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Few questions coming for a cryptocurency trader.

Hi, Iam from cryptocurrency trading futures and spot trading, i know a bit about analysis, ta and fa..iam new but iam not completely oblivious. I know these questions might be seem too stupid for you to answer..but hey, any help is appreciated.
How does futures and options market work in India, what are the differences between both ? which do you prefer? which is the one where you can bail out of the contract by selling ? (in bitcoin the contract is perpetual and be closed at anytime)
  1. How much capital do i need to start trading, are there size limits of lots? adding margin or leverage possible in futures/options?
  2. Is zerodha an ok broker for futures/options trading?
  3. Do the futures/options on equities have a different ticker on exchange..does it have a prefix/suffix?
  4. What broker can you use for forex trading ?
  5. Do these calls/puts differ from longs/short ?
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My Live Trading in Zerodha - Futures and Options Strategy

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