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What do you think of this crypto trading idea?

What do you think of this crypto trading idea?
hi there,
i couldn't resist posting here because i know you are all super passionate on this topic (maybe even totally brutal but I'm ready to take it). i'm looking to find out if you all would find this interesting as well.
ever since i started stuffing away extra money each month, i began trying to figure out how to invest it. i realized that i made the most money when I was able to talk to and follow the people that we're already successful in the crypto market. every time i took advice from an acquaintance, i never did well. looking back on it, i was taking advice from people where i didn't know if they were actually a successful trader or not.
i then started my own "trading" text group amongst my friends. we'd share what we were buying, when, how much - everything. we'd log everything in google sheets and collectively we became better. after talking to many different crypto investors i realized the same type of groups existed everywhere. people might not share their trades publicly, but with a small intimate group of people.
i'm looking to make that process easier by building transparency into the process and helping those like me, get better at trading. i felt like eToro is kind of trying to do this, and so is Public.com but they are just not quite right. It should be like twitter or facebook with an onboarding flow oriented around getting you to follow X friends, Y people and Z things you care about.
i would like to hear your feedback and suggestions on the idea. hit or miss? here is a screenshot of a new type of feed with your friends. what do you think?

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Weekly Trade Review #55: Trading Lessons + Trade Ideas (BEST Crypto Trading Ideas 2019)

Full Live Stream: https://youtu.be/cnqO2xFBYww
#weekly #trade #review #monday #crypto #daytrading #swingtrading #tradeideas
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Weekly Trade Review #54: Trading Lessons + Trade Ideas (BEST Crypto Trading Ideas 2019)

2 Awesome Swing Trade Entries Identified
Watch Full Livestream: https://youtu.be/-crXaBXx-Vc
#weekly #trade #review #monday #crypto #daytrading #swingtrading #tradeideas
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Weekly Trade Review #53: Trading Lessons + Trade Ideas (BEST Crypto Trading Ideas 2019)

Live Stream: https://youtu.be/MzIdvlrNcKs Super happy to be back at it again, almost 3 weeks of no trading! First trade was last Monday and it started off quick. Remember we haven't changed anything only the position sizes. From $6k to $17k per entry on avg. This allows us to hit our $1k / week goal much easier. #weekly #trade #review #monday #crypto #daytrading #swingtrading #tradeideas
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Weekly Trade Review #52: Trading Lessons + Trade Ideas (BEST Crypto Trading Ideas 2019)

Welcome to the Weekly Trade Review that we Live Stream every Monday @ 8AM EST. Here's the flow: Trading Haus Keeping, TradeJournal.co Stats Overview, Top Trades & Biggest Lessons (Last Week Trading Lessons), Review BTC & ALT Coin Charts (Trade Ideas), Finish Up Q/A Session.
https://youtu.be/rcNJ8hw2Gyw #weekly #trade #review #monday #crypto #daytrading #swingtrading #tradeideas
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Weekly Trade Review #51: Trading Lessons + Trade Ideas (BEST Crypto Trading Ideas 2019)

https://youtu.be/aZjbykNLrRE #weekly #trade #review #monday #crypto #daytrading #swingtrading #tradeideas
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Crypto Trading Ideas -- Thoughts?

There’s still a lot of untapped potential in cryptocurrencies and crypto communities, and every investor should try to better this movement when possible. Recently, I had two ideas for projects that I thought would be interesting:
One idea is a trading "pool", where everyone could contribute some amount of LTC to the pot, and the fund could be either managed by a designated trader / trustee, or by an algorithmic trading bot. My thought is that the bot would be the way to go, as a trustless system could potentially be developed around it. The idea would be that each person would receive a dividend payout of the profits relative to their equity percentage of the fund. Dividends could be paid out either on a scheduled basis, or based on various price levels / profit targets. I'm assuming this kind of thing could be amalgamated by some kind of complicated smart-contract setup, and dividend payouts would also be automated.
Essentially, this would be like a Hedge Fund, but unlike other cryptocurrency hedge funds that already exist on the market, this one would deal explicitly in crypto. Buy-ins are done crypto, and dividends are paid out in crypto. Another addition to this that could make it more attractive would be that, unlike actual hedge funds, where your assets are typically locked up in the fund for a designated period of time, you could be able to withdraw your funds at any time. This might make people less concerned about losing capital in large dips. I’m unsure how this could be facilitated, but I’m assuming this could also be done using a complex cascade of smart-contracts.
I’m unsure of the current legality of this kind of thing, and whether or not this would be a type of fund that would require registration and approval from the SEC with an appointed fund manager. But given that cryptocurrencies may not qualify as securities or commodities (yet), then this may be a possibility. It may also be an interesting way to mitigate risk, and even take advantage of an “exclusive” pooled leverage position.
The other idea is trading "competitions”. Traders could opt into the competition by depositing a small, set amount of LTC to a pool before the beginning of each “round”. Each “round” would take place over a designated period of time (e.g. a week), and traders would formulate and establish their theoretical trades and positions in transparency. This trade position could not be altered once finalized. At the end of each “round”, the top 3, 5, 10 traders with the best percentage gains on their theoretical trade would receive some portion of the pool for that round. Once again, I’m assuming this could be potentially be organized by a smart-contract setup to ensure a trustless system.
I’m also unsure of the legality of this kind of thing as well, but it would be interesting to see in practice. It might be a neat way for those interested to put their money where their mouth is. Potentially, you could even have different size pools, where the buy-in amount is greater, as are the payouts.
These are both just fledgling ideas, and there’s definitely a lot of kinks and specifics that would need to be ironed out for them to happen.
TL;DR: What do you think about a pooled crypto trading fund, and trading “competitions”?
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076 - Technical and Fundamental Crypto Trading Ideas

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Crypto Trade Ideas

Hi everyone. I traded all of BTC to BCC (Bitcoin Cash). I think it has more potential to grow and less "patchy" fixes. However, I am also interested in diversifying my portfolio with some riskier start up coins. What do you guys recommend I include in my portfolio?
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Any ideas on how to start crypto trading or investing?

Hey, guys! I'm new in crypto and trading, but I feel that my interest is not only for a few months. I'm sure of it. Also, I'm feeling that I'm a bit afraid of making stupid mistakes. Can you recommend some sources, sites, apps, and courses where I can learn more about crypto? I'd like to hear your personal story in crypto trading as well! Thanks a lot!
How much money I have to have in a pocket to start properly? I know as much as possible, but...))
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bitcoin/crypto/stocks trading in Monzo? A good idea? (Monzo investor talk)

Hi there,
As an investor in several crowdfunding rounds, I think Monzo should roll a bitcoin trading ASAP, or at least a minimal buying/selling feature, instead of premium micro-features for retail banking. It seems people are interested in those features, but not enough to pay for them.
So why Bitcoin?
  1. moneytalks, the potential revenue from fees is actually quite big
  2. everyone else in fintech is doing it
Coindesk: "Bitcoin Revenue in Square’s Cash App Tops Fiat Revenue for First Time in Q1"
Coinbase revenue: estimated $500M in 2018
Coindesk: "PayPal, Venmo to Roll Out Crypto Buying and Selling: Sources"
Coindesk: "UK Fintech Firm Revolut Brings Bitcoin, Ether Trading to US Customers"
Stocks trading, pretty self explanatory, Robinhood is also growing very fast.
Thoughts of other crowdfunding investors?
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The crypto market is taking over the world currently...Join us and benefit now while many still don't have the idea of how profitable bitcoin trading can be.

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[Freecycling/Trading] Turns Out Devaluing Your Crypto with No Warning Is A Bad Idea

Bunz started out as a Toronto trading/bartering/freecycling Facebook group called Bumz Trading Zone in 2013. There is no cash and at best you could get subway tokens and later on gift cards, though this was mildly discouraged because it wasn't considered a "true trade". Most of the problems at this point came from people not following through on their trades but on the flipside, it seemed like you could barter for everything: a random can of chickpeas, bike parts, hot food, seaglass, plant cuttings and books.
As it got more popular, more Bunz Trading Zones popped up affiliated but moderated by volunteer moderators. There was many hobby/activity specific Trading Zones, big and small: plants, plus size clothing and weddings to name a few. As well some more social/support groups came up like housing, employment and queer dating.
In about 2016, they decided to make an app and got some angel investors. This was a bit weird, but it was a clean interface, lots of photos without the off topic chit chat. As well, for the first time you could rate trades you made, so for the first time you could review assholes who were knowingly trading broken stuff or would just ghost repeatedly. Since you are meeting strangers in public like Craigslist, it requires some trust.
It was never quite clear to me what the relationship was between the Facebook groups and the app, though. What was there to monetize? Why spend so much money building an app? There was a rumour that the Bunz groups were encouraged to go along with the app or lose the affiliation. People crossposted though so I didn't particularly care.
Then circa 2018, they decided to come up with an in- app currency called BTZ. This got a lot more pushback. After all, all these groups were founded on the idea of no cash and this is indisputably a type of cash even if there's no blockchain. It seemed like a rewards points system tacked on. Many people don't even like gift card trades and here they were proposing to add more of that dynamic. But they managed to also attract craftspeople and small popular businesses as well as make it possible to do trades between users using BTZ.
Decluttering Kondo style and don't actually want someone's random wine? Use BTZ. Have a tattoo you're saving up for, but you don't have money? Pocket the BTZ. Use it for coffee or new bras. A lot of people saw this as the death of the anti-capitalist philosophy of Bunz, but others continued to use either just the Facebook groups or not accept BTZ for trades.
On September 12, 2019 Bunz the Company decided to unilaterally devalue BTZ with no notice. You could no longer convert BTZ into Canadian dollars. They were shutting down all partnerships except those with coffee shops. Vendors were told that even though their agreement said Bunz was supposed to inform them of any changes before they were made, they would get cashed out for whatever transactions had been made for that month and then nothing. Many craftspeople were using it as an alternate income stream; many people had been saving BTZ for particular services or discounts and people were pissed. They also laid off 15 people who worked there.
Notably, Bunz did not actually own many of the Facebook groups. So a group of moderators of various Zones who were very upset about the way Bunz had tried and failed to monetize the community formed a group called Palz. The original and most of the auxiliary trading groups all disassociated from Bunz and became Palz. There are very few actual Bunz Zones left and they managed to get shut out of the community they benefitted from, as far I can tell, because of greed.
Sources: News article: https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/09/bunz-rename-palz-toronto/ Palz Statement: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X9837beJwgFtA3hCiWX7KxW3seQdNfx66hXGI5Fr6BI/edit?usp=drivesdk
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Do you want to share trading and crypto ideas with other Exodus users?

Are you tired of all the craziness on CryptoTwitter?Are you interested in learning trading or investment ideas and techniques without just hearing others scream, "Moon! Moon!"Would you like to hang out with other Exodus users and share trading ideas in a safe environment?Exodus has a Slack channel just for that purpose!
Rules of the channel:- There is no wallet support available. Support is available at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and nobody should be approaching you in Slack representing themselves as official support.- There will be no profanity or vulgar language. You will be warned and then banned from the channel if your behavior continues.- You will be respectful of others on the channel. Treat others as you'd want to be treated.- There will be no shilling of coins or spam allowed. Spam links will automatically get you banned.
This channel is meant to be fun and informative - creating friendships while learning about crypto trading and investments in a safe space.
The link to join is: slack-invite.exodus.io
Hope you'll come join the group with your questions and ideas and help us grow a strong community!
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Crypto Algorithm Trading – The Pain Of A 70% Loss! The Discovery! Three Algorithm Trading Ideas!

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Is it a good idea to trade Bitcoin and crypto from the 'safety of your browser'?

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Copy-trading platform idea for crypto traders

Most copy-trading platforms exist today only in the fiat space. There are only a few people in the crypto space however none of them follow the model of a hedge fund.
A hedge fund operates under the model of where they take a performance fee, which is heavily lucrative (30%). This incentivizes fund managers to perform as their incentive is tied towards the profit of the fund. However, their losses are not shared.
Copy-trading platforms today don’t do this. They don't give traders an option to earn from the profits that their followers have made. For example, if your followers have a NaV of $1mn and you make them an annual 10% return on their investment in following you; you could possibly earn say 30% from the profits that your followers have made.
Which means if your followers made $100k by following your trades, you'd be entitled to about $30k. I feel like this is how a CopyTrading platform should be and hence I'm collecting some initial users to help me build, test and try out this platform. If you think this is doable, fill out this form - https://forms.gle/nLSw36vmiuCbHjWc8. Would love to connect with like-minded traders. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.
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To establish crypto market trading rules is the main idea of The Conference.Exchanges

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XERA EXCHANGE is a exchange where they listen to feedback & introduce fresh new ideas to make the trading of Crypto currency a simple straight forward experience. Check it out! #xeraexchange #exchange #crypto #cryptocurrency #btc #eth #blockchain #altcoins #technology

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XERA, a community driven system where the team listen to feedback and fresh new ideas to make the trading of crypto currency a simple straight forward experience. This is a project that was created by visionary team to make crypto trading easy for everyone.

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Xera Exchange is a community-driven system where we listen to feedback and introduce fresh new ideas to make the trading of cryptocurrency a simple straight forward experience. #xeraexchange #exchange #crypto #cryptocurrency #btc #eth #blockchain #altcoins #technology

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XERA EXCHANGE is a community-driven exchange where we listen to feedback & introduce fresh new ideas to make the trading of Crypto currency a simple straight forward experience #xeraexchange #exchange #crypto #cryptocurrency #btc #eth #blockchain #altcoins #technology

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CRYPTO AND STOCK TRADING IDEAS - 8.4.20 - The Rational Investor CRYPTO AND STOCK TRADING IDEAS - 7.27.20 - The Rational Investor CRYPTO AND STOCK TRADING IDEAS - 7.22.20 - The Rational Investor CRYPTO AND STOCK TRADING IDEAS - 8.03.20 - The Rational Investor CRYPTO AND STOCK TRADING IDEAS - 6.23.20 - The Rational Investor

#TFUEL/USDT Profit Update :- #TFUEL now trading at $0.0120 And our entry was $0.0084 So 51% Profit booked within few days. Entry:- $0.0085 TP1:- $0.0128 Guys I know you are very happy with this trade. Book profit and Enjoy. Please LIKE and Appreciate me. Must follow me for latest crypto real time updates. Thank you. Ever since the beginning of humankind, people tended to be split into two groups. For example, not so long ago children who were born into poor families got up at 5 in the morning to work at a factory with the workday ending at 11 at night. The working conditions were such that many […] So, day trading is used in a slightly different context when it comes to the crypto markets. It typically refers to a short-term trading style, where traders enter and exit positions in a timespan of 24 hours or less. Search in trading ideas for "CRYPTO" Ideas. Videos only. CRYPTO MARKET - LOOKS GOOD FOR 200 BILLION PUSH - Crypto Maniac101. TOTAL, 240. Long. CryptoManiac101. CRYPTO MARKET / USD TA From overall pattern setup we are good for 200,000,000,000 26. 1. Crypto Trading ideas overview for 18-28 September. Cryptotrading . Sep 26, 2019. Amid stagnation and a slight drop in the price of bitcoin, traders note a decrease in BTC dominance and an increase in altcoins. This week, between September 15 and 19, the Ethereum price soared by 20%, and the Stellar price rose by 40%. By the moment, their price ...

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CRYPTO AND STOCK TRADING IDEAS - 8.4.20 - The Rational Investor

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