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Can anyone recommend a margin trading broker?

I’ve been using trading212 but they’ve disabled their bitcoin markets “due to volatility” (no shit).
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Margin trading broker /r/Bitcoin

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Can anyone recommend a margin trading broker? /r/Bitcoin

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Margin trading broker

I'm looking for a good broker that will offers leverage, i'm currently leaning towards Bitfinex, but I was wonder who you guys would recommend.
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SticPay e-Wallet service provider. Easy to transfer money online and to make a business account.

More information about SticPay
SticPay is an e-wallet service provider without any boundaries. You can use SticPay anywhere, all locations in the world. Everybody can send and receive money via SticPay. Only one minute. Its really easy.
For example:
John from Scotland wants to send money to Anna in Australia. Of course, John and Anna can use international transfers, but these services have banks charges, high transactional fees and takes a few days. If John and Anna use SticPay e-Wallet everything will be easier. A minute transaction with STICPAY e-Money technology. Transfer money online with SticPay is safety and easy.
How would John from Scotland transfer money to Anna in Australia?
  1. Deposit own money to SticPay account:
- Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa);
- Domestic Bank Wire;
- Cryptocurrencies.
  1. Transfer money to Anna's SticPay account.
How would Anna in Australia use money from SticPay account?
1.Withdraw to domestic bank in Australia from SticPay account;
  1. Use STIC Card. STIC Card are accepted in all over world for any offline stores. Withdraw using any ATM machines in the world;
  2. Transfer money to SticPay enabled merchant accounts;
4.Transfer money to SticPay accounts.
Who are SticPay Merchants?
Sticpay partnered with many merchant accounts in online shops industry, online games companies, FX margin trading brokers, etc. All people can use Sticpay e-wallet to make online purchases easier. Our fast transactions made many clients satisfied with commitment to process deposit and withdrawal in less than a minute. It is the ideal payment service for business merchants with multinational client base.
More information about SticPay e-Wallet service here. Easy to transfer money online and to make a business account with SticPay.
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[Business] - Broker Huatai International brings zero fee trading to Hong Kong, piles pressure on smaller rivals already struggling with thin margins

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[Business] - Broker Huatai International brings zero fee trading to Hong Kong, piles pressure on smaller rivals already struggling with thin margins | South China Morning Post

[Business] - Broker Huatai International brings zero fee trading to Hong Kong, piles pressure on smaller rivals already struggling with thin margins | South China Morning Post submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

Example of trading with 9x leverage using Interactive Brokers [Portfolio Margin|Superposition Trading|SPX Meltdown Hedge protection]

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Bester Online Broker für Margin Trading und Optionen?

Wenn ich danach google finde ich nur Werbung deshalb dachte ich, frage ich mal hier. Ich bevorzuge isolated Margin aber hauptsächlich wichtig sind mir geringe Gebühren und die Verfügbarkeit amerikanischer und asiatischer Indizes.
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Does any US broker allow you to trade spreads without a margin account?

I'm currently trading with Schwab and am starting to experiment with more complex strategies. Unfortunately, since I don't have a margin account, I can't make any plays involving writing a call, and I needed to transfer most of my life's savings to them to be able to write a pittance of cash-secured puts. Even if I'm running a defined-risk strategy (put spread, long butterfly, etc.) I have to cash secure the whole short leg despite them knowing perfectly well that my max loss is something like $600 instead of $60000.
I really don't want to have a margin account. I don't like the idea of theoretically being able to go into debt (even though it shouldn't happen for my plays in practice) or getting margin called and force liquidated overnight because something weird happened. I don't want have to understand all of the weird rules and requirements (e.g. PDT) and interest and whatever is associated with that. I just want a broker where I can buy a spread or sell a condor with a defined risk of $XXX, keep $XXX of cash collateral in my account for the duration, and have the broker guarantee that as my max loss (e.g. meaning they'll auto-execute the other leg if I get early assigned and things like that).
Does anyone know a broker that offers that kind of account?
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Where is says “Margin Trading: None”, does that mean I have a cash account? I’ve been told for other brokers you had to from a margin brokerage account to a cash brokerage account. Thank you

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Three major trading brokers Admiral Markets, Dukascopy, and IG changed leverage for margin trading on the same day.

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Interactive Brokers: Can i use TFSA account as collateral for a margin trading account?

Interactive Brokers: Can i use TFSA account as collateral for a margin trading account?
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A few questions regarding margin trading and buying crypto currency

As you can guess, I'm fairly new to the crypto markets and eager to learn about this topic.
For quite some time already, I thought about buying some coins and explore the markets and..maybe understand them a bit better.
So yeah, I'm just looking for some initial investment to play around and check what's going on, but the more I read about all kinds of investment structures, the more I got confused. I hope you can help me out right there:
Reading the ToS of many crypto currency brokers, I saw that trading is not allowed in all countries and/or requires you to be a proper citizen of that country. This is weird to me, because I don't see any reason for a restriction in that area.
Furthermore, it seems that there are only margin trading brokers (I hope that's the correct term).
I'm specifically looking for a service that's just happy with my initial investment and does not require anything additional, so basically less volatility.
What's also confusing me is the fact that some services offer to sell cryptocurrency tokens and some services allow speculation for said tokens.
I read that buying tokens is almost always a good idea since you can store them without having to rely on the trading site on the other case.
Still, I saw many sites that seem to offer trading without posessing the bitcoins, so speculation, but you still have to option to use a wallet and store them on your hardware.
I'm sure there are plenty more things I don't understand, but that's basically it for now.
If you know some informative and non-biased guides, I would gladly appreciate them.
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Market Trading for Beginners

What is Market Trading and Why Should You Try It?

Market trading is setting buy orders in a station and then selling the items you buy at a profit within the same station. It is a great activity for generating isk for a variety of reason. The first reason is it is relatively safe. You can make unprofitable purchases, but your goods never leave the station and therefore will never be blown up by gankers. The second is characters can start right away. There are ways to improve your competitiveness and profitability, but there is nothing stopping you from starting the process with a day 1 character. The final reason I think market trading is worth trying is its constraints are mostly shared by other activities in Eve or relatively minor. I will talk more about constraints below, but basically there are fewer things preventing you from making tons of isk if you are good at market trading. In many ways I am still somewhat of an amateur at trading but this guide will outline what I have learned so far. I assume some basic knowledge of how to navigate the market, as well as how, to set buy and sell orders.

Quick terms and concepts

Before we get into the specific methods of trading in Eve I want to briefly touch on some concepts and terms that will help you understand why things are done a certain way and how to strategize your trading.
Constraints Constraints are anything that slow down or stop your money making at a point. For example a constraint on a mission runner is how long it takes them to clear a site. A constraint on a faction warfare player is the tier their militia is at. The constraints I have identified for market trading are:
Turnover This is the time it takes for you buy order to be filled, become a sell order, and then be bought. High turnover items require you to spend more time managing your orders. Low turnover items require less time managing your orders. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the faster something turns over the less profit it needs to make if you are reinvesting the profit. For example an item that turns over 10 times in a week and only makes 10% profit will make you more isk than an item that turns over 1 time in a week and makes 100% profit. When selecting items to trade you want to match turnover to how often you are checking orders and make sure you are getting enough percentage profit for the turnover type.
Opportunity Cost Opportunity cost is the cost of doing one thing versus another. For example, the cost of engaging in PvP is not just the cost of the ships you lose, but also the lost isk you could have been making doing another activity. Hopefully the fun factor outweighs the cost. This is important because many beginning industrialists do not understand this concept. They will consider materials they harvest themselves as having no cost. They will not factor in the money that could have been made selling the materials instead of using them in production. As a result they will list items for sale at less than what it actually cost them to produce it. As a trader, if you understand this concept and recognize an industrialist has made this mistake you can buy everything they are selling and relist it at dead even production cost while still making a profit.


SP makes everything better in Eve and trading is no exception. I will give a brief run down of each skill relevant to market traders and how I would prioritize it on a skill plan

Market Slot skills:

Trade This skill give you 4 more market orders per rank. No skill requires this above IV and the other skills give more slots. Train this to IV and then if you go deep into market trading and need the last 4 slots train to V.
Retail Each rank gives 8 more market order slots. Requires rank V to unlock Wholesale.
Wholesale Each rank gives 16 more market order slots. Rank V is a requirement for Tycoon.
Tycoon Each rank give 32 more market order slots. Also requires Marketing IV.

Remote Trading skills:

These skills allow you to trade in a station without being in a station. Technically not needed, but useful. Also note that the distances for remote trading is confined to the same region. So you can't straddle a border system between two regions and trade in both without physically moving your character across the border.
Daytrading This skill allows you to modify you buy and sell orders from further away. Rank I allows modifying anywhere in the system. Rank II allows modification within 5 jumps. Ranks III and IV each double the distance. Rank V allows anywhere in the same region.
Marketing This skill allows you to set a sell order in a station remotely. It follows the same pattern as Daytrading for how the distance ranks up. Level IV is a requirement for Tycoon.
Procurement This skill allows you to set buy orders remotely. Follows the same ranking pattern as the other skills.
Visibility This skill allows you to adjust the range your remote buy orders are effective to. Untrained this means when you set a buy order remotely via Procurement the range is limited to that station. Trained you can adjust the range following the pattern.

Other skills

Accounting This skill reduces sales tax by 10%. Most traders are still selling their goods in NPC stations so eventually getting this skill to V is a good idea. Level IV unlocks Margin Trading.
Broker Relations This skill reduces the buy order broker fee by 0.1%. This skill's usefulness will depend on whether or not you use the technique we will discuss later called Off shoring. If you are Off shoring you do not need this skill. If you are not Off shoring you want this to V.
Margin Trading This skill reduces the amount of money that is taken out of your wallet for a buy order. Untrained when you set a buy order 100% of the cost to fill that buy order is pulled from your wallet. As you rank this skill up a smaller and smaller percentage is pulled out. The caveat is that when someone fills your buy order the remaining isk will be pulled from your wallet. If there is not enough isk there your order is fails. Used legitimately this allows you to set buy orders for low turnover items and fund the purchase of those items over time with funds from trades done with isk invested in high turnover items. Used illegitimately this enables the Margin Trading scam.

How to select items to trade

Start with what you know Think about the ships you fly for PvP. What modules do you use? What ammo? Which drones? Other players are getting these blown up as well and need replacements. Do you run missions or exploration sites? What loot are you looking to sell quick. These items won't always be good choices but it is much better than individually reviewing every item on the market.
Compare buy order prices to sell order prices The basic formula to calculate your profit percentage is: (Sell price - Buy price)/Buy Price. Technically you should subtract sales tax from the sales price and add broker's fees to buy price. I usually do the math lazy and just add some buffer to my target profit to compensate.
Evaluate Price History On the price history tab I look at both the graph and the table. On the graph, the red and green lines represent moving averages for price. As a beginning trader you want these lines to be relatively smooth without sharp peaks or valleys. A spikey line means more swings in price. With some more experience you may want to trade in items that are more spikey because you can make larger margins, but just starting out I recommend selecting items that are not making big shifts in price. Next look at the yellow dots on the graph. You want a mixture of dots above and below the lines representing averages. If the dots are all above the lines this means that only sell orders are actually being fufilled. If the dots are all below then only buy orders are being fufilled. On the table I look at the Quantity column for the last few days to months. That is how many items were bought or sold in a day. If I want my orders to fill within a day or two I set my orders for 25% - 50% of the quantity number. For example if 100 is in the quantity column I set my buy order to purchase 25-50 of the item.
Set your orders and maintain them After setting your buy/sell orders you have to make sure they stay on top as first to be fufilled. Once every 5 minutes you can adjust your orders. Use this to offer .01 isk better of a deal than anyone else. Some people will adjust their orders by more than this. The only reason to do so is if you think it will cause other traders to stop competing. Otherwise you are just costing yourself profit when the other traders adjust their orders to be .01 isk better.

Where should you market trade?

Trade Hubs The main trade hubs in order of activity are: Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, and Rens. More activity usually means faster turnover, lower margins, and more competition. If you want to move items fast trade in Jita or Amarr. You will just need to watch your orders more closely. If you want to check your orders less often consider Dodixie or Rens.
Mission Hubs This will require some hauling but you can take advantage of mission runners' desire for fast turnaround time by offering to buy loot in their hub and selling necessities in their hub. Your margins will likely be better but you will shoulder some risk in moving goods from mission hub to trade hub.
Advanced Tactic: Make your own Hub I can't speak too much to this but as your resources increase you can make a lot of money by seeding a station in a region relatively removed from a main hub. With citadels if you can also make this local hub a citadel you own you can make a ton. This is more advanced and outside of my personal experience.

Tax evasion

Nobody wants to pay taxes and these limit what you can trade profitably. You can reduce taxes by:

Basic strategies

These are some basic strategies for competing on the market
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Stock broker with maximum margin

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Broker per margin trading su azioni (es NASDAQ) che sia sostituto d'imposta e che eventualmente permetta il controllo del portafoglio via APP?

Ciao ragazzi che broker consigliate per residenti in Italia?
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Broker that will allow trading SVXY with margin

Does anyone know of a broker that will allow me to trade SVXY with margin? It would be great if that broker had a REST API or an SDK too. I've called about 5 popular brokers and they all have 100% margin requirements for SVXY.
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Best broker to trade futures on margin?

I am looking to get into futures. I have been paper trading equities for about 6 months now and am now becoming more attracted to the futures market. I am wondering who would be best for either (1) trading on margin or (2) trading with a prop operation such as top step trader.

any input is appreciated.

thank you

ps - so far I have been paper trading equities and now futures (/ES) on TOS
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best broker to trade coins with margin/leverage? preferably cash account?

i have been trading some forex, and i wish to start trading some cryptos in the same fashion.
is there a good platform that i can use to do this?
i think i can with binance, but the thing is short term i want to short bitcoin, but it seems counter productive to be funding my account with bitcoins there a better way or a way to just use a cash account?

i currently use darwinex, but there crypto options are limited....and closed on weekends
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09-24 00:22 - 'If you want to trade stocks don't do it via a bank , they are too expensive and too slow. And they don't have the same tools. Limit, stop loss, margin, lever / Do it directly with somebody like interactive brokers. / If you...' by /u/Twenty4C removed from /r/belgium within 205-215min

If you want to trade stocks don't do it via a bank , they are too expensive and too slow. And they don't have the same tools. Limit, stop loss, margin, lever
Do it directly with somebody like interactive brokers.
If you want to start trading smaller amounts then what is required at IB, i could recommend Lynx. (also works on IB platform, so you are sure it is safe). I think IB min is 10000 and lynx 3000.
Don't go for a cheap online broker because you will only buy a claim for a stock and not a stock itself.
Oh and don't go short with margin trading. That is just dangerous.
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Author: Twenty4C
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My boss and I talked about opening a shared ib account, getting portfolio margin and utilizing option pricing inefficiencies for arbitrage opportunities. Only risk in any trade would be a failure to deliver on behalf of the broker. My question is with portfolio margin...

Can anyone tell me if that’d even count toward buying power once the full trade is locked in? Or can i essentially just repeat it until the price is back to efficiency?
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How Brokers Earn from Margin Trading ? (Hindi) Short Video - Margin - Getting Started - YouTube Highest Intraday Margin देने वाले Broker  Best Intraday Brokers 2020 Margin Trading 101: How It Works - YouTube Short Video - Securities Margin Trading in the US - YouTube

Margin trading entails greater risk, including, but not limited to, risk of loss and incurrence of margin interest debt, and is not suitable for all investors. Please assess your financial circumstances and risk tolerance before trading on margin. Margin credit is extended by National Financial Services, Member NYSE, SIPC. Margin rates, for example, vary widely; Interactive Brokers’ margin rates are far and away the best. Another noteworthy development: Fidelity’s automatic sweep of idle funds into interest ... Margin trading in commodities. Margin accounts are also available for trading in commodity futures and options in commodity exchanges like the Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX). Margins are generally much lower in commodity trading – they could be as low as 3-5 percent.. This means that traders can take significant positions in commodity futures and options through leverage. Pick Interactive Brokers for: ... ETFs commission-free everywhere now, we took a closer look at the pesky fees that brokerage firms continue to charge (margin lending, bond trading, etc.) as well ... Margin Trading: In the stock market, margin trading refers to the process whereby individual investors buy more stocks than they can afford to. Margin trading also refers to intraday trading in India and various stock brokers provide this service. Margin trading involves buying and selling of securities in one single session. Over time, ...

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How Brokers Earn from Margin Trading ? (Hindi)

One trading jargon that you’ll hear very often is margin. It’s usually in terms like margin account, margin trading and even margin call. It seems a bit comp... To provide the margin trading facility, a broker may use his own funds or borrow from scheduled commercial banks and/or NBFCs regulated by RBI. A broker shall not be permitted to borrow funds from ... This IBKR short video will explain the: • concept of margin and leverage • different types of margin and margin account types • underlying key concepts and d... Attorney Chad Kohler of Meyer Wilson is a former stockbroker. He explains the risks of margin trading, and whether or not investors should listen to their advisors' recommendations in these ... Looking for highest intraday margin ? Wait is completed now, open account from brokers giving full on intraday margin for equity cash, future & options and commodity. Open Demat account with your ...