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What is ADAB Solutions?

In order to ADAB Solutions as a crypto currency project to be Halal, it is planned to implement the following measure:
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This ABOUT ADAB SOLUTIONS (ADAB) ADAB SOLUTIONS The First Islamic CryptoCurrency Adab Exchange Solution in the World

This ABOUT ADAB SOLUTIONS (ADAB) ADAB SOLUTIONS The First Islamic CryptoCurrency Adab Exchange Solution in the World
The First Islamic CryptoCurrency Adab Exchange Solution in the World
In the context of the ADAB Solution as a Halal CryptoCurrency currency project, it is planned to implement the following steps:
Project development will be based on entrepreneurial efforts from organizers for their work. According to Islamic ethical norms, we know that the source of wealth is the input of one's own workforce and entrepreneurial business.
First Islamic Crypto Exchange will completely exclude the possibility of speculative transactions, margin trading and operations that are not in accordance with Sharia. This will exclude Gharar and Maisir and Riba from the Exchange service method.
The FICE platform is able to handle 3 million requests per second, making FICE one of the fastest exchanges of CryptoCurrency. FICE users will be guaranteed that their application will never be suspended due to platform bottlenecks.
The ADAB solution was established to create a platform for halal projects, to work in law full of Islamic laws and Islamic finance. Our job is to help Muslims and the CryptoCurrency investor community to understand what's in the market, CryptoCurrency is in accordance with Sharia rules and those that don't.
ADAB's solution comes from the fact that this project will generally benefit the market, because halal projects in essence have their uses and values ​​and their definitions will contribute to the development of useful ideas and a reduction in the number of projects on the market with the concept of haram in essence.
More Information:
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Technology and Dajjal (had to be cut short)

Asalamualaikum everyone,
I'm begging everyone who sees this to read through it all. I believe it's very important for our imaan and, consequently, our akhira.
First of all, there's a video which explains it a little
Edit: I'd suggest watching it first since i will try not to repeat what they said. But i feel like they aren't looking at the whole picture. Edit 2: the whole picture being how this all may be the source of Dajjal's power. Something i just remembered, imagine if you tried to explain the things we have today to people way back when. They'd see it as magic (insert famous quote about not being able to differentiate technology from magic). Like our smartphones are literally hunks of rock, glass, oil(plastic) etc which glow up to show us different things. And allow us to talk to people on the other side of the world (for those who don't know how they work, but if you look at history isn't that all magic was? The difference is only in knowing how to do it and not, even black magic)
I hope anyone that reads this and understands will pass on the information to others and Insha'Allah we can at least try to save ourselves from one of the greatest fitnah in history, and i believe it's worse than anything else that mankind has faced. It's also inevitable, unavoidable.
Before continuing i want you to imagine the cartoons you may have seen as a child. Where someone wants something, the devil (Satan) appears with a contract, person gets what they want at the cost of their soul.
When we look at privacy, a long time ago there was a saying "information is power". People went to great lengths to protect their identity, not giving away their name so easily, their address, etc.
Nowadays, we give it away easily and happily for some temporary enjoyment. I say temporary as in limited to this dunya. When you use some service there's usually a charge. Everything is free but at a greater cost we gladly accept. There is no privacy.
*---- let's look at various aspects now. 1) Knowing where everyone is and at what time.
Before what used to happen was, you found some land, built a hut or cottage and started living there. Only the people you told knew you were there. Fast forward to before smartphones were popular and you had, you'd buy a house from someone with blueprints approved, and stored, at the housing department of where ever you live. You'd register with the state, let the government know exactly where you live, where you work, what car you have, whatever else they ask. Already its a bit scary but ok, we give all that since we're living in their land. Thinking on that a moment you could say there's no place on earth where someone can live freely, but fine that's something we've already come to accept.
Next, with the advent of the smartphones and their rising popularity AND affordability, everyone is slowly going from "give all your information to the government of the country you live in" to "give all your information to a global power which you don't even know about". Someone mentioned something about how there will be no need for governments in the future, having to do with crypto currency. Well this has to do with that too and why I'm against it.
If you look at all the sensors in your phone, they can determine the location, position, acceleration, etc. All on something we keep on us at all times. I'm not even going to start on smart watches, smart cars (i guess we're not really there yet) and more.
Thanks to the device in your pocket, there's a constant stream of information that goes to Google (android users) or Apple. The information includes a time stamp and what you were doing at that moment. If you were sitting, standing, when you got in a car, where you drove to, when you got out. If you were cycling, walking, running, on a train, a plane, etc. For anyone that thinks this isn't possible, believe me it's very possible and it exists.
With all that said, it also would NOT be hard at all to figure out where you were and who you met with.
*---- 2) Identification
Simple task really. We have things like image recognition and you have a camera constantly pointed at your face. Not to mention all the selfies linked with our social media accounts, or images we're tagged in by friends.
We quickly gave away our fingerprints, which by the way if anyone remembers is a big nono.
With facial recognition we gave away shots from various angles necessary for quick recognition.
Voice recognition.
Things like, identification through our gestures. Meaning, how you use the apps on your touchscreen devices. Apps, keyboards, etc
I think this much should be enough to understand.
*---- 3) Knowing what you like and dislike
First of all, the simplest example for this could be things like Facebook where we literally click on like. Then things like YouTube where similar material is presented for us, and if you notice the content gets worse and worse from an Islamic perspective. That's besides the point about the time we spent/wasted on these sites as was mentioned in the video.
Then there are more complex things. For example, if you understand (1), there's the location history all of us probably already know about. So which places you went to the most. Do you usually go for coffee, or burgers, fried foods, Chinese, etc, etc.
It WAS just that general information. The next thing is HOW and where you spend your money. Let's take a quick look at spending history. We had hard money, paper, gold, whatever. You buy and spend and no one knows how much you spent, where you spent, how you spent, etc.
Next we moved up to checks. Leave a paper trail. So now, it was time consuming but eventually you can figure out what you need to figure out. Skip ahead even further to credit cards. Which, first of all made you spend money you don't have (according to scholars it's haram but I'm 100% people will disagree), and paying it back with interest (i think any Muslim would agree this is definitely haram). But most of all, it kept a more detailed record of spending. Now if you buy a chocolate bar we get it on credit.
Anywho, that information is still "kind of" hard to get, so now we have things like PayPal, android wallet, whatever other wallets, cryptocurrency, and more. Which will keep detailed information of spending habits and is much easier to go through. When i say much easier I'm not talking about hackers, I'm talking about the people we sold our privacy to. Going with the flow of this post, Dajjal's people.
*---- 4) Knowing what is in your heart.
Any Muslim with even the slightest bit of Islamic knowledge will IMMEDIATELY say "Only Allah knows what is in our hearts".
I'm here to tell you, that's not wrong at all. But, given you have enough information, and the context surrounding that information, it can be simulated, or estimated.
I'm not sure if I'm even using the right word here to be honest. But let me explain.
So, suppose you accepted the points before this. That all that is possible and the information exists. Now bring all of it together PLUS something i will mention shortly.
As you all know, we have multiple histories. There's the history of each and every second of our lives recorded by the angels in the books. As muslims we accept that and believe that. Then there's the other histories that only exist for the time we've been using these devices. Location history (where you've been and at what time), browsing history (I'm assuming everyone knows about this for... various reasons), then there's (VERY IMPORTANT) Search History.
For android, Google chrome, other Google service users you can view all your information when you go to the my activities page (by the way, even if you delete it all and it says it's all deleted you'll have to guess again. They have write only servers. As the name suggests, once something is written to them it can't be deleted. Also explains why so much land is bought simply for the servers/databases).
Anywho, so put all the things together and we have a sort of... play by play on your life. The best part is it doesn't matter if you leave your device(s) at home either because if you know data science and all that you can use the information from other people's devices to figure out when you (the deviceless) person were in an area, at what time, etc. Add to that the cctv cameras everywhere.
Example: (imagine it's all in chronological order since i already said there are time stamps to everything)
Person A got in his car. Drove 10 miles to a coffee shop. Met person B at the coffee shop. Ordered a large coffee with a donut, person B got an espresso. Person A searched "why is it spelled bologna" Person A searched "how to ride a bicycle" Person A searched "is it haram to eat a hamburger" Person A searched "it dating haram" Person A got in their car and went back home. Person A searched... Etc etc.
Based on the above, you can probably guess what A and B talked about, or something they planned.
Add to that, B is a female. A and B go for a movie at 9pm on the weekend and now you change your guess. Add to that person A and B meet up again and go cycling the next week and later stop at a burger shop.
Anywho, this is to give a basic example. But we've added so many other surveillance systems, for example, things like Google home, Amazon Alexa, Siri. So there's a mic on us at all times.
Plus, our texts and calls on services like WhatsApp. I'll tell you it's ALOT easier to sift through millions of voice calls made over the Internet than it is over the traditional systems which are slowly being replaced for better quality service. Voice over LTE.
Anyway, I'm sorry i wasn't able to get to the video games and the information that is being gathered through those at the moment due to the length of this post. InshAllah I will do so one day, doesn't matter what the reaction to this post is. Every time i read the Qur'an i panic especially when it comes to keeping my mouth shut. I will keep saying this to whoever i can. Everyone be careful what you do in the "virtual" world. We will be held accountable before our Lord. But before that time comes, if and when Dajjal arrives this information WILL be used against us. The way it seems we're currently in the testing phase but, unfortunately for us, it seems like the time until its all perfected is close. And, also unfortunate, it can't be stopped. Even if people begin to understand it now it's already too late.
May Allah protect us all from this fitnah, may Allah protect us all, may Allah protect us all.
Final note: i know these things made life easier. But as muslims there are a few things we need to understand. This Dunya was never meant to be easy, not now, not ever. Look at the time of our Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam. He used to live in a tiny home and sleep on a mat that left impressions on his skin. He tried to explain this life is just the journey, not the final destination. If that's not enough, we've traded luxury and handed over control AND power to others. When something bad happens in front of us, we expect others to deal with it and just look on "hating it with our hearts" which according to a hadith is "the weakest level of imaan", the strongest being you "rectify it with your hands", the second "with your tongue". Things in this world are going to s*** and WE let it get there and continue to let it get worse and worse.
That reminds me of another thing I'd like to share my thoughts on too Insha'Allah. Reddit itself is one of the greatest examples of Dajjal and his world. Yes i still use it but I'm trying to limit myself to Islamic subs and my end goal before starting was only to reach these messages. I'm glad and thank Allah for allowing me to learn more about Islam on the way, and I'm also very thankful for the opportunity to be able to help even one person.
I don't want anything from anyone, i don't even want upvotes. Just that people should read through this, think on anything that calls out to them. And then if they want to discuss it then by all means, I'm not saying I'm perfectly right. Maybe i can learn from you too, after all IF it is related to dajjal then learning more is the only way to save ourselves. I don't have time to argue aimlessly though.
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End of week update 5/25/18 ,new app version, widget and partnerships.

Firstly the new multi language app version was released today. with native Chinese, Hindi, Urdu & Russian language version detection . All groups which have strongly adopted XIM. It also includes a live XIM:USD price indicator which is important in the export import world where everyone uses the USD price.
The live price widget also makes an appearance at which might seem very underwhelming however we have big plans for this little guys underlying architecture to turn into something akin to a fully fledged paypal sales button companies can include in their company websites.
As usual I would have hoped to have gotten more done this week however the first half of the week was spent meeting and discussing Sharia compliance with regards to crypto with a Dubai based potential financial partner, alot of this revolved around Sharia compliance. Im not muslim but it is a subject everyone in the crypto world needs to get familiar with and especially in the export import world you can see XIM has a very high adoption from muslim export companies. In a nutshell the jury is out and there is a theological battle going on as to if crypto like XIM is compliant or not. I personally didnt want to form partnerships until the scholarly debate is settled. It boils down to Sharia financial rules were primarily supposed protect people from inflationary lending debt and also currency speculation based on nothing and its the second part which is causing the debate. XIM doesnt have inflation built in which is good (halal) however XLM does (1% per year and technically this isnt good (haram)).
But there is a battle going on regarding the speculation issue because obviously if followed to the very letter you are going back to trading lumps of gold and no one wants that. Islamic scholars are releasing whitepapers on the subject and we will see how it all shakes out but right now it seems that crypto like XIM is halal, in fact a London mosque just started accepting it
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Crypto Month in Review - April 2018

Previous reviews: Jan, Feb, Mar
Crypto moves way too fast for me to keep up, so I aggregate each day's biggest headline and publish the list at the end of the month. Below is my list for March. My main news source was reddit. My main holdings are ETH and NANO, but I try to make these lists as unbiased as possible.
Market cap movement throughout April - mostly up!
4/1 - In an April Fools “meta-joke”, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposes an Ether hard cap of 120 million ETH, garnering a fair amount of community support.
4/2 - The ICO for a coin created by Centra, famously endorsed by Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled, is halted by the SEC due to suspected fraudulent activity.
4/3 - Vitalik Buterin questions the mathematics of Bitcoin Cash supporter Craig Wright and calls him a “fraud” during the Deconomy conference. Wright claims to be the person behind the Bitcoin creator alias Satoshi Nakamoto
4/4 - A Verge user discovers that a malicious mining pool exploited a bug in Verge’s mining algorithm to mine 1 block per second for 13 hours, for a total of $4.3 million.
4/ 5 - The Reserve Bank of India bans RBI-regulated banks from processing cryptocurrency transactions.
4/6 - After calling cryptocurrency a “bubble” in January, George Soros gives his hedge fund SorosFund the green light to invest in cryptocurrency.
4/7 - VenRock, a $3 billion venture capital firm run by the family of John D. Rockefeller, partners with CoinFund to invest in blockchain technology.
4/8 - Twitter suspends the @bitcoin account, which was controlled by a Bitcoin Cash supporter.
4/9 - In response to a class-action lawsuit filed against them, the Nano Foundation announces an official legal fund for victims of the BitGrail theft and maintains their view that a vulnerability in BitGrail’s code was responsible for the theft.
4/10 - Golem’s Brass mainnet is released on Github.
4/11 - Request Network partners with Digix to support invoicing in gold.
4/12 - Islamic scholar Mufti Muhammad Abu Bakar publishes a paper concluding that Bitcoin is halal and permissible under Sharia law.
4/13 - ZCash completes its “Powers of Tau” ceremony to make its privacy blockchain more secure and to prepare for an upcoming hard fork.
4/14 - releases an official WordPress plugin that uses their blockchain to timestamp content and defend against plagiarism.
4/15 - Genetic blockchain company DNAtix transfers the complete genome of a virus over blockchain, the first instance of DNA being transmitted using this method.
4/16 - Popular crypto YouTuber and ICO investor Ian Balina is hacked live on stream, resulting in the theft of $2 million of his cryptoassets.
4/17 - [Link is NSFW] After weeks of hype and speculation, PornHub announces that they will accept Verge’s XVG as payment.
4/18 - Dow Jones Media Group announces a partnership with Basic Attention Token to serve premium content to Brave browser users.
4/19 - Fujitsu reveals that it is running a full IOTA node to support its tangle-based use cases.
4/20 - IBM head of blockchain Jesse Lund states that Stellar is the foundation of their entire cross-border payments strategy and a key part of their overall blockchain platform strategy.
4/21 - VeChain announces the addition of a multi-party payment protocol that will facilitate behind-the-scenes blockchain transactions between two users who do not have to be token holders.
4/22 - LinkedIn co-founder Eric Ly states that the website’s ban on ICO advertisements is only temporary.
4/23 - Modum announces its cooperation with the Swiss postal service to deliver a temperature-monitoring solution that enables regulatory compliance for shipments containing medicinal and other temperature-sensitive products.
4/24 - A Google DNS hack results in the hijacking of MyEtherWallet’s domain name, leading to the theft of over $150k worth of ETH.
4/25 - Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman states that the Nasdaq will consider becoming a crypto exchange over time. She also grants their “exchange surveillance technology” to the Winklevoss-backed Gemini exchange to ensure a “rules-based” marketplace for users.
4/26 - Vitalik Buterin announces he is boycotting CoinDesk’s Consensus conference due, in part, to “sensationalist” headlines regarding EIP 999, which proposed a means of recovery of lost funds on Ethereum. The OmiseGo team also joins in the boycott.
4/27 - France lowers its capital gains tax rate on cryptocurrency from 45% to 19%.
4/28 - Despite a ban on cryptocurrency trading, Iran pushes forward with an experimental local cryptocurrency for its banking system.
4/29 -Newly crowned #5 cryptocurrency EOS breaks the $20 barrier as investors anticipate its main net launch.
4/30 - Vitalik Buterin releases a proof-of-concept for a method of implementing sharding on the Ethereum main net, which will dramatically increase the scalability of the chain if successful.
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Is Investing In Bitcoin Halal or Haram? (Preview) Ready For The Pullback? cryptocurrency is halal or haram one coin halal or haram fatwa for one coin one l Egypt's mufti says bitcoin forbidden in Islam Is Bitcoin trading haram.

Complicating the debate is the fact that there are hundreds of digital coins or tokens, each with unique features related to distribution, mining and trading, said Farrukh Habib, research officer ... Bitcoin & Crypto Guide; What Makes a Cryptocurrency Halal or Haram? The Islamic community is big. But its stand on cryptocurrencies is vague. So, what criteria are being used to assess whether cryptocurrency is halal or haram? Trading in some cases is not halal. When trade something that is not halal like buying goods that you know they are stolen. When the result of trading damages the Islamic society and you may know about it (Ayatollah Shirazi and his verdict against tobacco). When the trading is result to riba gain that is not halal. This site is the results of my personal inqury and search for ways to make financial growth and generate profits through the financial markets. e.g. trading, buying, and holding securities, futures, stocks and shares, cryptocurrencies and others – only that I have made sure everything is Halal and not Haram, and according to Allah, the great protector laws and directions. Getting Rid Of Haram Earnings. ... More How to dispose of money if its rightful owner cannot be reached Hello, I used to be a crypto currency trader trading a currency known as bitcoin, to trade bitcoins you need to use an exchange market. The exchange market I used was called Mintpal. This exchange had problems..

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Is Investing In Bitcoin Halal or Haram? (Preview)

cryptocurrency is halal or haram one coin halal or haram fatwa for one coin one l - Duration: 11:14. Daily Haqeeqat Tv 182,281 views Bitcoin CryptoCurrency Halal or Haram Forsage Haram or Halal //Cryptocurrency is Halal or Haram - Duration: 12:43. ... FOREX Trading: Halal or Haram by Sheikh Hacene Chebbani - Duration: 1:10:59. Meski begitu banyaknya pendapat tentang halal haram hukum mata uang crypto mari kita dengar pendapat dari salah satu ustadz ini. Semoga bisa menambah wacana kita tentang hukum crypto currency. Ex-Police Officer Exposes The Reality of Race & Policing Brandon Tatum POLITICS Rubin Report - Duration: 1:09:23. The Rubin Report Recommended for you Ready To Take Your Crypto Trading To A New Level? Join Our OMNIA Service And Let Us Make Investing In Crypto Easy!: Join Our Free Crypto Newsletter And Stay Up To Date With ...