, and so forth will be coordinated anon.
The 3Commas comes with a sticker price appended to it. The starter plan will cost you $24, and the most luxurious genius pack would set you back by $82. On the off chance that you operate to give crypto bot exchanging a go, at that point, you could use the 3Commas starter plan and later peregrinate to the more rich schemes.
  1. Gunbot
This is another mainstream exchanging bot with more than 6000 dynamic merchants using its lodging on a quotidian substructure. Good with a few exchanging stages including Binance and GDAX, it very well may be kept running on your nearby PC. This can keep running on Windows, Linus, and the Mac stages, so running on your neighborhood machine would not be a bind.
The bot has 32 diverse pre-arranged exchanging systems which give clients a wide cluster of choices to induce some automated revenue. Among these techniques, the three most well-known ones are the Bollinger band, step addition, and ping pong. Numerous clients have detailed having made a bounty of benefits with the BB procedures. Gunbot isn't in freedom to use and accompanies a one-time level rate running from 0.1BTC to 0.3BTC, contingent upon the highlights that you would savor to optically observe in the bot. Aside from this, the bot supplementally comes as a Lite rendition that has encircled highlights yet can be habituated to test around with the lesser measure of mazuma.
The post-buy support given by the organization is truly surprising. Clients get their issues settled in less than multi-day. The main pickle with regards to this bot is that you ought to in every case reliably outwardly look at the present market state. If the instability of the crypto advertise is high, at that point you ought to most likely turn the bot off to shun any misfortune
  1. Gekko
This is the most diverse digital money exchanging bot in subsistence at present. For any individual who needs to gain proficiency with some things about exchanging bots and not spend any mazuma getting one, at that point Gekko is the bot for you. The Gekko trading bot is an open source bitcoin exchanging bot venture that is accessible for anybody to use for nothing. The way that it is in freedom to use is the fundamental purpose behind its wide prevalence. Like some other open-source ventures, Gekko is free of for all intents and purposes all bugs and even the ones the pop are fixed up at lightning speeds. The Gekko bot can collaborate with a few trades, including Bitfinex, Polonix, and BitStamp. The bot uses a web interface to associate with the clients and can keep running on a neighborhood machine with Windows, Linux, or the Mac OS.
The bot comes pre-designed with some exchanging system. You can initiate using the bot on autopilot as anon as you introduce and design it with a trade. In any case, if you would savor to use your very own exchanging system, the bot withal endorses you to design it to your savoring. While the present design is respectable for trying different things with the bot, there are a few other exchanging techniques accessible online that would benefit you make an all the more profitably worthwhile wager. The bot will withal send you a notice at whatever point it executes a specific exchange. This is finished by incorporating it with the Telegram envoy. Consequently, you will dependably ken how well your bot is performing.
The main drawback to the Gekko exchanging bot is that it isn't very utilizer-heartfelt. There are a few aides in the digital world that direct you through the underlying setup process. Be that as it may, this procedure isn't extremely direct and you would presumably hit a barricade at any rate once amid the underlying setup.
  1. Zenbot
Another allowed to use digital currency exchanging bot, Zenbot can be considered as a further developed form of the Gekko exchanging bot. Nonetheless, as Gekko has been around for a more extended time, it is all the more generally used. Much the same as Gekko, Zenbot programming can be downloaded from Github and introduced on your neighborhood PC. The product is perfect with Windows, Mac just as the Linux working frameworks. The bot comes pre-arranged with an entirely nice exchanging system. In any case, its real potential can be opened only when you initiate executing your exchanging order. The primary bind with the allowed to use bots is that they are frequently not very utilizer-genial. In any case, this isn't the situation with Zenbot. The entire setup process is extremely effortless, and you can have the bot fully operational in all respects speedily. The bot chips away at all prevalent trades, for example, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, and so on.
As it is an open source venture, it is without now of a few bugs, and regardless of whether one springs up, it will be adjusted all around speedily. The Zenbot can effortlessly actualize with a few informing stages, for example, slack, Telegram, and so on to give you the updates of any exchange that was executed.
Adventitiously, the Zenbot withal braces high-recurrence exchanging. This is a component that outlined the personnel of the Gekko bot. The Zenbot is being refreshed, and more highlights are being incorporated traditionally. Hence, making it a bot for you to reliably outwardly analyze.
  1. WolfpackBOT: WolfpackBOT is a cryptographic money exchanging programming application that has been created with the most developed highlights of any robotized exchanging programming of its sort. The WolfpackBOT has been intended to execute exchanging directions with the usage of restrictive numerical calculations, and specialized investigation bespeakers predicated on the client's predefined assignments.
The cryptographic money advertise as of now bearish, and many exchanging bots easily miss the scarcest vacillations. WolfpackBOT has been built to execute trading directions at a lightning speed and is fit for making up to a large number of exchanges every day, relying upon the states of the market.
WolfpackBOT is among the few cryptographic money exchanging bots that give crypto aficionados full self-governance, security, and control of their exchanging bot and its related API keys. A large portion of the crypto trading bots out there are cloud-predicated stages that are constrained by outsider frameworks. While these stages guarantee dealers of outright wellbeing and security, insightful brokers ken that in the crypto space, outsider frameworks like trades and other cloud-predicated steps are hacked proximately consistently. Since WolfpackBOT programming and your related API keys are put away individually PC or devoted VPS, WolfpackBOT can sidestep a significant number of the security issues related to cloud-predicated frameworks.
WolfpackBOT has been created for the whole crypto network, from experienced merchants to novices, with three in all respects reasonably valued membership levels. WolfpackBOT accompanies a few membership bundles that authorize clients to exchange with a wide scope of chances predicated on their favored membership.
  1. CryptoTrader
cryptotrader_reviewAlmost all digital money merchants would have aurally seen about the crypto dealer exchanging bot. The across the board fame of this bot is because it was one of the absolute first bots to be kept running on the cloud and accessible to the clients day in and day out.
The crypto broker bot is plenarily web-predicated and in this manner, open from anyplace you can associate with the digital world. The bot can be easily designed with a few well-known trades, for example, Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, and so on. This bot does not come for nothing out of pocket. You can operate from the few organizations accessible. The valuing initiates with 0.003BTC every month for the most simple arrangement and this goes up to 0.0472 BTC every month for their excellent arrangement.
While all plans do offer clients support for programmed exchanging, the early highlights and as far as possible for the more indulgent plans is higher than that given the basic arrangement. Any early component that is caused is most readily accessible on the higher bundle designs and are later accessible on the basic plans. On the off chance that you would simply savor to exchange on a solitary trade and with exceptionally delineated mazuma, at that point the basic arrangement will get the job done. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are outwardly looking at the higher volume of exchanges, at that point run with the higher bundle.
This bot additionally sustains algorithmic exchanging. In this manner, I am making it effortless for clients to execute their very own arrangements. The bot can be effortlessly modified. In this manner, I am making it a broadly utilized cryptographic money exchanging bot.
  1. Bitcoin Robot
btcrobotWe simply needed to incorporate the pioneer of digital currency exchanging bots on our rundown of the best crypto exchanging bots. The Bitcoin robot started as a Bitcoin exchanging bot. In any case, it can now withal be designed to exchange different digital currencies, for example, Ethereum and Litecoin. The bot is accessible as a product and should be downloaded and keep running on your neighborhood machine. This betokens the exchanges will be executed just as long as you keep your PC turned on. The bot can effortlessly work with a few digital money trades and is by and large broadly utilized even today. The bot isn't accessible free of expense and costs you a premium. The cost of the bot ranges from $19.99 every month for the principal plan. In any case, clients usually buy the platinum plan that costs just $399 one time charge and offers utilizer unlimited access to every one of the highlights.
The benefits made by individuals using this bot verbalizes for itself. Supplementally, they do offer a 60-days mazuma back assurance. Along these lines, you should look at them once.
  1. USI Tech
This can't be considered as a bot. In any case, the USI tech BTC settlement promises mechanized benefits for your BTC speculations. The USI Tech was at first intended for Forex exchanging. In any case, after the raise of the ubiquity of Bitcoin, they additionally offer BTC bundles. Not at all like some other BTC exchanging bot where you require to give the API key of your trade account to execute exchanges, on USI Tech, you will require to winnow from among the few BTC master exchanges. At that point, you will begin accepting your segment of benefits at whatever point exchange is made.
The USI Tech stage basically ensures extraordinary comes back to your speculations. The entire procedure of purchasing your absolute first BTC bundle is withal simple and pellucidly elucidated on their site. You can explore different avenues regarding the benefits that you gain. In any case, the number of bundles you purchase, the more dominant will be your benefit
  1. Margin.De (Leonardo Bot)
Edge LeonardobotThis is a cryptographic money exchanging bot with the most utilizer-genial interface. The GUI of the bot is easy to use, and the highlights gave are extremely puissant. The bot was structured with two exchanging techniques ping pong and Margin exchanging actualized into it. In any case, you can withal modify it with your very own custom settings. This bot lays incredible complement on the visual parts of exchanging. The specialized examination done by the bot is immensely simple to break down. What more? The bot has an astonishing component called visual exchanging. This interface feels rich smooth to use and offers clients the most extreme authority over the exchanges.
The bot was at first evaluated at 0.5 BTC consistently. Notwithstanding, presently, it is accessible at a one-time cost extending from $89 to $1999 with the most elevated arrangement offering a bigger number of highlights than th
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Simple, cheap trading bot for crypto? Is any good?

I'm also looking for some bot for crypto trading. I've done my research, and mostly websites and forums reccomend bots like HaasBot, CryptoTrader, GunBot, CryptoHopper, ProfitTrailer, 3Commas (and some others)... There are 6-10 bot names, that they are repeating. But these are too expensive for me, as I'm rather playing with trading and learning all the stuff.
I don't invest large amount of money, so I'm looking for rather cheap bot. Basically, most of my needs is just Trailing Stop Loss and integrated charts for coin pairs. And Binance integration with optional Kraken and Bitstamp.
I know there's free Gekko bot ( |, but it seems rather complicated for me to set it up and then coding in order to develop & run some actions. For now, with my current "no free time" scheme, Gekko is no-go.
I've came across TT (, but it seems kind of shady for me: no crypto website wrote about it, as far as I've been doing my research. Beside that, TT operate only on GDAX/Coinbase Pro.
So, finally, I've landed on this site - (formelly Leonardo), which seems to have good reputation overall, it's visually nice and it's $89 lifetime license, so totally acceptable for me.
Question is - is it any good and trusted?

I'm not expecting to have 1000% ROI in 7 days. Basically I need automation tool rather than complete strategy bot, which will do everything for me. I want to play with exchange, test my strategies, without placing, editing, deleting my orders manually.
For now, I'm putting little "scalping" orders on Binance, and I'm having like 4-7% income on BTC pairs. But putting them manually via exchange website is difficult and frustrating and I want to automate it. Not to mention, that I have to look over the charts "by hand" in order to keep up with current prices and also Binance/Kraken/Bitstamp don't have Trailing Stop Losses...
With some little help/advise from bot (f.e. notifying me about MACD crossovers and/or crossing long MA with short MA).
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All Red yet Still Green

To those who have just begun. This too shall pass, turn off your monitoring tools and go enjoy life. I was you and now even though my portfolio dropped 12k I am still in a massive profit margin....if I could give myself advice in the past it is just calm down.Dont panic sell and just go do your thing. I got excited and would try day trading and and all of it but I would mess up because Im not a day trader, I have no idea how to trade professionally and I only hurt myself. If you want to be a trader practice with a simulation, not with real funds. Go play with Gekko, learn how to build your own coin and teach yourself how to do something useful other than look at a screen and make good guesses. Thanks to Crypto I am proficient with terminal commands, I learned how to code im C#, php, c++ and js because I dove into the community. Learned about projects and what actually has good value. Build, dont wait for magic answers. Goodluck padwan
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Trading noob here - margin stop sell order ELI5

Hi guys, I've been trying to teach myself the basics of trading using investopedia and youtube (what could go wrong, right?).
I'm not trying to be the next Gordon Gekko and am just going to be playing with some pocket change.
So I made a margin market buy order for 0.01btc at $1025 just now, expecting the price to rise. However, to make sure I don't lose too much in case the price goes south I also placed a margin stop sell order for 0.01btc at $1010.
The margin stop sell order was executed immediately, even though the market price was stable at $1025 - so what happened here? I thought the market price had to drop below $1010 before the margin stop sell order would be placed. Am I misunderstanding how stop orders work, or something else?
Thanks for any help!
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Investing Primer

Investing Primer
After lurking for while, I figured I'd try to add something to this community.
First off, nothing I'm saying is a hard set rule and you are always free to do whatever you want. I'm just trying pass on some friendly advice to folks new to investing/trading/gambling (call it whatever you want). In the end, everyone wants to increase wealth here which is what matters. How you get there is up to you.
Background - I've got no formal finance background (I'm an engineer). I do however, have the aptitude to learn and suck up information like a sponge. I follow quarterly earnings like a hawk and read as much financial news on my free time (smartphones are great for this, ditch those games and install some solid news apps). That said, I've been trading for 15 years (started at 19) and have picked up a thing or two or a hundred and figured some folks could benefit. However, I defer to any experts that do trading as a career.
Feel free to chime in, if you have other tips for folks.
Lesson #1 - Emotion
I loved the movie Wallstreet and if you haven't seen it, it worth watching (not the sequel, the original). Gordon Gekko's famous line "Greed is good" has some truth to it but more importantly, "never get emotional about a stock". This is very true. If you get emotional about the stock, it will cloud your judgement. Along with that, check your ego at the door. When you are on the losing side of a position, you'll truly appreciate it. Here's a test; if you play poker and you get rivered by a one outer, can you shrug it off and keep playing with a cool head? If you can't keep your emotions in check, then stop right here.
Lesson #2 - Money Management
I won't go into too much here but rule of thumb is, if you suck at personal money management in your daily life, chances are, you are going to suck at money management with investments. Again, you can stop right here. There's loads of books and info on the web for this so read up.
Lesson #3 - Starting Capital
If you have a few hundred dollars and thinking of investing, stop right here. You don't have enough capital to make it worthwhile (chances are, that few hundred is pretty significant enough in your life that you can't afford to lose it). Start off with AT LEAST 2~3k which usually is the minimum for a quality brokerage. Reason is lesson #4.
Lesson #4 - Brokerages
Ignore these bullshit low end brokerages. Get a quality brokerage with decent tools and knowledgeable people. Do you want to trust your money to a Jiffy Lube of investments or a quality investmet firm? Would you trust your brand new car to a Jiffy Lube teenage kid that barely knows how to change oil? Then why trust your hard earned capital to a brokerage that hires employees that could barely pass the series 7 (Discount brokerages == Geek Squad of brokerages). If that's what you want to do, go for it but life lesson, it's always worth it to pay for quality service. Apologies for anyone that works at Jiffy Lube or Geek Squad but I'm not saying anything new here (recommend you grow your career by learning how to really rebuild/repair cars or computers)
Read up on the fees and this is where starting capital is important. For example, if you are only investing $500 per trade, a $25 fee is a pretty significant portion of the trade; that's 5% to initiate a position in a stock/option/whatever, 5% to close which means your underlying position has to go up 10% even before you make any money. Hence why I say, a few hundred won't get you started. Its like trying to play poker with $100 at a 5/10 no limit table (BTW, if you do this, you are a true monkey and I would like to play poker with you).
Lesson #5 - What to invest in? GOALS?
What to invest in depends on your goals. What's your realistic yearly goal? 5%? 10%? 100%? BTW, if you have a 10% year over year growth rate for a consistent amount of time, you are doing pretty good. Ignore one trick monkeys on here that say they've made 100% returns. While they probably aren't lying, they will NOT be able to consistently get these returns over a significant amount of years which is what matters. Recommend researching various sites about mutual funds and stock. Vanguard mutual funds aren't bad at all.
Lesson #6 - Is it cheap?
People sometimes think a low stock price means its cheap. This is NOT how company valuations are calculated so why should you use stock price as a metric for valuation. One MSFT stock share might be lower cost compared to one AMZN share but that means nothing about if its cheap or not (or more importantly, a good value investment). Dive into the quarterly earnings and get an understanding of revenue/margines/net income. Is there growth potential or future pitfalls? Also, read up what analysts are saying about the stock (you may not agree but at least educate yourself on their analysis of a particular company to try to formulate your own analysis). Also, start looking at it from the perspective of percentage gain/loss. How much percentage upside/downside do you think it will have?
Lesson #7 - Stay away from options and margin
If anything from lesson #1-6 is new to you, then you shouldn't be doing options or margin. 90% of people lose trading options. As for margin, if you truly believe you can still make money while outpacing the interest rates, then you are a lot more aggressive than most. Here's another way to look at it, do you pay off your credit card balance at the end of each month? If you do, then I'm not sure why you would suddenly think margin is a good idea. If not, what the heck are you doing trying to invest on margin without paying off credit card debt/interest?
If you have no idea what options or margin mean, just google it. I won't explain it because it just leads to people getting in over their heads.
Lesson #8 - Get your head in the game
If you don't have the diligence to keep up on world news, financial news, quarterly earnings, general market trends, etc you may want to avoid investing. Regardless of a managed fund or stocks, you still want to understand what is going on in the world and how it relates to your portfolio. If you are starting off with investing, most likey you can invest the time. Monitor your portfolio everyday (there's an app for that! no really there is). You don't have to act on it everyday but shit, get an app and check it while you are sitting on the toilet.
MORE? -- If folks are interested, next lesson topics can be dividends, portfolio diversification, timing entries/exits, researching stocks, tax implications, how to polish your right nut.
TL&DR - You should invest all your money on AMD with 100% margin (its a sure thing bro!)
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