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Bull Diagonal Credit Spread

I’ve been thinking about this strategy and can’t find anything online about it or any real downsides I guess but maybe you guys can see the forest. This is essentially just a long vertical call spread but I’m taking the short leg and moving the expiration out until it is equal to or greater in price than the long leg so for example:
BUY AAPL 540$c 9/18 for $12.13
SELL AAPL 570$c 10/18for $12.15
Net credit $2.00
Now if this was a regular vertical spread price grows past $570 is when i hit max profit but if that were to happen in this case would i not also hit max profit+the credit i received. And yes I know 2$ is a measly credit this was just an example to illustrate my train of thought. This is also predicated on US markets.
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The importance of crosshair placement, why you're doing it wrong, and how to fix it.

The importance of crosshair placement, why you're doing it wrong, and how to fix it.

Valorant and the importance of crosshair placement.


Hey guys, I'm Twix, and I'm back with another informative post, this time concerning the aspect of crosshair placement. Through this post I will be discussing the importance of crosshair placement within the tac shooter genre, going over the most common mistakes I see people make in my experience as a coach, and offering structured routines to remedy the majority of these mistakes. If you haven't read through any of my posts before ( I wouldn't they're too long ) I am an FPS player which mainly played CS:GO competitively, with around 7k hours and multiple level 10 faceit accounts and LAN wins in the past 5 years, who transitioned towards the end of my CS:GO days into being an FPS coach, I mainly worked with people trying to gain a competitive edge in CS, but later moved to coaching Apex players, and following the closed beta release of Valorant, I have been coaching Valorant players for the past few months, with unanimously positive feedback. If you haven't read my first post which is a comprehensive general guide for players looking to improve in Valorant, I highly recommend you look at it here before continuing on to this post. In relation to other qualifications / achievements, I have hit top 30 as hitscan DPS in Overwatch, maintained top 500 ranking in Apex ( PC ) for a couple of seasons, and hold numerous 1% rankings on various Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer maps. My main goal in creating these posts is to contribute to the Valorant community by sharing my knowledge gained over 10k collective hours of FPS experience ( mainly Tactical fps ) and hopefully help the people reading my posts improve and gain that competitive edge they need to progress into their desired ranking. For those of you interested in learning more about my coaching service, or looking for a community of Valorant players looking to improve, I will link my Discord server at the end of this post.

Why is crosshair placement important?

If I was asked about the importance of consistent crosshair placement in games such as PUBG, Apex, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc. I would probably answer by saying that while it's beneficial to maintain solid crosshair placement, it's by no means the most important aspect in relation to performing well in those games, in tactical shooters however, it's a whole different story. Tactical shooters are low TTK ( time to kill ) games, and for the most part, a single bullet to the head is enough to eliminate a player, this means that in contrast to AFPS games, or games like Overwatch or Apex, which have a much higher TTK, first shot accuracy is of extreme importance in Valorant, inevitably leading to the fact that crosshair placement is also extremely important. In a game with higher TTK, even if your first shot accuracy isn't perfect in an aim duel, you can win the fight if you land more shots on the opposing player over x amount of time that you trade with them, while in Valorant, whoever needs to make the least amount of adjustment to their crosshair when engaging in a 1v1 scenario wins the exchange. It doesn't matter if your raw aim is out of this world, even if you have the most precise flicks known to the FPS community, if your crosshair placement is sub-optimal, you will lose vs. someone with consistent crosshair placement, this is simply due to the fact that all they need to do, is click once your head moves into their crosshair, often without even needing to move their mouse. Crosshair placement may very well be the most important aspect in relation to gunplay and generally the mechanical aspect of tac shooters such as CS:GO or Valorant, as it's the deciding factor in the majority of aim duels.

Common mistakes

A large amount of players tend to underestimate the importance of crosshair placement in Valorant, and especially the underlying complexity of maintaining consistency in that context. People think that all you need to do to maintain solid crosshair placement is aim high enough to hit headshots, meaning that the only factor that affects crosshair placement is vertical positioning, others still stick to making their main source of information on game improvement being players who make statements as un-informative and vague as "just click heads", my main goal is to break down and explain the multiple factors that go into proper crosshair placement. Lets start with the basics:

Vertical Positioning:
As mentioned above, one of the elements which ties into crosshair placement is vertical positioning. this is the set distance that you need to position your crosshair at in relation to the ground to be able to align your crosshair's horizontal axis with player model head-level. The good thing about vertical positioning, is that you can get accustomed to the head level that the player models have in Valorant quite rapidly, as the hitbox sizes in this game are identical, meaning you can always use the ground as a point of reference to determine where the enemy player's head would be.
In Valorant, the head level always remains a set distance from the ground
In order to train your general ability to place your crosshair at the correct height, try to make a habit out of constantly reminding yourself to place your crosshair at head level, regardless of where you are or what you're doing on the map. What I mean by this, is that even if there isn't any imminent threat of enemy players peeking you, try to keep constantly keep your crosshair at head level, the more time you spend doing this, the faster it will become a habit and become something you do subconsciously, without having to actively focus on the action. This habit allows you to build muscle-memory during otherwise useless down-time, another way to do this is to track your teammate's heads with your crosshair while rotating, leaving spawn etc.
While vertical positioning is something that people get used to relatively easily, I have come across a recurring issue among the VODs of people I coach, and that is that people generally struggle with adapting the vertical component of their crosshair's position to varying points of elevation. Here's an image to help you visualize a scenario where this could be an issue:
Peeking C Long, Positions marked: Cubby ( right ), Platform ( left ), back-site ( back )
In the image above I am peeking into C back-site from C long on the map 'Haven', I have highlighted three different positions / angles where an enemy could potentially peak from in an in-game reenactment of this scenario, Platform, Cubby, and back-site. What you'll notice is that these positions all have different points of elevation, meaning that while using the ground as reference will allow me to maintain my crosshair at head-level if someone peeks my position from ground level on C site, in order to clear cubby and platform, I would need to adjust my crosshair accordingly, using their lower levels as a reference for where the head-level position would be in those angles.
Unfortunately, if you are struggling with this due to the fact that you aren't familiar with the map layout yet, the only thing that will remedy your situation is more time spent playing the game, if however, your issue stems from a mechanical inability, meaning that your mouse control isn't good enough to allow you to make such adjustments comfortably, the routine provided later in the guide may help you get past that issue.

Horizontal Positioning:
Just as with vertical positioning, horizontal positioning is pretty self-explanatory in terms of it's function. Knowing at what height to position your crosshair at in relation to the environment is far easier to do than knowing where to position it on a horizontal axis, the reasoning behind this is that with vertical placement you will always have the ground or lower level of the object the opponent is standing on as a point of reference which allows you to instantly know at what height head-level is. When focusing on the horizontal aspect of crosshair placement, there isn't a set point of reference at all times; Sometimes you need to hold wide angles, sometimes you need to move along with the object you're playing against, and sometimes you need to pre-aim to swing effectively, all this variability makes it much harder for a newer player to grasp crosshair placement and horizontal positioning is just as crucial as vertical positioning if not even more important.
A very common mistake which I see a lot of in the VODs I review as a coach, is newer players holding angles too tightly, meaning that they're playing in a position where they anticipate an enemy push and are waiting for the engagement, and their crosshair is a position where it's hugging the edge of the wall the enemy will peek from. Here is a visual representation of what I'm talking about:

Example of incorrect horizontal placement
In the image above, I'm holding an angle where if someone crosses moving parallel to the wall I'm looking at, I'll have under 50 ms to react, my crosshair is so close to the edge of the wall that I will need to click my LMB the milli-second I see the enemy. By holding this angle, chances are that by the time I click the enemy will have already crossed to the left of my crosshair resulting in a miss and most likely my death; It would take inhuman reaction times for anyone to hit a player while holding like this, especially if the enemy player is swinging. Instead, you should allow some distance from your crosshair to the edge of the angle you're holding, allowing yourself to spot the enemy's player model, and then time your click effectively. Here is a visual representation of correct crosshair placement while holding the same angle:

Example of correct horizontal placement
As you can see, in the image above I am allowing for some space between the wall and my crosshair, giving me a significantly longer time window to spot an enemy player and react. Holding an angle that's too "tight" would mean I need to make a larger adjustment to hit the enemy, and therefore I increase my margin of error due to vertical overshoot ( see below ). There are exceptions to the rule when it comes to the distance you need to hold at, if the angle you are holding only allows forward movement ( into your crosshair ) you can hold a narrow line of sight. If you are clearing an angle ( moving along it to check for enemies ) and you are the agressor, you can hold tight and move along with the wall / LOS to allow for a faster reaction if you spot an enemy during your movement. If you are the agressor and you want to swing into an angle that you believe / know an enemy is holding, it is sometimes optimal to pre-aim, meaning you position your crosshair in a way where without moving your mouse it will be aimed at the enemy's head once you swing out the angle.

Vertical Offset:
The final common issue I would like to bring up which ties into both crosshair placement and horizontal click-timing, is something I call "vertical offset" or "vertical overshoot", this is a player's inability to move his crosshair horizontally while maintaining the same vertical placement. Vertical offset is a big issue when it comes to switching angles or flicking horizontally, I have seen many scenarios where a player is holding an angle properly with their crosshair at a pixel-perfect vertical position in relation to head level, only to make a 30 degree turn to check a different angle and end up shooting at an enemy's chest and losing the duel. Usually, the larger the movement, the more the player's crosshair deviates vertically. Here is a depiction of what vertical offset / overshooting looks like in-game:

Example of margin of error caused by vertical offset / overshooting
In the image above the green dot is where the crosshair should end up in an ideal scenario while flicking from it's current position to the target dummy, while the green lines represent a theoretical margin of error for overshooting. Fortunately for people that face this issue, I have come up with multiple Kovaak's maps and firing range excercises to help combat it and largely reduce your margin of error when moving your crosshair / flicking horizontally.

Settings: What sensitivity / crosshair should I use?

This part of the post discusses a topic which is highly subjective, both the sensitivity you use and the crosshair you use are something preference-based that you should decide upon on your own, the reason I'm adding this section into the post is for players which are newer to the tac-shooter genre; There are a few guidelines that will help them narrow down the settings that work the best for them.
First off, don't by any means copy your favorite pro's config, just because something works for a professional player that has probably spent well above 10,000 hours playing FPS games and decided upon their ideal sensitivity and crosshair within that massive period of time, doesn't mean that it's going to work for you, use whatever you're most comfortable with. Other than individual preference, and having gotten used to their sensitivity, the Pros you watch may be using gear which feels different at their sensitivity setting. A lighter mouse, faster mouse-pad, and faster feet can feel very different in terms of mouse movement, even if you're playing on the same sensitivity value on paper. In relation to grip-styles and what mice are ideal for each hand size, make sure to check out my first post in this sub before moving forward with this guide, as playing on hardware that caters to your individual preferences plays an important role in increasing your mechanical potential.

As I stated in the paragraph above, sensitivity is something quite subjective and while there's no general rule as to which single sens value is superior, Valorant and CS:GO professionals tend to stick to e-dpi or cm/360 much lower than professional players in other titles and FPS subgenres. Your e-dpi is your in-game sensitivity value multiplied by your mouse's DPI setting. The average e-dpi used by Valorant professionals is around 250 e-dpi, which would be a value of 0.625 in-game @ 400 DPI, or around 50 cm/360.

Pro player & Streamer sensitivity settings (e-dpi)
cm/360 is a universal format for sensitivity measurement, it's the amount of centimeters you need to move your mouse in order to perform a full rotation. This is the format adopted within aimer communities due to the simple fact that you asking someone "what sensitivity do you play on?" And them responding with "1.5 in CSGO" is pretty useless information as they could be playing at any DPI range, and you don't necessarily know what each CSGO sens corresponds to in relation to physical movement, or even movement in other games. "e-dpi" solves the issue of different DPI x Sens measurements within the same game, but the cm/360 format is easily transferable from title to title.
The reason professional players in the tac shooter genre use lower sens on average, is due to the fact that in contrast with other FPS games, tac shooters don't require larger or extended movements, instead they require you to hold or clear angles while maintaining stable crosshair placement, the least adjustments you need to make to your crosshair's position on your screen, the better your "aim" will be. The majority of players I have coached report that it has been significantly easier for them to maintain consistent crosshair placement at lower sensitivities. For newer players that still haven't found a "main" sensitivity that they feel comfortable on, I would recommend for them to stick to the range of 200-300 e-dpi, while for more experienced players coming from CS or other similar games, I would recommend a similar range with a higher cap, at 200-400 e-dpi ( very few professional players play above 300 e-dpi ).

Crosshair settings:
This is something even more subjective and preference-based than sensitivity even, so what I will do in this section is simply post my own settings which I use for my in-game crosshair, and explain why I picked each value within the menu.

Crosshair Settings
So, lets break my crosshair down setting by settings:
  • Color: I use "Cyan" as it stands out quite well for me with my current color settings, any color that doesn't match your enemy outline color works perfectly fine here.
  • Inner Line Opacity: This setting basically determines how see through your crosshair will be, I like setting mine at "1" as It makes the crosshair stand out more.
  • Inner Line Thickness: I set this to "1" which is the lowest value, a lot of professional players like to use "2", I think setting the value to "1" makes it easier to align your crosshair with heads or with other objects in the environment, it is also less obstructive, so I highly recommend either this or "2" to newer players
  • Inner Line Offset: This setting determines how large the gap is in your crosshair, I like setting this to "1" as the gap is as small as possible without disappearing, larger gaps make it more difficult to determine where the exact center of your screen is, which can act as a hnderance in your first shot accuracy at longer range engagements.
  • Movement & Firing Error: These settings just turn your crosshair into a dynamic crosshair and make the gap widen significantly while moving or shooting respectively in order to give you a visual representation of how the innacuracy factor works. Useless and distracting, would highly suggest that you keep these both off unless you're very new and still don't understand how movement / spray accuracy works.
  • Outer Lines: Everything is off here, I don't think playing with outer lines provides any benefit whatsoever and it's an extra distraction.

Crosshair Placement Improvement Routine:

A large portion of improving your crosshair placement is based on simply playing the game more, crosshair placement is largely based on muscle memory, part of having good crosshair placement is simply based on having experience in-game allowing it to become a subconscious habit, and the rest is based on your ability to anticipate player model movement and learn to make horizontal movements without simultaneously your crosshair vertically. The routine I will provide is not only a great way to work on your crosshair placement, but also highly beneficial to the click-timing aspect of your aim, which is basically the only element of aiming required in Valorant, as good tracking is unecessary in such a low TTK game. If you are already training using a daily routine on Kovaak's ( as you should be ) you can just implement this into your daily scenarios.

( These are all maps which require you to make horizontal movements without overshooting vertically, thus good aim training for those struggling with crosshair placement, see my other posts for a larger variety of Kovaaks maps )

  • 1 wall 2 targets horizontal - 10 minutes ( focus on your flicks, work on hitting both targets in the same movement, not pausing in between )
  • Valorant Small flicks - 10 minutes ( Great routine as head level is that of Valorant, and vertical deviation will cause you to miss, forcing you to maintain head level as you play through it )
  • PatTarget Switch small - 10 minutes ( Works on your ability to swap from one target to another while maintaining head level crosshair placement, keep LMB held while playing, only go for heads )


  • Valorant doesn't currently offer it's own deathmatch servers, therefore the next best thing is practicing in CS:GO. HSDM is a headshot only modifier for community FFA servers in CS:GO. To access these maps go to "Community Server Browser" and simply type in "HSDM", any server with decent population will do ( preferably 128 tick ). Playing FFA on headshot only forces you to maintain head-level crosshair placement as body shots don't count. I advise going for taps rather than spraying, as it limits the RNG, also spraying in CS:GO isn't transferable to Valorant as a mechanic. Make it a challenge for yourself to maintain positive K/D while playing. Use the AK in rifle servers, and the USP-S in pistol servers.

Firing Range:

  • Set the target dummy position to static, and practice your click timing by only going for the targets furthest to the left and furthest to the right interchangeably, do this for around 10 minutes.
  • Play Spike Rush and set it to hard. When set on "Hard" the AI will one shot you as soon as you peek if it has seen you, and one shot you after around half a second if you shift-peek it. Pretty decent warmup in relation to crosshair placement as you will die every single time if you aren't instantly headshotting the targets the moment you peek. Play this for another 10 minutes.

Link to my Discord server for further questions / coaching inquiries:

---------- https://discord.gg/6ZYVZ6x

New twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/Twix_v2
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AREIT announces Q1 and Q2 dividends, stock bounces (Tuesday, August 18)

Happy Tuesday, Barkada --

The PSE closed down 9 points to 6069 ▼0.13%.

Shout-out and thank-you to shining_metapod, yellowprintsz, joewelle_03, underratedmercenary, and pheasantph for the positive feedback and appreciation! Tip-of-the-hat to syf3r for pointing would-be subscribers to the "Join our Barkada here" link (I guess I need to make it more obvious?), and to pawnstar26 for helping other barkadans find the MB email that may have fallen into GMail's "Promotions" tab (if you aren't receiving the email consistently, check there!).

Daily meme | Join MB | Today's email

COVID Update

WW: 21845024 PH: 161160 

Top 3 MB indices:

 Media ▲1.21% #COVID-19 ▲1.05% POGO Prop. ▲0.52% 

Bottom 3 MB indices:

 Fast Food ▼1.85% MiddleClass ▼1.27% 2020 IPOs ▼0.77% 

Main stories covered:

MB is posted to /PHinvest every Monday and Wednesday, but my newsletter goes out daily. To stay in the loop for daily email delivery, please join the barkada by signing up for the newsletter, or follow me on Twitter.

Join our Barkada here

Read today's full email here

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Extreme Difficulty tips

Since my other post became excessively large and the title increasingly misleading, I've decided to post a separate guide.


  1. Economy & Empire
  2. Resources
  3. Military
  4. Design
  5. Miscellaneous

1. Economy & Empire

2. Resources

3. Military

4. Design

5. Miscellaneous

Lastly, two off-topic tips:
A great way to test any game mechanic or ship build is to start a game at tech 7, or just backup one of your endgame saves for later use.
Star amount largely governs the drain on your PC's hardware. If you're experiencing stutter, consider playing on a less populated map. You can lower the map size to keep inter-system distances similar, though vast distances add a certain "deep space" charm to gameplay.
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Morning Op-Ed: The Art of Racing In The Rain

Morning Op-Ed: The Art of Racing In The Rain

I post these editorials in the morning because before bed and early are when I do my best slow thinking. They are actually hard for me to post because they make me feel a little vulnerable, though I'm not sure why - or why still. I used to just delete them about an hour after I posted them. I get up before dawn so I doubt any of you caught it. Then I started leaving them and saying I would delete them later. Either they had a time sensitive stock "idea" or just something I changed my mind on later. Then people asked me to stop doing that.
I try to be more selective about what I post and make sure it has real value to learns like I do. These posts get the least Up-votes so I know they are not read as much because those are generally good "I've read this" checks to know whats popular. They are always at the bottom of the sorted lists and I'm lucky to get one comment.
But the comments I do get are usually profound ones like "I can't believe no one explained it that way to me.. I finally get it". That was me. I never got things the way other people did. Since I was a kid. I had to find people who taught me things in a way that I understood. Now I think I have advantages for the way my brain learns a little differently, whether I shaped it or not. But it doesn't make it any easier to know that when most people read your stuff they just don't care about half of it. But now I know that's them not me.
I finally realized like me, some people don't learn like I do, so this part of my content does not interest them and that's just fine with me. I really started this sub to help my fellow slow thinkers. The people who can read something like this and extrapolate some hidden value that I might be trying to get across. That's who I am anyway. And as long as every once in a while, I get a note that says I helped someone see something new for the first time, then I'll keep trying different tactics to get through to different minds. If you don't like them, just skip anything labeled "Opinion".
Yesterday I posted the content from our Guest Mentor, John Chao. For our Q&A I let him do his own editing so he chose what words he bolded. The only one I added bold to out of the whole thing was this sentence that he came up with in the moment.
"To be a consistently profitable trader, we need to be disciplined like a professional athlete."
One of my favorite novels of recent years was a book called The Art of Racing In the Rain. It has since become a movie, and one I quite like. It's about a dog who's owner is a race car driver, told through the dogs perspective. The owner meets a girl and a lot happens, but without spoiling it, there's some health crisis that occurs, which is probably what made me connect to it so much.
The dog's owner, a racer named Denny Swift, is not a big guy. He wasn't in the book either. But he was sharp. Sharp physically and mentally. He was alert and wired and ready to go. But he was also cool and calm and the longer he raced the more cool and calm he appeared on the outside while on the inside he was corralled team of horses waiting to be let out to pasture whenever he needed them. All the terrible struggles and victories he faced seemed minor because he was always cool - always ready.
I had one bad group/mentor that I regret. It actually was not a bad service, but it was just pay-to-win setup. I had no control over what I bought. I did place my orders, but they picked the stocks and prices. I never took a trade for a while because it made me feel so sick. They posted winning members trades on a Facebook, sort of like I have been posting our member's great trades recently. I was sure it was a scam. I thought, they are only posting the good ones. It bet that's like 5%. I spent all my time finding new ways to get angry at other people, when I was just angry at myself for wasting all this money that I was already hurting for from a horrible loss streak.
I actually have been angry about that until this morning when I was talking to a new member about possibly posting a good trade she had, but she wanted to "wait for a better one". (Good for you!) In the shower this morning, my best slow thinking time of day, I asked myself, am I just like that guy who ran that service? I don't charge money but the effect is still the same. Maybe I don't want to be famous or rich from this mentoring but I do want a big following of people committed to independence. So am I selling out in a way? I then emotionally re-processed what I went through with that paid service.
I stayed about a month, even though I paid for a year because it was 50% off, and I was not making good choices at the time. Every day I got a tip and every day I didn't take it because I felt like it was resigning to the fact that I would not make it as a trader. I went to the Facebook every day and kept reading those winning trade recaps. I was furious. I wanted my money back but I knew I made the decision and it was one I wanted to live with. After a couple weeks I took one trade. I made back all the money I paid for the course and deleted my account. This was less than 5 years ago
That was the last time I spent money on anything that I did not know exactly what it was and how it would help me be independent. I did not resign myself again after that day though I came close many times again. I took desperate measures to get back above PDT and it hurt but I did it. I can feel my heart rate increasing as I type this and had to get up to walk around, that's how traumatic it was. I had already taken some really quality education before this, for over a year. I already knew cycles, waves, divergences. I knew how to race. I just hadn't done it enough and thought I should be Denny Swift, the racer from the book, without having his ten thousand laps.
To me the stock market is a race track. The scans I give out, or watchlists anyone else does, are race cars. They are great tools in the right hands, but like a new racer who's tires were not changed by a team the driver trusts, they are just as likely to crash it as make a clean lap. They read the books and watched the videos. But they haven't raced enough. They should have gone 5 miles and hour, but they went 60. They could gone for one lap, but they went for two. They don't have the best gear and don't even know what the best gear is. Is there even a best set of gear for everyone or do they need to study more books to find out what their best gear is? There's tons of race cars and they all work just fine. If you can't drive one yet, switching to another one won't help.

I think I'm finally over that bad program I paid for at one of my lowest moment in trading. But, boy, did it take a while to figure that one out. If you took anything from this post, or are new to trying to find the hidden message then let me help you this time. Notice all the links I put about a Nobel-prize-winning-book that helps you determine if you are a slow or fast thinker and how not figuring that out can hold you back for life. Notice how I actually figured out what my most thoughtful time of day is (in the shower) and I know what to think about during those few minutes to get more out of it. I know what foods literally cause me to make poorer choices when I trade. I mention a novel I read because I thought it might be insightful to my life and now my trading. I can't race a car, I've never watched Nascar, and I rarely drive myself anymore. I have health problems that make just getting out of bed feel like a long hard race most days.
But even on my worst days, my mind is sharp. And if I'm not well enough to exercise one day, I'm probably reading about how to improve my exercise for the next day. I never miss and opportunity to improve myself and apply learning in everything I do. My mind is a corralled team of horses and I am always ready to meet a challenge with full force and commitment because I am prepared.
I was born a thoughtless baby just like you. I had more disadvantages then most but I want the mind of a racer, not that helpless trader I was a few years ago, so I work at it constantly. It's contagious and addictive and I love it so much more than sitting around waiting for things to change when I know they rarely do.
skotlaroc is one of our members and someone who has made more progress than most. He can't race full speed yet but his racer's mind is developing rapidly and when he's ready I am confident he will crush it. One reason he is making such progress, and others like him, though its not always apparent when we they are the ones driving, he talks to me and other trades constantly. He happens to be in Australia and trades the ASX which puts him at a huge disadvantage because he doesn't trade the tickers I talk about, his market has totally different volatility and his market opens when mine closes.
But rather than give up he learned how to drive on a wet track. Rather than be upset about the time difference he uses it to his advantage with my weird sleeping schedule. Since he is going to bed when I am waking up, he actually figured out that that my (Ryan's) slowest thinking time is before dawn and right before I turn off my screens at night so he always catches me then to get my more insightful feedback. He probably doesn't even know he did this but he knew how to get the most out of a situation by figuring it ut. He's making choices and his team of horses is growing in his mind and his car is revving up on the track. He just has to survive long enough until he can take his off the speed limit control and go full speed with a full team of horses in his engine.
I don't want you to think I don't have fun and just work all day. I work a lot because I love it and the only thing I do more than trade right now is this community. But I get my ego handed to me by a 10 year old every day at 3:00.

I bought the Cadillac of bubble machines to add excitement to our squirt gun fights.

And even go down the slide I put in last year for her.
I still play first persons shooters when a good one comes out, I watched the second season of Umbrella Club twice and I probably have more THC in my blood than your teenage children.
But everything I do is deliberate and thoughtful. It doesn't mean I always work hard or work it all. I just know that life is finite and mine probably more than most. I will never again waste one minute feeling sorry for myself or blaming other people for anything when I can choose to use that time to try to resolve what got me upset in the first place.
I know most people who take my scans never look at the code to learn, even though I say this is its purpose. I know people buy things I just post a ticker of, which is why I rarely do. I see oh so many people talk to me about concepts and they are showing they understand them but then I click their names I still see them still posting on other reddit's asking complete strangers "what do you guys think about XYZ?"
I woke up to a new message from skotlaroc this morning before 3:00am. His market had closed so he was done for the day. I told him I was going to get some coffee and to leave me an update on his trading. He knows he is at risk of being posted about if he talks to me. just don't judge us for our typo's at that time of day.


You notice he doesn't tell me how much money he made or lost because I don't care what he does in a day. I care what he does in a year. What I can tell you is that is the dialogue of a racer in him. Neither of us are Denny Swift's and I might have a faster lap time, but he knows how to drive and that's all that matters. He slowed down now so he can control the car better. He can always go faster later
I've said this before, and it's not just hyperbole: the quality of people in this group and the promise of this community is far higher than anything else I have been involved in by a huge margin. I think we have a lot of real racers here. Just don't crash the car before you take your thousand laps.
Good Luck. Buckle Up.



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How I Learnt Trading & Investing- My Journey.

I often get asked about how I learnt investing at such a young age. I mentioned a brief overview of how I got into investing and learned the tactics. Here’s the story.
The Idea.
I was 14 years old kid eager to make money. My mom gave me an idea of investing in stocks. It seemed to be practical but I knew nothing about it. Later I asked my mom and dad. They knew very little. I called my aunt who trades every day for the last decade. She told me stuff but it didn’t help either.
The Hustle.
I started watching YouTube videos and read articles of investopedia. I understood nothing. It seemed like rocket science. I then bought a book called the intelligent investor.
This book was for pros. I couldn’t read past a couple of pages. A month passed I was still on square one. I heard stuff like sensex, P/E, index, ROIC but I had no idea what they meant.
Next, I watched YouTube videos on particular terms. I watched a video on what sensex means. What was a stock. How it works. Watching animated videos were quite helpful. I knew something.
A few weeks passed I opened a virtual account on Stock trainer and traded a little. I watched CNBC everyday after I came home from school. Soon I knew the basic ticker symbols. And that’s how I learnt investing, at least the basics.
The First Experience.
In August I had the basic knowledge about stocks through YouTube. But I had no idea how to open a demat account and all. My mom opened it under her name through Icici Bank. Finally, on 6th September I bought my first stock. Coal India x1.
I bought and sold random stocks. I mostly made losses. Over time I learned what fundamental analysis was. I watched animated videos on it.
I soon selected stocks on the basis of P/E ratio, profit and sales growth. It didn’t work. I lost big on TATA Motors.
Then finally I read my first book on stocks. It was called Rule #1. I had to read it 2-3 times to understand. It took me a month to read it.
In August 2018, about a year later I saw a video on technical analysis. I never tried to understand it. I watched it. It was about 1.5hrs long. I was amazed to see how one can predict stock direction based on charts.
Over the course of a few months watched over a 100 videos on YouTube about tech analysis since then. I loved the concept of margin. I came home early after my exam and bought my first stock on leverage.
The Downfall.
It was Infibeam Avenue. I shorted it. I made more money in half an hour than I had made in the entire year.
I was soon addicted. Everyday after writing my exam paper I traded instead of studying for the next paper. Soon my exams were over. I had no time. I had to learn how to swing trade. I spent time analysing charts to figure out my next swing position.
Again I lost a ton of money. I knew I had to scale back. So I set aside a small capital for trading. April 2019, I opened an account on Zerodha as the Icici brokerage was too much.
Over the course I read books like- the intelligent Investor, Stock to riches, how to make money in stocks, how I made over 2 million dollars in the stock market and many more.
So videos and books helped me learn more about stock market more than anything. The simplest way to start is just fucking start. If you’ve no idea what to do, just start. Search. Read. That’s how I learnt investing.
The Sharing.
In March of 2019 I decided to write a short blog on investing on a website called Quora. I was surprised to see the organic reach of my blog. Within hours I got over a thousand views. This encouraged me to write more. Over the course of a year, I ended up writing 450 short blogs on investing on Quora and a couple of books.
In July of 2019 I decided to write a book on my experiences. I brainstormed the ideas and after 72 hours of writing and editing, my first draft was ready. I had no idea on how to publish it. After a few more hours of research and designing the cover I finally published it.
After a few months I wasn’t satisfied with my book. It was only written for beginners. I decided to write something detailed for people who have decent amount of experience in investing. So, 15 days and 400 pages later I finished writing it.
It did pretty good. I got over 5000 downloads. It's free (not trying to promote).
The Pandemic.
The pandemic was a great opportunity to learn more. I'd been watching hundreds of YouTube videos (I got 1k+ offline vids lol).
And I learned more about deeper concepts. Like I'm currently learning about option chain and other forms of data analysis.
The Bottom Line.
At first I made a ton of silly mistakes. I lost money. But I kept learning and recently I started making profits consistently.
It's not a rags to riches story, but it's something most people will go through. I'm no guru or expert, I'm just a guy trying to document his journey.
"The more I learn, the most I realise how much I don't know". - Socrates (or some other old guy).
-Vikrant C.
If you read all that, hats off to you. It was extremely long (and probably not that interesting).
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Mid Split Write up of LCS Teams.

Hi I'm just a scrub and user who loves LCS and wants to see teams improve. I made this write up based on my perspective of watching every game and team in LCS so far and hope that we see these improvements from each team/player. I go through not only every team, but also every player on each team.
Starting from the bottom of the standings here we go:
Cloud9- I lied I'm going to get this out of the way now. Team is too good to have anything to actually tell until they reach the international stage. Stream the high ping scrims against G2.
Licorice- I bet you can't win with Teemo top in the LCS. If you find a way to do it I will make a shrine praying to you every day as my new lord and savior of top laners.
Blaber- I bet you can't win a LCS game with Amumu or Warwick whichever one. Just think it would be the ultimate flex to pull it off in the second half.
Nisqy- I bet you can't win a LCS game with Annie mid? Do it you coward.
Zven- I think you should play a game of Syndra bot against TSM specifically. Just for the lols and to flex that you are a better mage player than DL.
Vulcan- Xerath would be fun to see you bust out. I don't know the situation, but take it into consideration? Is anyone else flabbergasted at the fact that this guy has only been around for like 1 full year and is already one of the best supports this region has ever seen? He is better than CoreJJ. I need people to take in this as fact right now. CoreJJ is not a scrub and this young kid comes out of nowhere basically and is already top tier.
Dignitas - Shits fucked man. Even games that it feels Dig should have won are losses due to poor decision making as a team. What sucks is that I see them trying to play around their strength of Johnsun and Aphromoo, but it still isn't working. I think at this point you just have to stick with that as a strategy because I quite frankly don't see them winning any other way as far as an avenue for success. Maybe if they are feeling desperate they should start asking Lourlo for any major counterpicks he wants to play for a 4-1 split push set up.
Lourlo- It's sad that this guy is actually playing pretty well and won't be able to get the recognition he deserves. He hasn't been poor and just needs a little bit of oomph for the team to pull a win. I watch a ton of Lourlo streams so I'm a bit biased towards him and want him to succeed. I think if they continue to not find success as a team just give him a game with a hard counter for a split push win. Bust out a Nasus if you have to. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Viper- I don't know what happened to here, but this is not the leap we were hoping to see this year from Viper. He has just regressed so much it's kind of crazy. I hope that he is able to come out of his slump because when he is good he is really good. Unfortunately we don't know when he will step back up.
Akaadian- Pathing seems wrong. Aggression seems dumb. Decisions seem reckless. I think the epitome of the jungler struggles for this team came when in week 3 against TL I saw Akaadian die bot side 1v1 to Impact trying to make a hero kill as Olaf into Jayce with phase rush. It isn't that heroics aren't needed, but that was definitely not the smartest moment to try and find out. This isn't a problem with just Akaadian however since Dardoch is did the same exact thing except a different team in a different moment.
Dardoch- Maybe, just maybe other people trying to tell you how to play certain things is for the good of the team? We have seen you with Graves try and play as if you are Olaf/J4. We have just seen you get outplayed and be overagressive and throw what could be winning fights over and over. The sad part is that you are a slight upgrade over Akaadian so you can't even be immediately replaced. However both of you tend to have the same flaws.
Froggen- I like old players like Froggen. I like seeing long standing veterans still having a place in this league. I'm not going to go as far as to say Froggen should retire. More that he needs to go into the lab and refine his style. People will say that Froggen needs to change his style to more of the roaming style that others have gone in, but I think there is a way to maintain his lane dominant style while also adapting to the times. It doesn't need to be Anivia that he uses, but there have been picks like Ziggs showing up in the LCK that offer some of the same zoning and wave clear she does that could be useful. I don't think he is washed, but he should really look at better ways of adapting.
Fenix- I'm amazed I can watch the same PROFESSIONAL PLAYER make the same mistakes with vision he made years ago. That's all I got to say about that.
Johnsun/Aphro- Bot lane duos count as one unless one is so disproportionately bad compared to the other for an example here think TSM Yellowstar. The only real bright spot on this team. I'm very willing to call Aphro the adc whisperer at this point since he is almost always working with young talent and somehow they all tend to shine when he is working with them. Turnaround season for him and a rising season for Johnsun. Now get these two maybe on to GGS and I honestly think GGS would be at .500. We will get to GGS in a bit.
Immortals- The current roster is 1-3 as far as I'm concerned. I like what I'm seeing from Allorim and Insanity so far, and I'm really glad they are getting their shots and showing what they are made of. I am however dissappointed with Xmithie.
Soaz- This is going to be a shock, but Soaz... is actually good?! In terms of overall skill I think he is still better than Allorim, however, I will not be putting him as a starter. It's okay to still be good Soaz, but can you be better? The team needs you to be more than what we know of you right now. You shouldn't be catching so much flak for the team underperforming, but all anyone thinks about when your name comes up is how you have been dunked by Ssumday twice. They forget how you make game saving plays because you don't always create the leads needed on your own or through any synergy with your team. This is just my perception from the outside, but whatever weird thing bias you have against NA specifically needs to be put down with your ego. There is something weird that happens to some EU players when they come over in thinking they are overall so much better than the NA players, but then you find out the hard way that the skill gap isn't as big as you think it is and you can't get away with mediocrity. I think you can EARN the spot back. You are great enough to be able to.
Allorim- The only thing I really have to say to about Allorim is that I was for some reason expecting you to pull out a Yorick into the Wukong pick since it's a solid matchup for Yorick, but I understand that it pigeon holes the team into a split push team comp that can be risky in the current roam everywhere you can meta. Still at this point picks like Urgot and malph have been great for the team, and he has shown up to play. I really hope this is something that can be sustained by you overall.
Potluck- Alright I'm saying it. You have been better than Xmithie this split. I'm a huge Xmithie fan boy. Even when he was on team Vulcan I was a fan. I think this is his worst split ever. Even worse than his last split on CLG and you deserve a shot.
Xmithie- I don't think I have ever watched Xmithie be the worst player on a team before, but here we are in 2020. New experiences for everyone all around. Everyone has slumps and since you are a multiple time champion I EXPECT you to pick yourself up. The only argument I have for keeping this guy as the starter is that the synergy with Hakuho is pretty great. Especially because both of you are cerebral players. However sometimes in league you need to be cerebral and other times you have to be able to show you can just press buttons better. It's been a while since I have felt you can press buttons better than the opponent.
Eika- I don't want to come across as a bully. I just don't feel you are worth the import slot. You are a good player, just not one for this league right now. With someone like Ryoma, you see those moments where he slides in with Azir and 1v3s with a nice shuffle to bring the game back from the brink and it let's you know there is potential in the guy. Or in his best of series in playoffs last split you see he learned from getting smacked around. When I think of you Eika I think back to game 1 of the split where you have Galio and you are taunting over the wall around the 16 minute mark for at best a terrible looking taunt, then I realize you are trying flash taunt. They took that out of the game man... I just don't see those same sparks of brilliance from you. Sorry.
Insanity- Alright everything I said about Eika is opposite here. The fact that you weren't at least given a shot earlier is a blunder and it makes sense why the old GM was fired for not letting you start after game 2 of the split. I really hope that the overall poor standings of the split don't deter your growth, cause kid you got the moves.
Gate/Altec- While losses haven't been on this bot lane, what I feel seperates them from the duo of Hakuho/Apollo is that when given a winning match up they seem to flounder it. I do feel as if Gate is the worse half of this duo just due to how much he seems to get caught out, but it definitely doesn't feel like Altec does a lot in regards of carrying either. Sometimes I watch and it's as if Altec is playing for his stats whereas Gate is playing for the win, but making the wrong plays to do it. Just from my eye test.
Apollo/Hakuho- About what I expected. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. At this point I feel like these guys are the measuring stick for how good a bot lane should be at minimum to be in the LCS. You are the height requirement for this kiddie ride we call LCS. If you aren't at least as good as this duo, then you aren't good enough to be here. Again, both a compliment and an insult.
100T - Although I understand shake ups had to happen, I'm personally on the side of Stunt in his good bye message. It is a really big shame that he won't be able to prove that they can rally later in the season again like they did last split. I understand that changes had to happen, but who is to say that the group with Meteos and Stunt couldn't do it again. It is now one of my great what if scenarios as well.
Ssumday- Right now still a top 3 top laner in this league. Tanks? Got the team. Bruisers? Yeah sure. Carries? Yeah he can do that. I think one thing that urks a lot of fans is the lack of hard carries put in Ssumdays hands, but he is a great tank player as well and for a lot of the scenarios it isn't ideal to have a top lane carry oriented pick for this team. They have been on the side of scaling for as a team for a bit now and players like Cody need multiple big boys in front of them to be the most effective. He just does his best and respects all, but fears none.
Meteos- Let's ignore the twitter debacle and really focus on just the gameplay and if Meteos as a player can look at those Olaf VODS and say "yeah I was right to make that decision" with a straight face, then he deserves the bench. Something that I feel maybe him and a few other old guard players are actually not good at is criticism. They are always looking to justify why the play or decision they made was actually the correct one and others clearly don't know what they are talking about. The results however have shown that maybe he isn't always right. Maybe there are things he seems to be lacking or missing. It's okay to be wrong as long as you grow, but there seems to be a lack of growing this split. If he gets another chance in this season to start I hope he is ready to prove everyone wrong.
Contractz/Poome- It wouldn't be fair to do an assessment based off what we have seen so far, so I'll give it until the end of the split.
Ryoma- As stated above in Eika, I fully understand why any team not just 100T would have wanted Ryoma as a starter. Clearly he is consistent yet, but I believe that he can be. Every once in a while Ryoma will have a play that makes me go " Oh that was really nice" or "That's really clutch" I just wish he weren't making so many of those plays from behind.
Cody Sun- Still Lite Doublelift. Both a compliment and an insult. It's sad because he does not win lane as much as DL so I kind of feel like I'm insulting DL by calling Cody a poor mans version of him. I really want to see Cody start separating this label on himself because it will follow him and begin to haunt him forever if he doesn't.
Stunt- shrugs You tried your best. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough. Part of me thinks you were able to rally so easily last split because you knew your spot was guaranteed that split no matter how you played. It alleviated that pressure that you always had on you from previous teams and really allowed growth. Unfortunately a slow start this split and not being able to pick up where you left off came and bit you in the ass. Hopefully in the next team you join there is a chance for you to succeed. Good luck man.
Golden Guardians- Clear upgrades and there is clearly a diamond in the rough here. Although I'm surprised at not keeping Golden glue for growth purposes. I really was hoping you would be one of the teams to keep the entire roster the same as last split. That way you get an actual full measure of your team. Ousting Goldenglue wasn't the bad, but it's kind of the same situation as Stunt where you really don't know if the team could have grown more from having a stable roster.
Hauntzer- Every once in a while Haunzter makes some either really poor decisions or has really poor communication with his jungler. I'm not sure which one it is exactly. The TSM game sticks out to me as one of those times. Why didn't he ask Closer to come and help push the wave in with him when he was by Krugs?! Sometimes his wave management and trade timings are questionable and I'm so confused as to whether he is good or bad because sometimes it's immaculate. Another thing that's super filthy(in a good way) is how he uses vision at times and I wet myself from the big brain moments he can have. They are just ruined by him wearing his headband too tight in some games. Top half top laner, but I don't see Hauntzer pushing this team into the top 4 any time soon.
Closer- This may sound like I'm insulting Closer here, but I think GG was under appreciated by him. There were a lot of small things that were done by him that Damonte does not do in terms of vision and positioning that really made Closer look good. Of course no one will care to look back now, but there were plenty of times last split where GG would die for Closer to clean things up and get the highlight, but that isn't happening as much this time around. Although I admit laning wise Damonte is an upgrade there is something to be said about the soft skills bringing up players as well on a team. Still a good jungler and worth the import slot, but I'm going to need a bit more in terms of carry performances here since overall this split has been underwhelming.
Damonte- Definitely deserved a starting spot, too bad it's a rough start. I feel like there are too many times I have seen Damonte late to the play when going for a roam. Even when on something that should have priority. Or times when I see that him lose a trade and can't be as aggressive when heading towards objective fights since he made too many mistakes in trades. I need this to be cleaned up so that way the objective fights can actually start on even footing. Too many times this split I'm seeing Damonte walk to the dragon/baron with half health because of a bad trade he took right before it. The prime example of this is against TL where he eats a Jensen shockwave right before drag spawn. The team can't commit to a fight because of how low he is. Overall the lane was played well, but getting shoved out before objectives over and over was not fun to watch.
FBI/Huhi- The weakest link of this team is here. There are some points where I see FBI and I'm thinking this guy is Uzi in secret. Then I see him just randomly misposition and I'm thinking "ThIs GuY iS uZi!" However a lot of that flies under the radar because Huhi has far more obvious mistakes. It's clear that Huhi is watching VODS on CoreJJ because it feels like he is lite version. From the way he positions himself to the timings he has for going for vision it all reminds me of Core. It's a good place to start for learning, except there he is still getting caught in crucial moments unlike Core. I think if we give Huhi enough time he will be amazing, but I don't know if GG will give him enough time since FBI seems to be ready right now in comparison.
CLG - Already doing better than last split which is a great start. The only place for you guys to go in comparison to last split is up so I'm glad the fruits of your labor is starting to show. There are still major gaps that need to be filled.
Ruin- I miss the ruin that played a different champion pretty much every game and showed he is skilled enough to do so. There is just something so deadly about a top laner with a vast champion pool that can reach in and grab a niche pick that his team needs or really abuse red side in some creative way. I was hoping to see a reurn of that version of Ruin. The top lane meta is far more open than people think and I'm just surprised in how underutilized his versatility is right now. If there is one improvement on this team I would want this more than anything.
Wiggly- Alright I'm going to be honest. I didn't expect Wiggly to be good this split. I thought he would be replaced, especially after the perfect game for the season opener. However I have been pleasantly surprised. Synergy with Pob has not been bad at all pathing has been solid. Just a good middle of the pack jungler. I'm not expecting a hard carry performance out of Wiggly, but I have come to see him as a reliable jungler who knows what his role is in each game/team comp he is placed in. If he could fit a couple more hard carry performances in that would be really great to make the team more dynamic
Pobelter- Funny how this guy couldn't find a team at the beginning of last split. Still the paragon of a great LCS mid. Whereas Hakuho/Apollo are the bar for LCS play I think of Pob as the bar for international play. You have to be at minimum as good as Pobelter to compete on the international stage. At least by NA standards. Still showing that the boomers still got it. Every once in a while a poor decision is made, but nothing that can't be smoothed out.
Stixxay/Smoothie- Look which bot lane decided to remember things they were good at. Glad to see a bounce back to more stable form after the terrible showing from both of these guys last split. Smoothie has really started playing around vision well again and Stixxay has finally been positioning properly to take advantage of the opportunities handed to him. I actually would love to see a bit more roaming out of Smoothie. Lately it seems he is super attached at the hip to the lane, wheras when I think of the best of smoothie it is his random roams towards even the top side that I remember most. He seems to be on the same page with Wiggly more this split which has helped tremendously.
FlyQuest- The addition of Solo has definitely made this team better than the spring split version. Mash is still up in the air if he improves the team overall, but the team is definitely in position to finish second again this split. Most of the mistakes on this team are very few and far between.
Solo- Staying untiltable. The only criticism that has ever really been part of Solo from his career is how he can tilt and not be very good to work with when things are going poorly. I don't think his play is really anything that needs to be worried about. However I fully expect people to start taking away Sett from him at some point. Just been ridiculous on that champ both in and out of laning phase. It's like the champ was made for him in a way.
Santorin- I used to be one of the harshest critics of Santorin. I always felt that he was never really the carry his team needed to be, but for the past few splits he has really been putting any haters down. Me included. The little invisible things like simply providing pressure and vision for Solo in top side so he doesn't just get ganked are just huge over sights into what he is able to provide. Most of the mistakes that I see stem from set up around pits during the mid-late game, but that is a team wide issue and not simply a Santorin thing. I imagine if this team is losing it is mostly going to be around the pit area for either drag or baron.
PowerofEvil- If C9 did not exist he would be my ballot for MVP. He is just too valuable to what this team needs and has made adjustments in his play to accommodate different styles. The team lives and dies by how he and Santorin are playing.
Wildturtle/Mash/Ignar= WT's willingness to play weakside should not be seen as a weakness, what should be seen as a weakness is giving him a winning match up and he doesn't push the advantage. That is a weakness and that is why I can understand why the team felt the need to step back from him a bit. Mash has been solid, but I don't think he has done anything that WT isn't capable of or hasn't shown he is capable of. Ignar has been great and is a top 3 support in the league most likely the 3rd best and ends up second best if CoreJJ is having an off day.
Evil Geniuses- This is going to be a banger of a review #Live Evil.
Kumo- If it wasn't for the last two games where he got demolished I would have been okay saying Kumo is the 4th best top laner in the league. I really liked the Volibear pick in Kumos hands, but teams seemed to have taken it away. I also really would like to see Kumo on a bit more Poppy. It just seems to work so well for him when he is on it and I don't know why EG seems to shy away from picking it for him when he is so good at executing on this champ. If he is able to force Poppy bans then mission accomplished. Pick it for him more often is all I'm asking for.( of course when it is more appropriate to do so)
Svenskeren- #Live Evil. Svenskeren has been playing really well with Jizuke despite a couple int games here and there for him. I don't know what happened to picks like Xin disappearing for him, but definitely would like to see him on stuff like that again so he can take charge of some games. I appreciate that he has been able to maintain some form of agency despite the focus of the team not being around him at all. #Live Evil
Jizuke- Definition of a coin flip player right here. You either get the guy who is able to TF ultimate into the perfect spot every time and the pull Misaya level bait and perfect game a solid team. Or you get the guy who is so tilted and ineffective he doesn't even want the extra damage that Kogmaw passive does because it will be useless. I wish I could tell him to change, but part of what makes him bad is also what makes him so great as well. You want a random play that just basically ends the game? This guy will do it. Just heads or tails as to whether it results in a win or not.
Bang/Zeyzal- I'm a fan of this bot lane. I think Zeyzal is the weaker link in this duo, but not by a huge margin or the extent he is holding Bang back like he was held back in 100T. (Sorry Aphro). It's just the only bastion of consistency on this team of what feels like wild cards. When the ball has been passed to them to carry though they seem to handle it so easily.
Team Liquid- The best top 3 team in the league right now. I'm not sure whether I should praise Jensen and CoreJJ for keeping this team together and squeaking out wins, but that's exactly what they both have been doing. Although it feels bad and looks bad. The wins column is adding up pretty nicely. Say what you want about their draft choices or the sloppy execution, but good teams find ways to win and despite what people may say this is a good team and likely is heading to worlds if they clean up the early game.
Impact- There is a huge misconception that Impact is a tank player and I need it to stop. He is not a tank player. He is an independent type of player who knows when and how to group with his team at the right time so he can ahem have an impact on the game. The picks he is being given in Mordekaiser, Jayce, and Kennan are all proof of that. These are all champs that are able to handle themselves in isolation/side lanes and have great flanks or disrupt the team fight in different ways. He has been great this split and is highly undervalued in what he brings to this team.
Broxah- The issue people have in how ugly TLs wins are because they have had to smite fight so often for their objectives lately. On top of that we are not seeing Broxah on picks like Elise or Lee Sin a whole lot either and those type of picks really do make him shine as compared to Trundle with his sick pillar play. Overall what we WANT to see out of him isn't what is needed out of him. He is doing exactly what his team needs and that is to support his solo laners as much as possible so that they can carry the games. If he is going to be playing this supportive style he plays a mean Ivern if I remember correctly.
Jensen- I have a love hate relationship when it comes to Jensen. He is really good, but doesn't always back it up in the way we want him to. He still does Jensen things where he is almost always up in [email protected] by 11. It's just that TL early game as a team has been so ugly to watch that we miss the greatness of Jensen and his individual skill. My gripe with Jensen isn't individual talent. It is elevating the people around him to another level and that's where I see his contemporaries(Nisqy, PoE, Bjerg) simply be better at it than him. I'm of course not behind the scenes so I'm not sure what actually goes on behind the scenes, but that's just my perception.
CoreJJ/Tactical- It's fair to say that Tactical slots into this team nicely, but it helps having one of the best support players in the world on your side while you come into your own. CoreJJ actually shifted the entire support meta when he showed you can start shrines with Bard and give your mid laner two shrines to start the game. In case people forget the shrines also give move speed so good luck out sustaining and landing hits during any trades early. After he did that almost every single support in NA has copied it. So yes he is still one of the best supports in the league.
TSM - This is a good team. Not C9 levels of good, but still a good team. They have integrated Spica so seamlessly into the line up that I'm actually sad there was a split of mediocre Dardoch instead of giving the kid a chance earlier. Bjerg also seems to be on a mission to prove he is still the best as well. This team went from not having an existing early game to being one of the best early game teams in the league. The biggest flaw they have is that every once in a while they make a mistake that throws their lead away. This can't happen on the international level, but I'm all for you guys making as many mistakes now so you can patch it up as time passes.
Brokenblade- Synergy with Spica has been nothing short of near excellent. Stats say he is the best top laner in the league right now, but until C9 falls I have to leave it in Licorices hands. Otherwise firmly the second best and it shuffles between Licorice, Ssumday and Impact for this top spot here right now. For improvement the only thing I think of is getting caught before objectives like drag. That's about one of the only noticeable flaws I see from my end. Team fighting and knowing when to sacrifice himself have been great. Almost no death with BB goes without meaning in someway or he simply won't die and reads ganks pretty well. I'm just hoping he gets better at protecting himself in the mid game lane swap. That tends to be the only time he really gets caught out for mid game mistakes.
Spica- Look at this spicy kid here. What I'm most impressed by more than the raw mechanics is the ability to manipulate where he is in vision and being in the right place at the right time so often. Once or twice is luck, but when a player is at the right place so often it is just a skill that they have in reading the map and flow of the game. Along with the mechanics and the proper aggression shown the only improvements are things that come with time and experience in decision making, but that is what Bjerg is there for and boy has he lived up to that for the guys this split.
Bjergsen- If C9 didn't exist Bjerg would be second in MVP voting behind PoE. Part of the reason I have PoE ahead is because somehow he has come up just a tiny bit more clutch than Bjerg the last few times they have matched up. There is just something so great about watching a great player do their thing and I definitely feel like that is what we are witnessing from Bjerg. Both the eye test and stats are showing he is no less than top three as a mid laner and if you still think he is the problem then God have mercy on your soul.
Doublelift/Biofrost- You guys are good, but have had some questionable games along with some really hard pop off games as well. I'm excited to see if you they have a way to break C9's bot lane the way that CoreJJ broke down you guys at the beginning of the split.
TLDR I watch too much league of legends. I'll do one for LEC tomorrow.
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AEW DARK - (with spoilers) - Review and Observations

My first Reddit post here. Thought I'd write a review and observations column on Tuesday's AEW Dark. I will try to post similar for AEW programming in future (BTE, DYNAMITE, PPVs). Enjoy.
AEW DARK - Tue., Aug. 18, 2020
Smart programming to give fans some top notch action on Dark this week as Dynamite won't be seen until 6pm Saturday. Show ran approximately 1 hour 40 minutes (11 matches), and there was some well performed action throughout the card.
BROADCAST TEAM - Tony Chiavone, Taz, veda Scott
  1. Kip Sabian vs. Michael Nakazawa
FINISH - Corkscrew DDT off the rope. Sabian sat down on Nakazawa's chest, (leaving both shoulders exposed) for the pin.
I know it's a small thing, especially in a squash match, but I believe a winning pin should LOOK like a winning pin (shoulders pressed down). In this case, to be fair to Sabian, he preceded the finishing move with a well executed DDT in the middle of the ring. So, it is believable he knocked Nakazawa so silly with both headshots that he would lay flat.
In general though, Sabian and his girlfriend, Penelope Ford are both guilty of slack pin attempts with their finishers. Ford's Fisherman's Buster arched-back suplex looks great, but also leaves one opponent shoulder completely uncovered. If it looks so easy to raise your shoulder off the mat (even though the loser doesn't dare), it's not a believable pin to WIN a match.
Go back to MJF's squash match with Griff Garrison a few weeks back on Dynamite. After he planted Garrison with a mid-rope DDT, his pin to win was technical and believable. He pressed his chest down on Griff's, his two hands clasped to hold down the right shoulder, while his right leg pressed down on the left shoulder. It LOOKED like a winning pin. And he did it so instinctively that I applauded his attention to detail. Sabian and Ford should adopt a similar outlook on win-pinning for when they get their big push in future.

2) Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela vs. Shawn Dean & Frank Stone
Good match to watch, especially when I wasn't expecting a whole lot. Janela's fierce outlook on his matches always jumps off the screen to me. His angry grunts, and expressions get you into his matches if nothing else interests you. He sells Frank Stone's bodysplash in the corner really well. Take a look a the ringpost camera angle on the inset replay. Watch Janela's facial expression right after Stone delivers the bump - classic!
FINISH - Combination elbow drop (Janela) and leg split drop from the top rope (Kiss).
Acrobatic and enjoyable to watch, but still think Sonny's leg split drop doesn't LOOK powerful enough to hold down an opponent for the win. Especially when early in the match, Kiss tries to pin Dean with a smothering cross body chest down pin. With his leg drop, he leaves the opponent's one shoulder exposed. But the loser has to lay flat submissively to sell it while Kiss is posed, arms flared out above him. For Janela/Kiss, both moves together look great, but more force is needed on the actual pin to win.

PROMO FOR ALL OUT - MJF's rant from his campaign speech a couple of weeks ago sounds even better as part of the promo for the upcoming PPV. "For the next 25 years!" You realize how well written and delivered that speech was at the time. Love it!

3) Shawn Spears vs. Will Hobbs
Spears dictated most of the match from the outset. Masterful and believable attack on Hobbs' leg played well into his opponent's one offensive moment. Hobbs hit a late-match spinebuster (unexpected!). But his affected leg prevented him from getting a pin started quickly, so Spears did kick out at 2. Then when Hobbs was about to follow that up with a brainbuster it appeared, his leg gave out a little and Spears fell back off him and stomped his leg again from behind. Well played out match that way as it immediately led to Spears hitting a technical Death Valley Driver for the pin.
POST MATCH - Spears continues to belatedly attack his beaten opponent with unnecessary force. He rams the damaged leg of Hobbs into the ring post, and flips him the bird! The second bump came at the behest of manager Tully Blanchard. Blanchard gives Spears the foreign object ("could be kevlar" - thanks Taz!). He loads the infamous black glove and punches Hobbs hard with it. This is a minor storyline advancement, but helps the buildup to a rumored reimagining of a modern day Four Horsemen stable. All in all, another well thought out and delivered effort.

4) The Hybrid 2 vs. The Initiative (Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon)
COMMENTARY MOMENT - Discussing CutleAvalon as a team:
-Veda Scott: "I think Avalon and Cutler are coming together as a team. They have very different philosophies on how to win a match."
-Taz: "Well, they don't win matches. They have to CHANGE their philosophy." LOL
Fun, athletic match between these two teams. Great sell job by Jack Evans (from the heavens!) on Cutler's spin kick right after he flipped into the ring for the first time. He really hit the mat hard, eh?!
They followed this up with an eleven "near-fall" sequence of pinfall attempts that almost left referee Rick Knox breathless. All three men did a great job during this 30-45 second exchange! Well executed guys!
Avalon again wants to use his book to club Evans, but Cutler intervenes and tells him not to, so he puts the book down. Will this ultimately help strengthen or destroy our favorite DARK characters?
COMMENTARY MOMENT - Angelico's mid-match limb tie-up of Avalon almost left the whole broadcast team speechless. Scott, "What the heck was that?" Taz tries to name it by saying, "it was kinda an inverted, rising, Scorpion death lock". Tony, "We have to come up with a name for that. Or check with Angelico after the match." Good reactions on the mic from all three in the booth.
During Cutler's offensive spurt moments later, Angelico really sells the toss over the rope and hard landing on the entrance ramp! He got high up there, huh? Whoa!
Avalon/Cutler proceed to run some tandem offence, ending with Cutler's elbow drop from the middle of the top rope. Unfortunatey his feet touched the ground before he could really extend his elbow out for the bump. He usually hits it flawlessly, but that's life. Whenever they do win a match, their finishing double-team acrobatics will make the audience pop. They do have good chemistry. But so do TH2, and they all showed some super tandem offence tonight too.
Evans' top rope moonsault to outside the ring was super. Leva Bates' hurricanrana on and unsuspecting Evans' moments later was delievered powerfully! Cutler catching a leaping Angelico in mid-air (almost lost him!) and delivered a front-stabbing gutbuster (or as Taz remarked, "Lungblower Jones" there - thanks Taz!). That setup Avalon's split-leg moonsault off the top turnbuckle and near pinfall! Soon thereafter, Angelico throw's Avalon into the corner, Razor's Edge style.
FINISH - Evans (from the heavens!) executes his somersaulting frogsplash for the pin. Great, great match!
Did you notice the stage lighting behind the ring stayed green throughout? That's probably due to TH2's green colored imaging and ring attire. See what they did there? Applause for attention to detail.

5) Abadon vs. Red Velvet
Abadon once again displayed her terrifying persona in grand fashion. You really feel the uneasiness in the venue from her opponent, to the referee, to the broadcast team not knowing what to make of her!
Referee Bryce Remsberg really sells the fear angle, constantly putting up both hands and backing up each time he gets anywhere near Abadon!
Red Velvet tries to dispell that myth quickly with a slick leg-split throat press against the bottom turnbuckle (followed by a cheeky smile-and-point closeup to the camera - gorgeous!).
Abadon promptly gets back to her feet, with Red Velvet's foot still lodged in her neck, and shoves her off. This begins both of them screaming loudly as they try to outdo each other in that department. You feel like your watching a horror movie scene when Abadon flops down on all fours and begins to crawl toward her opponent. Red Velvet plays her part well by acting as we all would by crawling backward arms behind us as we never take our eyes off the creature stalking us! LOL
Red Velvet has some chops. She has already wrestled Shida (quick loss, but it usually means they intend to use you more in future). And in this match, she displays enough offence, and does it well to believe she will get some kind of push soon.
She does have to eat it badly though. Abadon does an arm twist faceplant on the apron after jumping off it to the lower floor. Ouch. Red Velvet's bump looks perfect for that move - well sold!
FINISH - Abadon perches Red Velvet up into a reverse, spiderweb neck breaker (she calls it the Cemetery Driver) for the win. Solid move. Well performed match all around. I'm still scared. LOL

6) Dark Order (John “4” Silver, Colt Cabana & Alex “3” Reynolds) vs. D3, Ryzin, Faboo Andre
Good to see Colt back on camera - I thought he was dead! He is on at the end of Monday's Being The Elite episode, but you only hear his voice while seeing his view via the camera. Was he really still alive? Or was this a dream? Thank goodness he's still alive. (wink)
They keep showing Cabana "with" Dark Order, despite still not being "in" Dark Order. This match showed signs of this relationship deteriorating a little.
Cabana starts the match as if he's in a singles match by himself, smiling always as he begins to run some of his repitoire of moves on Faboo Andre, then Ryzin. While whipping Rizin to the ropes, hoping to hit his double chest slap, Silver interupts momentum by hitting Ryzin in the back, dropping him to his knees before he can get to Cabana. Colt looks confused as Reynolds and Silver yell at him, with Silver (I'm 29 years old!) tags himself in.
Silver continues to display some skilled offense in his matches. The way he fights his way out of the opponents corner, complete with spins and front kicks looks impressive.
Cabana always refused to assist Reynolds and Silver with their shortcut tactics. He stops Reynolds from pressing down on D3's face when stuck in the ropes (while smiling). Then Silver tries to force D3's head down on the middle rope from the floor, and Cabana again interupts that to stop it. Dissension in the ranks is growing? Reynolds then tags Cabana in, but wants Colt to put his foot up on the turnbuckle so he can ram D3's head into it. Silver chides Cabana for not doing it. Cabana proceeds to clean house with his spinning armed "flip flop and fly" elbows to all three opponents.
FINISH - Reynolds and Silver double underhook spinning suplex (looks like the Canadian Destroyer) on D3. Emphatic finisher well delivered.

7) Ricky Starks vs. Lee Johnson
Starks cut a promo a little earlier in the show, still angry at Darby Allin for raking his back bloody with a thumbtacked skateboard a few weeks back. He vows to ruin Allin in upcoming days.
Despite a slow start as Johnson hits some offense early, punctuated with a drop kick, Starks slowly takes command. At one point with Johnson flat on the mat, Starks faces camera, criss-crosses his arms to his chest and falls back (weakly) onto Johnson in a Coffin Drop style. Allin must be so mad!
Then, after a thunderous open face slap to Johnson, Taz says, "You don't want to trade hands with Starks." Except, Johnson promptly returned the favor, hard! He followed that up with a series of slaps and punches that looked funny right after Taz made that declaration.
FINISH - Starks planted Johnson with his rochambeau driver for the win. Solid.
POST MATCH - Wardlow came out to remind Johnson that he wasn't wearing his MJF campaign pin and made Johnson put it on. Johnson has been marginalized in the last few weeks by MJF for not hanging a campaign poster level and getting in his shot during a hallway walk. Will MJF still get Johnson's vote before ALL OUT? Hmmm.

8) Santana & Ortiz vs. Baron Black & Tony Donati
Relatively quick match compared to the others on the card. Proud and Powerful roughed up Baron Black and then Tony Donati in their traditional angry skilled manor. Black was able to get off a backstabber on Santana (surprised me). Other than that, the rough Inner Circle members dominated.
FINISH - Combination Santana sit up power bomb on Donati, followed by a straight face kick by Santana. Ortiz pinned Donati 1-2-3. The best, the best, the best. Until Best Friends and Trent's Mom Sue get a hold of you!

9) Lance Archer vs. Jon Cruz & Jessy Sorensen
Archer came out with Cruz already slung over his shoulder. I always get a kick out of that each week as he enters the ring. He proceeded to manhandle Sorensen while a dazed Cruz (great selling job by him) stumbled around and struggled to clear out the cobwebs. Funny moment was Archer setting up each man in opposite corners and running back and forth between both with heavy chest bumps. During his second bump, first on Cruz, ring post camera shot behind Cruz captures Archer running towards our living room. He quickly says smiling, "be right back" before turning to go back to splash Sorenson. Little things that you create for the audience I applaud. Made me smile.
FINISH - EBD Claw on both Cruz (right hand) and Sorenson (left hand), repeatedly slamming their heads 3-times to the mat before dual-pinning both. Powerful win for a handicap match.
POST MATCH - Jake Roberts teased us by appearing to set up to DDT Sorenson like he used to do to many back in his heyday. But he stopped and dropped his younger foe without incident, smiling devilishly at us as he did so. Cool little moment brought back good memories.

10) Dark Order Alan “5” Angels vs. Billy (Gunn Club)
The size difference between these two in quite apparent from the get go, with Billy bossing most of the action.
COMMENTARY MOMENT - Mid-match, as the broadcast crew tells us how Angels is a ringing endorsement for what joining Dark Order can do for a wrestler's fortunes, Taz lets off this beauty, "Tony, you should consider joining Dark Order. You need a LOT OF HELP." (Thanks Taz!)
Despite his best efforts, Angels can't get much going against Billy, and gets stopped hard when Billy picks him up and spin slams him to the mat by the throat. Ouch.
COMMENTARY MOMENT - Veda, "Nothing nice about that." Taz, under his breath, "I better start talking nice about Billy." LOL
FINISH - Cobra Clutch power slam - decent.
POST MATCH - Dark Order's Reynolds and Silver (he's 29 years old) run out and help Angels attack Billy. Son Austin Gunn races out with a steel chair to make Dark Order scatter.
Getting up, Billy shouts, "What the hell? I'm an old man!" Caught me off guard, and got a laugh.

11) MAIN EVENT - Private Party / SCU vs. Lucha Brothers / Butcher & Blade
This was a "pay-per-view" style 8-man tag match. Enough happened in this bout to not only provide great entertainment to watch, but also advance some storylines in advance of Dynamite.
Acrobatics were at the forefront throughout as all eight wrestlers displayed well-timed bumps. Isiah Kassidy of Private Party is showing each week that he is not only talented on offence, but also when selling on defence. He sells well, and he did take a lot of punishment in this match. Examples include his four pelvic thrusts into the mat after being faceplanted by Pentagon, and giving some good "ow ow ow" pain reactions (a la Nature Boy Ric Flair) when tied up on the ropes in the wrong corner during a camera closeup.
For the other team, the Blade (Braxton Sutter) was also selling well. When Kassidy pretty much overshot his over-the-rope somersault by barely grazing Blade's stomach with his head, Sutter sold the intended force of the hit well to help out his rival.
COMMENTARY MOMENT - The crew were discussing why Blade seems to always "look angry" lately in his matches. Veda, "Maybe a lack of carbs.". Slight pause, then Tony laughs, as did I. She was referencing Sutter's crazy physique, which is arguably the best in AEW. "Gets you a little hungry, a little hangry."
And after eating a Fenix superkick by mistake (Kassidy ducked), Sutter fell out of the ring the way the force of the hit SOUNDED on the broadcast. Ouch! Then, he didn't reappear on camera while the other 7 men were sequentially superkicking and slamming each other around. After a while, I thought, "Is Blade dead?" LOL Luckily he came to in time to help Butcher double-team Kassidy.
FINISH - Combination suplex (Butcher) on top of backstabber (Blade) all in one move. Butcher pinned Kassidy for the duke. Excellent quality, hectic match that was a deserving main event for sure. All eight men and referee Aubrey Edwards deserve a round of applause for their collective effort!
POST MATCH - Understandibly, there was tension not only between the opponents, but also between the partners on the winning team. Fenix/Pentagon seemed upset that ButcheBlade got the pin without involving them. Blade was probably not happy Fenix mulekicked him into oblivion mid-match. And now these four must team up on Saturday night against Jurassic Express/Natural Nightmares in another 8-man tag bout. Safe to say this partnership could be headed to a fun divorce.

Well performed show throughout by all talent. Can't wait till Saturday's Dynamite, can you? Me neither. I will try to do a writeup and post on Sunday.
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Feminism - a new version of communism

Like communism, feminism ignores basic, natural rights. Communism, striving for the happiness of the proletariat, trodden among others property rights. Private property was to be abolished, everything was to be shared, and everyone was to receive from common property "as needed."

It was necessary to make the unconscious working class aware that it was being exploited by the capitalists. The most conscious part of the proletariat - the communists - were to lead it and bring about a change of regime by abolishing property rights and abolishing the exploitation of the working class. One of the dogmas of communism was the theory of "class struggle". The victory of the proletariat would lead to the liquidation of the bourgeoisie as a relic of the previous epoch and the creation of a classless society.

While communism was the ideology of one social class (and fascism - the ideology of one nation), feminism is the ideology of one sex. In seeking to "liberate" women, it ignores basic, natural laws, incl. ignores the fact that gender largely determines social roles. Feminism postulates, inter alia, introducing gender equality. To realize the ideals of feminism, women need to be made aware that they are abused by men. Feminists will be at the forefront of women, eliminating inequality and abolishing the exploitation of women. The victory of feminism will lead to the creation of an androgynous society - in which gender will not determine the social role.

Instead of the communist dogma of "class struggle" in feminism, we find the dogma of the "eternal war of the sexes." In feminist magazines, on the other hand, we can find serious considerations as to whether a woman will still need a man in the new society.

A feminist is someone who believes that there is such a thing as an "eternal war of the sexes." She is convinced that a patriarchal society oppresses women. He fights for a "brave new world" in which gender will not determine anyone's role in society. She calls for equality, seeing the discrimination against women in the different treatment of women and men.

We who have experienced communism find it easier to understand feminism when we realize that feminist concepts are a carbon copy of the communist newspeak. This is illustrated by the following table:

communism Feminism
class struggle war of the sexes
bourgeois white heterosexual men
rotten capitalism, oppressive patriarchy
classless society androgynous society (asexual)
social justice equality
points for origin of gender quotas
imperialist warmongers, perpetrators of domestic violence
class consciousness sense of belonging to the female "gender"
class exploitation of women
elimination of social inequalities; elimination of gender discrimination
fideistic superstitions patriarchal stereotypes
people's democracy parity democracy
historical necessity (inevitable collapse of capitalism) human progress (inevitable collapse of patriarchy)
communists in the vanguard of the world proletarian revolution feminists in the vanguard of the world women's liberation movement
reaction Ciemnogród
enemy of the people (class enemy) male chauvinistic pig

In the case of the communist ideology, it turned out that property rights were the driving force of the economy and that their elimination led to widespread poverty. It turned out that the implementation of the postulates of communism is either impossible or leads to absurdities in social life. It also turned out that average workers generally do not want communist power and the communists lose in free elections.

Likewise, in the case of feminism, roles are found to be generally beneficial to families and to society. Implementing the postulates of feminism is either impossible or leads to absurdities in social life. It also turns out that average women generally do not want the power of feminists, and feminists, having no chance to enter the Seym under their own banner, must join a group dominated by men.
Alleged or real oppression of women as a pretext for feminism

For feminists, the pretext for making absurd demands to meet "here and now" is the real or imagined suffering of women "somewhere and in the past," for example, the suffering of circumcised women in Africa may be the basis for feminists to make demands to improve the situation of women in Poland.
Let us ignore the fact that the suffering of African women cannot be the basis for claiming compensation from men to women in Poland. Nor can it be denied that there have been situations in human history where women have suffered a lot. However, if we were to bid on who suffered the most in recent centuries and for what reasons, gender would not be the most important criterion for differentiating the amount of suffering. During the Vendée massacre in revolutionary France, women, children and men were murdered alike for their Catholicism. The Turks murdered millions of Armenians for their faith and nationality. Likewise, Jews were murdered for racial reasons. The communists, on the other hand, murdered according to the class affiliation of the victims. The gender of the victims was not a particularly relevant criterion, and if anything, women were often treated more leniently.
The situation of women throughout the history of Poland and feminist propaganda

Outraged by the "oppression of women", feminists in Poland disregard the real situation of women in Poland, as well as Polish history and Polish conditions, repeating mindlessly the slogans imported from the West. Meanwhile, if we look at the real situation of women and men in Poland, we can see that women in Poland have never been discriminated against. Although there was a division of roles, women have always enjoyed great social respect. Slavs, as a rule, respected women. Moreover, the adoption of Christianity (where a woman is considered to have a soul just like a man), Marian cult, chivalrous culture and the role of women in uprisings further strengthened the respect for women. A man who did not treat women with respect placed himself on the margins of society.

For these reasons, feminism has never had any significant influence in Poland. Despite this fact, women in Poland gained the right to vote at the same time as men, simultaneously with Poland regaining independence, in 1918, by a decree of the Chief of State, as something obvious, without any debates on this matter (for example in such a "progressive "France only a few years after World War II).

Feminists did nothing for Polish women. The right to vote for women in Poland was introduced not because feminism was so popular, but despite the fact that feminism in Poland never mattered.

Similarly, in Poland, feminists did not have to fight for women's access to education. Also under partitions, women could take part in the general self-education movement, which could, inter alia, result in receiving the Nobel Prize by Maria Curie-Skłodowska. Current statistics indicate even a greater percentage of female students than students in Poland (perhaps men should demand the introduction of quotas?).

Feminists who proclaim the slogans of defending women against discrimination cannot understand how it is possible that more women are gathered in Poland by any parish procession than by the feminist manifesto. They do not understand why women, even more than men, have traditional political views and are more attached to the Catholic Church. It is no coincidence that the League of Polish Families is the grouping with the highest percentage of women in a parliamentary club.

To explain the fact that women do not feel discriminated against, feminists coined the concept of "false consciousness". If a woman claims that she wants what a patriarchal society is forcing her to do, feminists say she has "false consciousness." For example, a woman may think that she wants marriage, but in fact she is forced into it by the force of patriarchal stereotypes that say that a woman fulfills herself most fully in the family. So she marries against her real desires, secretly dreaming of a career as an aviator or firefighter.
Who is really discriminated against in Poland?

When repeating their slogans about discrimination against women, feminists try not to accept facts that could indicate the opposite - for example, discrimination against men. Meanwhile, a comparison of the real situation of both sexes in Poland shows that if we were to talk about discrimination, it would be more justified to say that men are discriminated against.

Women in Poland enjoy the privilege of retiring five years earlier. Moreover, taking into account the fact that men live shorter and earn more - men earn money for long-term pension payments to women, using it themselves to a small extent. If the pension societies entered into agreements with future pensioners on market principles, determining the amount of the pension contribution based on the average life expectancy in retirement - the premium for men would be lower and the pension paid could be higher.

Men are required to undergo military training and defend the country in the event of war - which women do not have. The Universal Defense Duty Act is clearly contrary to the constitutional principle of gender equality, and it is even strange that no dissatisfied conscript has yet requested
The family code especially discriminates against fathers of illegitimate children. The woman then has a choice that the man does not have. He may decide to raise a child alone and sue the man for maintenance. She can also give up motherhood by leaving the baby in hospital or giving her up for adoption. In the latter situation, a man who is not the husband of the child's mother cannot recognize the child as his own - without the woman's consent. He cannot raise him alone (or sue the women for alimony). His child may be adopted by someone else, and he has no rights.

Pregnant women enjoy specific privileges. The employer is obliged to transfer the pregnant woman to another position if she works in harmful conditions, and she is not allowed to work shifts. At the same time, he has the right to keep his current remuneration. On the other hand, a breastfeeding mother has the right to an hourly break for breastfeeding (instead of a break, she may leave work an hour earlier). Single mothers bringing up children are entitled to tax benefits.

In addition to legal privileges, there are many customary privileges for women: passing the door, kissing on the hand, paying in the premises by a man, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Grandma's Day, marked places for mothers with a baby in their arms in buses, the privilege of serving out of order pregnant women, etc. ., etc.

If the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Status was really intended to deal with the implementation of equal status for women and men, she should first of all deal with real problems - for example reducing the very high and increasing excess of male mortality. The difference in the average life expectancy of men and women is already 8 years! Meanwhile, the analysis of the expenditure of the Ministry of Health shows that, despite the advantage of women in terms of life expectancy, still more funds are allocated to combating typically female diseases than typically male diseases.
Absurdities and contradictions of feminism

Feminism is against nature and against common sense. The implementation of feminist postulates leads to absurdities in social life. To meet feminists' demands that women have access to male professions, standards are being lowered so that women can meet them. In the USA, the cross section of fire hoses has been reduced so that women can bear them. As a result, they now pump less water, to the detriment of the firefighting speed. In Poland, when women were admitted to officer schools, the requirements for the fitness exam were lowered. However, it is difficult to count on the enemy to be equally generous in the event of war, adjusting the attack force to the gender of the soldiers.

Promoting feminist slogans, considering whether a man is needed - leads to the weakening of the family. Some feminists choose to have children in advance, assuming they will not be with the child's father. A man is treated only as an object - as a donor of genetic material and provider of maintenance. Meanwhile, modern science unequivocally confirms that the best conditions for raising children are in full families. Of course, sometimes divorce is an unpleasant necessity, but no reasonable person marries, planning in advance the divorce and raising children alone. On the other hand, some feminists, especially those with lesbian inclinations, decide in advance for single motherhood. They use a man, treating him instrumentally - as a donor of genetic material, but most of all they hurt the child.

Feminists often believe that a woman has the right to have an abortion because "only she can decide about her belly," and the legal prohibition of abortion is an expression of "a patriarchal culture that oppresses women." Let us ignore the fact that attitudes to abortion do not depend on gender, but rather on a system of values ​​and the view at which human life begins. There are both women and men for and against. It can even be assumed that it is women who, in practice, find it more difficult to decide on an abortion than men.

However, if, according to feminists, we recognize that only a woman has the full right to decide about the fate of the fetus, then it should be consistently assumed that only a woman bears full responsibility for her decision (full power = full responsibility). This would therefore release the father from responsibility for the child and from the maintenance obligation if the woman decides to give birth to the child. This is where feminists are already stopping - they demand full power for a woman, but they also want the man to be jointly responsible for her decision.

The situation is similar in the case of parities. Feminists demand the introduction of quotas for women on the electoral lists, recognizing that women's participation in power is insufficient. On the one hand, they argue that women have the same governing abilities as men, and on the other hand, that they bring some undefined "new quality" to politics (this is difficult to reconcile, because if women have "the same abilities", then they do not can bring any "new quality"). They ignore the fact that this and no other participation of women in power is the result of a democratic decision of a society in which the majority are women.

However, the principle of parity would require that it be introduced not only where the proportions of the participation of women are unfavorable to them, but also where women dominate - in studies, in education, in the middle-level state administration or among office workers - where women definitely prevail. . Consistent adherence to the principle of parity would require that parities also apply in professions such as miners, steel workers, soldiers, policemen, and also among prisoners - which would require taking into account gender when issuing sentences (the vast majority of convicts are men). The principle of parity should also be applied when making decisions on granting custody over a child after divorce - so that the percentage of children specified in the act would be taken over by fathers after the divorce. Meanwhile, feminists are calling for quotas only where women might gain - and are defending themselves against introducing quotas where they might lose.

Consistent application of the principle of gender equality would require that this principle be introduced also in sport, eliminating the current gender segregation. Therefore, it would be necessary to lead to joint competitions of women and men in all sports. The belief that women have the same abilities as men, and the observed differences are the result of stereotypes - should also result in the introduction of gender parities in team games. For example, half of the players of any football team should be women. The captain of the Polish football team should be, for example, Edyta Górniak, who has already proved that she can bring a new quality to Polish football.
Kinga Dunin, promoting gender equality in "Wysokie Obcasy", advanced the postulate that men should take a hormone - prolactin, in order to grow their breasts. He believes that they could then ease women by taking over some of the duties related to feeding infants, while women could fulfill their professional work to a greater extent. Unfortunately, she did not write whether instead, as part of gender equality, women should take testosterone, for example to increase their aggressiveness in the workplace. However, I'm afraid the idea of men with breasts and women with a mustache and beard will not be very appealing to the heterosexual majority. Rather, I think the average woman would rather devote herself to caring for a baby than sleep with a husband with large breasts and grow a mustache and a beard or shave their hair every day.
Feminist hypocrisy

Feminists generally do not try to live up to the ideology they preach. A feminist who demands to be treated as a human, not as a woman, forgets about it when invited to an elegant venue. He does not then demand that everyone pay for himself. Receiving a female version of the menu from the waiter (without the prices of the dishes), he does not protest against such discrimination, but treats it as a compliment ("apparently I don't look like a sponsor").

A feminist who laments that women are paid less for "the same job" in her own company also pays women less, arguing that she must do this to keep herself from going out of business. But if women work just as well as men, then it could hire only women, pay them less, and win against the stereotypical competition by employing men. Unfortunately, it turns out that this is impossible and the men in her company are essential, and to keep them, you have to pay them more (both examples are authentic and taken from an online discussion forum).

Feminists who demand the introduction of quotas on electoral lists or condemn the Catholic Church for disagreement with the priesthood of women should start by introducing their demands in their own organizations. When such views are expressed, it would be fitting for half of the positions of board members of feminist organizations and the position of vice-chairman to be given to men. Unfortunately, at home - in the authorities of feminist organizations - they do not introduce parities. Women are also employed in the office of the Plenipotentiary for Equal Status in substantive positions. Where the balance is upset in favor of women, quotas are apparently no longer needed ...

The desirability of discrimination against men is mentioned by some feminists explicitly, sometimes using the term "positive discrimination" or justifying it as the necessity of a transitional period. As we remember, leftist revolutionary ideologies have it to themselves that they "temporarily" approve all measures in the fight against "the enemies of the people", in the name of future universal happiness. The vision of a "bright future" for the next generations justifies the suffering of the present generations, and especially the suffering of "class enemies".

In May 2002, at the invitation of Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka, the plenipotentiary of the Swedish government for equal status of women and men, Mrs. Lise Bergh, was in Poland. In an interview published on May 14, 2002 in Gazeta Wyborcza, Bergh made the following statement:
"Yes, for a while, until a balance is achieved, men will have to be discriminated against. So that women will no longer be discriminated against and will not be discriminated against in the future."

In this way, the spokeswoman for the alleged "equality" and the plenipotentiary for "equal status" - openly promotes discrimination against men.

Feminism is therefore an ideology full of contradictions and hypocrisy such as "we want equal rights, but we don't want equal obligations." The slogan of discrimination against women is used by feminists completely instrumentally - either in the struggle for power or demanding additional, unlawful privileges. But they don't want any equality when it comes to responsibilities.
The difference between men and women and social roles

Feminists demand that "gender does not determine social role." At the same time, they deny the existence of differences between men and women, arguing that any perceived differences are the result of environmental influences. The social environment expects children to behave in accordance with the stereotype appropriate for their gender. The perceived differences between women and men are, according to feminists, the result of social expectations to which both women and men adjust. The remedy for this is to be a change in social awareness, which will make it possible to fully interchange social roles, regardless of gender. Free from the influence of stereotypes, women will be able to exercise power and work in men's professions, and men will be able to take care of the house, wash, clean and raise - depending on personal preferences.

It is a fact that women have long been able to work in many male occupations and men have been taking care of the home, but still few families choose to do this. However, according to feminists, it is culturally conditioned and will change as social awareness changes.

Meanwhile, human culture arises on a biological basis, and although it is quite plastic, it cannot be freely shaped. Human habits and behaviors often correspond to those of animals that are biologically conditioned. It is interesting to note that there is no equality among primates. Only males participate in the competition for control of the herd. The behavior of the monkeys in the herd - making tactical alliances, intriguing, provoking one another - is deceptively similar to the behavior of employees in the office. The seizure of power comes with certain privileges - priority in access to food, priority in access to females - but also with specific responsibilities. The march of the baboon herd follows specific rules that make it practically impossible for predators to kidnap the young or the female. The marching herd forms a triangle-shaped formation, headed by a dominant male, and at the other vertices of the triangle - males occupying subsequent positions in the hierarchy.
This example illustrates well two regularities: (1) the differences between the social position of women and men are not only culturally but also biologically determined, and (2) each social position is associated with specific privileges and corresponding duties.

The logical consequence of the first of these regularities is that it is impossible to change human culture to one that ignores human biological predispositions. Biology has a "higher priority" than culture, because while we can change culture to a certain extent, biology remains unchanged and it ultimately sets the framework for possible changes in culture.

The second of these regularities says that it is not possible to enjoy the privileges of a particular social position on a permanent basis without taking on the corresponding, specific obligations.

Meanwhile, feminists try to build a new society by ignoring both of these patterns. They want women to be treated the same as men where it pays them off, but they do not want to be treated the same where they might lose out.

The differences between the sexes are revealed already in childhood. In Vasta, Haith and Miller's "Child Psychology," Chapter 15, "Gender Role Development and Gender Differences," we read that boys are better at reasoning math tasks and that the difference increases with age, shows greater spatial abilities, while girls show greater abilities verbal. When it comes to personality and social differences, boys are more active, more willing to explore their surroundings, and more independent of their mothers. Girls need more encouragement to dare to go out. Boys are also more aggressive than girls and are more likely to resolve conflicts using physical force, while girls prefer verbal persuasion.

Feminists argue that the observed differences between boys and girls are the result of pressure from a patriarchal society that forces them into specific social roles from birth.
Can the power of a patriarchal society be so great that it also affects monkeys? It turns out that male monkeys prefer to play with toy cars, and female monkeys prefer to play with dolls - just like human children. This suggests that a similar preference in children may be a congenital feature, not an acquired trait, says the American researcher in "Evolution and Behavior". The results of the research therefore challenge the belief that the preferences of boys and girls in choosing toys are shaped by upbringing in response to cultural and social expectations.

Gerianne Alexander of Texas AM University, a specialist in the field of sex-related differences in behavior and their biological basis, tested the validity of this belief in studies on vervets. The observations concerned the reaction of monkeys to various toys. It turned out that, just like in children, animal preferences were related to gender. Thus, males spent much more time than females playing with toys traditionally considered "boyish", such as a soccer ball or a toy car. Females, on the other hand, devoted more time to dolls and toys imitating dishes. Moreover, toys assessed by the researchers as "gender neutral", such as a picture book or a teddy dog, enjoyed equal interest from both sexes.

According to the researcher, the results prove that whether a toy is "boyish" or "girlish" is not related to cultural stereotypes or upbringing, but primarily to gender-specific preferences for toys of a different type. According to the researcher, preferences as to the choice of specific items have become established in the course of evolution in relation to the roles played by individuals of both sexes in the past, at the beginning of the development of the human species.

Thus, boys show an innate tendency to choose objects that can move around in space and whose use requires physical activity. These preferences may be associated with such features as good spatial orientation, which made it easier for men to hunt game, search for food or a partner. Objects of this type also enable more aggressive and active play, characteristic of males of most species of mammals.

In turn, the preferences of girls are largely based on the color of the object, which may reflect, among others, the role of women in caring for their offspring. For example, choosing a doll that is pink reveals a woman's desire for bodily contact, which increases the likelihood of survival of the newborn.
Denying the role of genes and leftist utopias

Denying the role of genes has a long tradition in leftist, utopian ideologies. It is worth returning to the sources of feminist views rooted in the beliefs of the Marxist biologist Trofim Denisowicz Łysenka. This Russian agrobiologist, in the years 1948-1956 chairman of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the USSR, denied the existence of genes and heredity in biology. He tried to transfer the ideas of Marx's dialectical materialism to the field of natural sciences. He argued that the physiological and morphological features of organisms are formed only in the course of their development and are acquired through similarity and adaptation to forms that coexist in a given environment, which in the animal world is known as social determinism.

He believed, among other things, that wheat can grow rice (and vice versa) as long as these grains are sown in a rice field, hence he believed that plants can be hardened by planting thermophilic varieties in the vicinity of crops resistant to cold, he believed that it was possible to grow rice in Siberia, and domestic dogs released into the forest could give fox offspring under favorable conditions (without trying to mate them with foxes).

Although it may seem improbable today, baldness was the dominant doctrine of agrobiologists in the Eastern bloc, and Lysenko himself led to the imprisonment of several dozen geneticists. For example, the chairman of the Institute of Genetics in Moscow, N. Wawiłow was imprisoned and then banished from the country. Polish geneticists who wanted to keep their positions also rejected Mendel's laws of heredity by going over to Łysenka's side.
Fighting the traditional family

The traditional family is sometimes portrayed by feminists as a modern form of female slavery and the source of all evil: violence, alcoholism and sexual abuse. What seems to us to be only a family pathology, a perversion of an otherwise good and necessary institution, for feminists is the very essence of patriarchal marriage. In their opinion, domestic violence results directly from the patriarchal culture and is allegedly universally accepted. As Anna Lipowska-Teutsch writes in her book "To raise, heal, liberate":
A patriarchal culture is a culture of domination that does not respect differences related to race, age, gender, abilities, and preferences, but constantly uses these differences to dehumanize and exploit others. Violence is a fundamental element of patriarchal culture and serves to enforce obedience and maintain domination. Violence against women by their husbands and partners is a form of control and submission that is widely accepted in patriarchal society. The family is a microcosm that reflects the patriarchal order and is at the same time the foundation of a patriarchal society. Domestic violence is not an anomaly of this system, but is the essence of patriarchal power.

At the same time, feminists idealize homosexual cohabitation, presenting it as a seat of pure love. Some feminists even claim that women are bisexual in nature and therefore may choose their sexual orientation. Sometimes they also treat sexual orientation as part of a feminist ideology, according to the slogan: "feminism is a theory, lesbism is a practice". Meanwhile, research shows that homosexual relationships are the most unstable. This is where changes of partners occur most often, and in such relationships the most violence (especially in lesbian relationships, where violence occurs in 50% of relationships).

Without denying the fact that pathologies do occur in traditional families, it must be stated, however, that it is the traditional family that can best and fully satisfy human needs. Also the needs of women. Numerous studies show that a successful relationship with a man has a beneficial effect on the emotional balance of women and that this relationship is biologically determined.

Feminists and normal, emotionally healthy women

As has been shown many times, women are different from men and this difference determines (though not uniquely) their role in society or in marriage. Normal women understand and accept this fact, not wanting to trade roles with men for nothing. Feminists, on the other hand, feel inferior because of this, and to alleviate this feeling, they prove to themselves and to the whole world that they are just like men.

Unlike a feminist, a normal woman:

she likes men and expects that the chosen man will be the closest person to her (even closer than friends or children);
has generally positive expectations of men, attracts, contacts and makes closer acquaintances with men with whom she feels good (despite all awareness that there are also brutes, alcoholics and deviants in the world - but these she generally tries to avoid);
as a husband she willingly chooses a strong man who gives her a sense of security;
is content to be a woman and takes full advantage of female privileges (adoring, dressing up and painting, coquetry, sex, etc.);
does not envy men their privileges, or rather, on the contrary - would not like to trade with them for anything;
she feels fulfilled as a woman when she becomes a mother; giving birth and raising children becomes more important to her than professional work; if she previously thought otherwise - such a re-evaluation takes place, for example, during pregnancy (possibly under the influence of hormones) or during breastfeeding;
even when she works professionally, a close emotional bond with the child is a source of much greater gratifications for her than professional work.

The feminist, on the other hand:

he hates men, is afraid of them, is unable to make lasting, successful relationships with men;
as a husband she willingly chooses a henchman whose submission gives her a sense of security, while towards a strong man she is distrustful and prepared for divorce (e.g. she secretly sets up a separate bank account from her husband, just in case);
has generally negative expectations of men, perceives them mainly as brutes, alcoholics and sexual deviants - and indeed often attracts them to him;
cannot enjoy the fact that she is a woman, even if she sometimes enjoys female privileges,
her sex life is unsatisfactory due to fear of giving herself fully to a man;
envies men of their privileges and would gladly swap with them (but without taking on male responsibilities);
more than in motherhood he seeks fulfillment in power, prestige, or high professional position, sometimes he denies the existence of the maternal instinct.

author Maciej Kołodziejczyk
submitted by xxxsnax to antifeminists [link] [comments]

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