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How the TFSA works

(Updated August 9th, 2020)


You may have heard about off-shore tax havens of questionable legality where wealthy people invest their money in legal "grey zones" and don't pay any tax, as featured for example, in Netflix's drama, The Laundromat.

The reality is that the Government of Canada offers 100% tax-free investing throughout your life, with unlimited withdrawals of your contributions and profits, and no limits on how much you can make tax-free. There is also nothing to report to the Canada Revenue Agency. Although Britain has a comparable program, Canada is the only country in the world that offers tax-free investing with this level of power and flexibility.

Thank you fellow Redditors for the wonderful Gold Award and Today I Learned Award!

(Unrelated but Important Note: I put a link at the bottom for my margin account explainer. Many people are interested in margin trading but don't understand the math behind margin accounts and cannot find an explanation. If you want to do margin, but don't know how, click on the link.)

As a Gen-Xer, I wrote this post with Millennials in mind, many of whom are getting interested in investing in ETFs, individual stocks, and also my personal favourite, options. Your generation is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this extremely powerful program at a relatively young age. But whether you're in your 20's or your 90's, read on!

Are TFSAs important? In 2020 Canadians have almost 1 trillion dollars saved up in their TFSAs, so if that doesn't prove that pennies add up to dollars, I don't know what does. The TFSA truly is the Great Canadian Tax Shelter.

I will periodically be checking this and adding issues as they arise, to this post. I really appreciate that people are finding this useful. As this post is now fairly complete from a basic mechanics point of view, and some questions are already answered in this post, please be advised that at this stage I cannot respond to questions that are already covered here. If I do not respond to your post, check this post as I may have added the answer to the FAQs at the bottom.

How to Invest in Stocks

A lot of people get really excited - for good reason - when they discover that the TFSA allows you to invest in stocks, tax free. I get questions about which stocks to buy.

I have made some comments about that throughout this post, however; I can't comprehensively answer that question. Having said that, though, if you're interested in picking your own stocks and want to learn how, I recommmend starting with the following videos:

The first is by Peter Lynch, a famous American investor in the 80's who wrote some well-respected books for the general public, like "One Up on Wall Street." The advice he gives is always valid, always works, and that never changes, even with 2020's technology, companies and AI:

The second is a recording of a university lecture given by investment legend Warren Buffett, who expounds on the same principles:

Please note that I have no connection to whomever posted the videos.


TFSAs were introduced in 2009 by Stephen Harper's government, to encourage Canadians to save.

The effect of the TFSA is that ordinary Canadians don't pay any income or capital gains tax on their securities investments.

Initial uptake was slow as the contribution rules take some getting used to, but over time the program became a smash hit with Canadians. There are about 20 million Canadians with TFSAs, so the uptake is about 70%- 80% (as you have to be the age of majority in your province/territory to open a TFSA).

Eligibility to Open a TFSA

You must be a Canadian resident with a valid Social Insurance Number to open a TFSA. You must be at the voting age in the province in which you reside in order to open a TFSA, however contribution room begins to accumulate from the year in which you turned 18. You do not have to file a tax return to open a TFSA. You do not need to be a Canadian citizen to open and contribute to a TFSA. No minimum balance is required to open a TFSA.

Where you Can Open a TFSA

There are hundreds of financial institutions in Canada that offer the TFSA. There is only one kind of TFSA; however, different institutions offer a different range of financial products. Here are some examples:


Your TFSA may be covered by either CIFP or CDIC insuranceor both. Ask your bank or broker for details.

What You Can Trade and Invest In

You can trade the following:

What You Cannot Trade

You cannot trade:

Again, if it requires a margin account, it's out. You cannot buy on margin in a TFSA. Nothing stopping you from borrowing money from other sources as long as you stay within your contribution limits, but you can't trade on margin in a TFSA. You can of course trade long puts and calls which give you leverage.

Rules for Contribution Room

Starting at 18 you get a certain amount of contribution room.

According to the CRA:
You will accumulate TFSA contribution room for each year even if you do not file an Income Tax and Benefit Return or open a TFSA.
The annual TFSA dollar limit for the years 2009 to 2012 was $5,000.
The annual TFSA dollar limit for the years 2013 and 2014 was $5,500.
The annual TFSA dollar limit for the year 2015 was $10,000.
The annual TFSA dollar limit for the years 2016 to 2018 was $5,500.
The annual TFSA dollar limit for the year 2019 is $6,000.
The TFSA annual room limit will be indexed to inflation and rounded to the nearest $500.
Investment income earned by, and changes in the value of TFSA investments will not affect your TFSA contribution room for the current or future years.
If you don't use the room, it accumulates indefinitely.

Trades you make in a TFSA are truly tax free. But you cannot claim the dividend tax credit and you cannot claim losses in a TFSA against capital gains whether inside or outside of the TFSA. So do make money and don't lose money in a TFSA. You are stuck with the 15% withholding tax on U.S. dividend distributions unlike the RRSP, due to U.S. tax rules, but you do not pay any capital gains on sale of U.S. shares.

You can withdraw *both* contributions *and* capital gains, no matter how much, at any time, without penalty. The amount of the withdrawal (contributions+gains) converts into contribution room in the *next* calendar year. So if you put the withdrawn funds back in the same calendar year you take them out, that burns up your total accumulated contribution room to the extent of the amount that you re-contribute in the same calendar year.


E.g. Say you turned 18 in 2016 in Alberta where the age of majority is 18. It is now sometime in 2020. You have never contributed to a TFSA. You now have $5,500+$5,500+$5,500+$6,000+$6,000 = $28,500 of room in 2020. In 2020 you manage to put $20,000 in to your TFSA and you buy Canadian Megacorp common shares. You now have $8,500 of room remaining in 2020.

Sometime in 2021 - it doesn't matter when in 2021 - your shares go to $100K due to the success of the Canadian Megacorp. You also have $6,000 worth of room for 2021 as set by the government. You therefore have $8,500 carried over from 2020+$6,000 = $14,500 of room in 2021.

In 2021 you sell the shares and pull out the $100K. This amount is tax-free and does not even have to be reported. You can do whatever you want with it.

But: if you put it back in 2021 you will over-contribute by $100,000 - $14,500 = $85,500 and incur a penalty.

But if you wait until 2022 you will have $14,500 unused contribution room carried forward from 2021, another $6,000 for 2022, and $100,000 carried forward from the withdrawal 2021, so in 2022 you will have $14,500+$6,000+$100,000 = $120,500 of contribution room.

This means that if you choose, you can put the $100,000 back in in 2022 tax-free and still have $20,500 left over. If you do not put the money back in 2021, then in 2022 you will have $120,500+$6,000 = $126,500 of contribution room.

There is no age limit on how old you can be to contribute, no limit on how much money you can make in the TFSA, and if you do not use the room it keeps carrying forward forever.

Just remember the following formula:

This year's contribution room = (A) unused contribution room carried forward from last year + (B) contribution room provided by the government for this year + (C) total withdrawals from last year.


Say in 2020 you never contributed to a TFSA but you were 18 in 2009.
You have $69,500 of unused room (see above) in 2020 which accumulated from 2009-2020.
In 2020 you contribute $50,000, leaving $19,500 contribution room unused for 2020. You buy $50,000 worth of stock. The next day, also in 2020, the stock doubles and it's worth $100,000. Also in 2020 you sell the stock and withdraw $100,000, tax-free.

You continue to trade stocks within your TFSA, and hopefully grow your TFSA in 2020, but you make no further contributions or withdrawals in 2020.

The question is, How much room will you have in 2021?
Answer: In the year 2021, the following applies:
(A) Unused contribution room carried forward from last year, 2020: $19,500
(B) Contribution room provided by government for this year, 2021: $6,000
(C) Total withdrawals from last year, 2020: $100,000

Total contribution room for 2021 = $19,500+6,000+100,000 = $125,500.

Say between 2020 and 2021 you decided to buy a tax-free car (well you're still stuck with the GST/PST/HST/QST but you get the picture) so you went to the dealer and spent $25,000 of the $100,000 you withdrew in 2020. You now have a car and $75,000 still burning a hole in your pocket. Say in early 2021 you re-contribute the $75,000 you still have left over, to your TFSA. However, in mid-2021 you suddenly need $75,000 because of an emergency so you pull the $75,000 back out. But then a few weeks later, it turns out that for whatever reason you don't need it after all so you decide to put the $75,000 back into the TFSA, also in 2021. You continue to trade inside your TFSA but make no further withdrawals or contributions.

How much room will you have in 2022?
Answer: In the year 2022, the following applies:

(A) Unused contribution room carried forward from last year, 2021: $125,500 - $75,000 - $75,000 = -$24,500.

Already you have a problem. You have over-contributed in 2021. You will be assessed a penalty on the over-contribution! (penalty = 1% a month).

But if you waited until 2022 to re-contribute the $75,000 you pulled out for the emergency.....

In the year 2022, the following would apply:
(A) Unused contribution room carried forward from last year, 2021: $125,500 -$75,000 =$50,500.
(B) Contribution room provided by government for this year, 2022: $6,000
(C) Total withdrawals from last year, 2020: $75,000

Total contribution room for 2022 = $50,500 + $6,000 + $75,000 = $131,500. that $75,000 that was left over from your 2021 emergency that didn't materialize, you still have $131,500-$75,000 = $56,500 of contribution room left in 2022.

For a more comprehensive discussion, please see the CRA info link below.

FAQs That Have Arisen in the Discussion and Other Potential Questions:

  1. Equity and ETF/ETN Options in a TFSA: can I get leverage? Yes. You can buy puts and calls in your TFSA and you only need to have the cash to pay the premium and broker commissions. Example: if XYZ is trading at $70, and you want to buy the $90 call with 6 months to expiration, and the call is trading at $2.50, you only need to have $250 in your account, per option contract, and if you are dealing with BMO IL for example you need $9.95 + $1.25/contract which is what they charge in commission. Of course, any profits on closing your position are tax-free. You only need the full value of the strike in your account if you want to exercise your option instead of selling it. Please note: this is not meant to be an options tutorial; see the Montreal Exchange's Equity Options Reference Manual if you have questions on how options work.
  2. Equity and ETF/ETN Options in a TFSA: what is ok and not ok? Long puts and calls are allowed. Covered calls are allowed, but cash-secured puts are not allowed. All other option trades are also not allowed. Basically the rule is, if the trade is not a covered call and it either requires being short an option or short the stock, you can't do it in a TFSA.
  3. Live in a province where the voting age is 19 so I can't open a TFSA until I'm 19, when does my contribution room begin? Your contribution room begins to accumulate at 18, so if you live in province where the age of majority is 19, you'll get the room carried forward from the year you turned 18.
  4. If I turn 18 on December 31, do I get the contribution room just for that day or for the whole year? The whole year.
  5. Do commissions paid on share transactions count as withdrawals? Unfortunately, no. If you contribute $2,000 cash and you buy $1,975 worth of stock and pay $25 in commission, the $25 does not count as a withdrawal. It is the same as if you lost money in the TFSA.
  6. How much room do I have? If your broker records are complete, you can do a spreadsheet. The other thing you can do is call the CRA and they will tell you.
  7. TFSATFSA direct transfer from one institution to another: this has no impact on your contributions or withdrawals as it counts as neither.
  8. More than 1 TFSA: you can have as many as you want but your total contribution room does not increase or decrease depending on how many accounts you have.
  9. Withdrawals that convert into contribution room in the next year. Do they carry forward indefinitely if not used in the next year? Answer :yes.
  10. Do I have to declare my profits, withdrawals and contributions? No. Your bank or broker interfaces directly with the CRA on this. There are no declarations to make.
  11. Risky investments - smart? In a TFSA you want always to make money, because you pay no tax, and you want never to lose money, because you cannot claim the loss against your income from your job. If in year X you have $5,000 of contribution room and put it into a TFSA and buy Canadian Speculative Corp. and due to the failure of the Canadian Speculative Corp. it goes to zero, two things happen. One, you burn up that contribution room and you have to wait until next year for the government to give you more room. Two, you can't claim the $5,000 loss against your employment income or investment income or capital gains like you could in a non-registered account. So remember Buffett's rule #1: Do not lose money. Rule #2 being don't forget the first rule. TFSA's are absolutely tailor-made for Graham-Buffett value investing or for diversified ETF or mutual fund investing, but you don't want to buy a lot of small specs because you don't get the tax loss.
  12. Moving to/from Canada/residency. You must be a resident of Canada and 18 years old with a valid SIN to open a TFSA. Consult your tax advisor on whether your circumstances make you a resident for tax purposes. Since 2009, your TFSA contribution room accumulates every year, if at any time in the calendar year you are 18 years of age or older and a resident of Canada. Note: If you move to another country, you can STILL trade your TFSA online from your other country and keep making money within the account tax-free. You can withdraw money and Canada will not tax you. But you have to get tax advice in your country as to what they do. There restrictions on contributions for non-residents. See "non residents of Canada:"
  13. The U.S. withholding tax. Dividends paid by U.S.-domiciled companies are subject to a 15% U.S. withholding tax. Your broker does this automatically at the time of the dividend payment. So if your stock pays a $100 USD dividend, you only get $85 USD in your broker account and in your statement the broker will have a note saying 15% U.S. withholding tax. I do not know under what circumstances if any it is possible to get the withheld amount. Normally it is not, but consult a tax professional.
  14. The U.S. withholding tax does not apply to capital gains. So if you buy $5,000 USD worth of Apple and sell it for $7,000 USD, you get the full $2,000 USD gain automatically.
  15. Tax-Free Leverage. Leverage in the TFSA is effectively equal to your tax rate * the capital gains inclusion rate because you're not paying tax. So if you're paying 25% on average in income tax, and the capital gains contribution rate is 50%, the TFSA is like having 12.5%, no margin call leverage costing you 0% and that also doesn't magnify your losses.
  16. Margin accounts. These accounts allow you to borrow money from your broker to buy stocks. TFSAs are not margin accounts. Nothing stopping you from borrowing from other sources (such as borrowing cash against your stocks in an actual margin account, or borrowing cash against your house in a HELOC or borrowing cash against your promise to pay it back as in a personal LOC) to fund a TFSA if that is your decision, bearing in mind the risks, but a TFSA is not a margin account. Consider options if you want leverage that you can use in a TFSA, without borrowing money.
  17. Dividend Tax Credit on Canadian Companies. Remember, dividends paid into the TFSA are not eligible to be claimed for the credit, on the rationale that you already got a tax break.
  18. FX risk. The CRA allows you to contribute and withdraw foreign currency from the TFSA but the contribution/withdrawal accounting is done in CAD. So if you contribute $10,000 USD into your TFSA and withdraw $15,000 USD, and the CAD is trading at 70 cents USD when you contribute and $80 cents USD when you withdraw, the CRA will treat it as if you contributed $14,285.71 CAD and withdrew $18,75.00 CAD.
  19. OTC (over-the-counter stocks). You can only buy stocks if they are listed on an approved exchange ("approved exchange" = TSX, TSX-V, NYSE, NASDAQ and about 25 or so others). The U.S. pink sheets "over-the-counter" market is an example of a place where you can buy stocks, that is not an approved exchange, therefore you can't buy these penny stocks. I have however read that the CRA make an exception for a stock traded over the counter if it has a dual listing on an approved exchange. You should check that with a tax lawyer or accountant though.
  20. The RRSP. This is another great tax shelter. Tax shelters in Canada are either deferrals or in a few cases - such as the TFSA - outright tax breaks, The RRSP is an example of a deferral. The RRSP allows you to deduct your contributions from your income, which the TFSA does not allow. This deduction is a huge advantage if you earn a lot of money. The RRSP has tax consequences for withdrawing money whereas the TFSA does not. Withdrawals from the RRSP are taxable whereas they are obviously not in a TFSA. You probably want to start out with a TFSA and maintain and grow that all your life. It is a good idea to start contributing to an RRSP when you start working because you get the tax deduction, and then you can use the amount of the deduction to contribute to your TFSA. There are certain rules that claw back your annual contribution room into an RRSP if you contribute to a pension. See your tax advisor.
  21. Pensions. If I contribute to a pension does that claw back my TFSA contribution room or otherwise affect my TFSA in any way? Answer: No.
  22. The $10K contribution limit for 2015. This was PM Harper's pledge. In 2015 the Conservative government changed the rules to make the annual government allowance $10,000 per year forever. Note: withdrawals still converted into contribution room in the following year - that did not change. When the Liberals came into power they switched the program back for 2016 to the original Harper rules and have kept the original Harper rules since then. That is why there is the $10,000 anomaly of 2015. The original Harper rules (which, again, are in effect now) called for $500 increments to the annual government allowance as and when required to keep up with inflation, based on the BofC's Consumer Price Index (CPI). Under the new Harper rules, it would have been $10,000 flat forever. Which you prefer depends on your politics but the TFSA program is massively popular with Canadians. Assuming 1.6% annual CPI inflation then the annual contribution room will hit $10,000 in 2052 under the present rules. Note: the Bank of Canada does an excellent and informative job of explaining inflation and the CPI at their website.
  23. Losses in a TFSA - you cannot claim a loss in a TFSA against income. So in a TFSA you always want to make money and never want to lose money. A few ppl here have asked if you are losing money on your position in a TFSA can you transfer it in-kind to a cash account and claim the loss. I would expect no as I cannot see how in view of the fact that TFSA losses can't be claimed, that the adjusted cost base would somehow be the cost paid in the TFSA. But I'm not a tax lawyeaccountant. You should consult a tax professional.
  24. Transfers in-kind to the TFSA and the the superficial loss rule. You can transfer securities (shares etc.) "in-kind," meaning, directly, from an unregistered account to the TFSA. If you do that, the CRA considers that you "disposed" of, meaning, equivalent to having sold, the shares in the unregistered account and then re-purchased them at the same price in the TFSA. The CRA considers that you did this even though the broker transfers the shares directly in the the TFSA. The superficial loss rule, which means that you cannot claim a loss for a security re-purchased within 30 days of sale, applies. So if you buy something for $20 in your unregistered account, and it's trading for $25 when you transfer it in-kind into the TFSA, then you have a deemed disposition with a capital gain of $5. But it doesn't work the other way around due to the superficial loss rule. If you buy it for $20 in the unregistered account, and it's trading at $15 when you transfer it in-kind into the TFSA, the superficial loss rule prevents you from claiming the loss because it is treated as having been sold in the unregistered account and immediately bought back in the TFSA.
  25. Day trading/swing trading. It is possible for the CRA to try to tax your TFSA on the basis of "advantage." The one reported decision I'm aware of (emphasis on I'm aware of) is from B.C. where a woman was doing "swap transactions" in her TFSA which were not explicitly disallowed but the court rules that they were an "advantage" in certain years and liable to taxation. Swaps were subsequently banned. I'm not sure what a swap is exactly but it's not that someone who is simply making contributions according to the above rules would run afoul of. The CRA from what I understand doesn't care how much money you make in the TFSA, they care how you made it. So if you're logged on to your broker 40 hours a week and trading all day every day they might take the position that you found a way to work a job 40 hours a week and not pay any tax on the money you make, which they would argue is an "advantage," although there are arguments against that. This is not legal advice, just information.
  26. The U.S. Roth IRA. This is a U.S. retirement savings tax shelter that is superficially similar to the TFSA but it has a number of limitations, including lack of cumulative contribution room, no ability for withdrawals to convert into contribution room in the following year, complex rules on who is eligible to contribute, limits on how much you can invest based on your income, income cutoffs on whether you can even use the Roth IRA at all, age limits that govern when and to what extent you can use it, and strict restrictions on reasons to withdraw funds prior to retirement (withdrawals prior to retirement can only be used to pay for private medical insurance, unpaid medical bills, adoption/childbirth expenses, certain educational expenses). The TFSA is totally unlike the Roth IRA in that it has none of these restrictions, therefore, the Roth IRA is not in any reasonable sense a valid comparison. The TFSA was modeled after the U.K. Investment Savings Account, which is the only comparable program to the TFSA.
  27. The UK Investment Savings Account. This is what the TFSA was based off of. Main difference is that the UK uses a 20,000 pound annual contribution allowance, use-it-or-lose-it. There are several different flavours of ISA, and some do have a limited recontribution feature but not to the extent of the TFSA.
  28. Is it smart to overcontribute to buy a really hot stock and just pay the 1% a month overcontribution penalty? If the CRA believes you made the overcontribution deliberately the penalty is 100% of the gains on the overcontribution, meaning, you can keep the overcontribution, or the loss, but the CRA takes the profit.
  29. Speculative stocks-- are they ok? There is no such thing as a "speculative stock." That term is not used by the CRA. Either the stock trades on an approved exchange or it doesn't. So if a really blue chip stock, the most stable company in the world, trades on an exchange that is not approved, you can't buy it in a TFSA. If a really speculative gold mining stock in Busang, Indonesia that has gone through the roof due to reports of enormous amounts of gold, but their geologist somehow just mysteriously fell out of a helicopter into the jungle and maybe there's no gold there at all, but it trades on an approved exchange, it is fine to buy it in a TFSA. Of course the risk of whether it turns out to be a good investment or not, is on you.
Remember, you're working for your money anyway, so if you can get free money from the government -- you should take it! Follow the rules because Canadians have ended up with a tax bill for not understanding the TFSA rules.
Appreciate the feedback everyone. Glad this basic post has been useful for many. The CRA does a good job of explaining TFSAs in detail at

Unrelated but of Interest: The Margin Account

Note: if you are interested in how margin accounts work, I refer you to my post on margin accounts, where I use a straightforward explanation of the math behind margin accounts to try and give readers the confidence that they understand this powerful leveraging tool.

How Margin Loans Work - a Primer

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The next XVG? Microcap 100x potential actually supported by fundamentals!

What’s up team? I have a hot one for you. XVG returned 12 million percent in 2017 and this one reminds me a lot of it. Here’s why:
Mimblewimble is like Blu-Ray compared to CD-ROM in terms of its ability to compress data on a blockchain. The current BTC chain is 277gb and its capacity is limited because every time you spend a coin, each node needs to validate its history back to when it was mined (this is how double spending is prevented). Mimblewimble is different - all transactions in a block are aggregated and netted out in one giant CoinJoin, and only the current spending needs to be verified. This means that dramatically more transactions can fit into a smaller space, increasing throughput and lowering fees while still retaining the full proof of work game theory of Bitcoin. These blockchains are small enough to run a full node on a cheap smartphone, which enhances the decentralization and censorship resistance of the network.
The biggest benefit, though, is that all transactions are private - the blockchain doesn’t reveal amounts or addresses except to the actual wallet owner. Unlike earlier decoy-based approaches that bloat the chain and can still be data mined (XMR), Mimblewimble leaves no trace in the blockchain, instead storing only the present state of coin ownership.
The first two Mimblewimble coins, Grin and Beam, launched to great fanfare in 2019, quickly reaching over $100m in market cap (since settled down to $22m and $26m respectively). They are good projects but grin has infinite supply and huge never-decreasing emission, and Beam is a corporate moneygrab whose founding investors are counting on you buying for their ROI.
ZEC is valued at $568m today, despite the facts that only 1% of transactions are actually shielded, it has a trusted setup, and generating a confidential transaction takes ~60 seconds on a powerful PC. XMR is a great project but it’s valued at $1.2b (so no 100x) and it uses CryptoNote, which is 2014 tech that relies on a decoy-based approach that could be vulnerable to more powerful computers in the future. Mimblewimble is just a better way to approach privacy because there is simply no data recorded in the blockchain for companies to surveil.
Privacy is not just for darknet markets, porn, money launderers and terrorists. In many countries it’s dangerous to be wealthy, and there are all kinds of problems with having your spending data be out there publicly and permanently for all to see. Namely, companies like Amazon are patenting approaches to identify people with their crypto addresses, “for law enforcement” but also so that, just like credit cards, your spending data can be used to target ads. (A) Coinbase is selling user data to the DEA, IRS, FBI, Secret Service, and who knows who else? (B) What about insurance companies raising your premiums or canceling your policy because they see you buying (legal) cannabis? If your business operates using transparent cryptocurrency, competitors can data mine your customer and supply chain data, and employees can see how much everyone else gets paid. I could go on, but the idea of “I have nothing to hide, so what do I care about privacy?” will increasingly ring hollow as people realize that this money printing will have to be paid by massive tax increases AND that those taxes will be directly debited from their “Central Bank Digital Currency” wallets.
100% privacy for all transactions also eliminates one HUGE problem that people aren’t aware of yet, but they will be: fungibility. Fungibility means that each coin is indistinguishable from any other, just like paper cash. Why is this important? Because of the ever-expanding reach of AML/KYC/KYT (Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer / Know Your Transaction) as regulators cramp down on crypto and banks take over, increasingly coins become “tainted” in various ways. For example, if you withdraw coins to a mixing service like Wasabi or Samourai, you may find your account blocked. (C) The next obvious step is that if you receive coins that these chainalysis services don’t like for whatever reason, you will be completely innocent yet forced to prove that you didn’t know that the coins you bought were up to no good in a past life. 3 days ago, $100k of USDC was frozen. (D) Even smaller coins like LTC now have this problem, because “Chinese Drug Kingpins” used them. (E) I believe that censorable money that can be blocked/frozen isn’t really “your money”.
Epic Cash is a 100% volunteer community project (like XVG and XMR) that had a fair launch in September last year with no ICO and no premine. There are very few projects like this, and it’s a key ingredient in Verge’s success (still at $110m market cap today despite being down 97% since the bubble peak) and why it’s still around. It has a small but super passionate community of “Freemen” who are united by a belief in the sound money economics of Bitcoin Standard emission (21m supply limit and ever-decreasing inflation) and the importance of privacy.
I am super bullish on this coin for the following reasons:
Because it doesn’t have a huge marketing budget in a sea of VC-funded shitcoins, it is as-yet undiscovered, which is why it’s so cheap. There are only 4 Mimblewimble-based currencies on the market: MWC at $162m, BEAM at $26m, GRIN at $22m, and EPIC at $0.4m. This is not financial advice and as always, do your own research, but I’ve been buying this gem for months and will continue to.
This one ticks all the boxes for me, the only real problem is that it’s hard to buy much without causing a huge green candle. Alt season is coming, and coins like this are how your neighbor Chad got his Lambo back in 2017. For 2021, McLaren is a better choice and be sure to pay cash so that it doesn’t get repossessed like Chad!
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E
  6. F
  7. G
  8. H
  9. I
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With Bitcoin Suddenly Surging, Canaan Stock Is Also Going Up Today

With Bitcoin Suddenly Surging, Canaan Stock Is Also Going Up Today

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You do not would like any expertise to trade with the Bitcoin Trader app. We tend to are ninety nine.99percent automatic, that means that live trading involves terribly little manual input. Moreover, we tend to offer comprehensive guides and tutorials to help users set up a live trading account.
ognized by the US Trading Association as the foremost profitable crypto robot in 20twenty. Whereas results rely on market conditions, a number of our traders have seen profits of more than four
What is the minimum deposit withBitcoin freedom
You'll be able to trade with us by depositing just $250. The additional you deposit, the more earning potential you have in a very single day. However, we have a tendency to encourage our users to begi
We have a tendency to are tested and verified by prime trading review sites. Our trading platform is cutting-edge. Moreover, we have a tendency to operate in collaboration with highly reputable brokers. We have a tendency to work absolutely transparently and publish all the data that users need to get started with our trading robot
The Bitcoin Trader trading platform is internet-based mostly and accessible through all major browsers on desktop and mobile. You can also install an HTML5 version of our net-trader on any mobile device. We tend to are coming up with to release native apps for Android and iOS by the top of the year.
Bitcoin Trader is a trading robot powered by cutting-edge AI technology. We have a tendency to have a possible daily return on investment of up to four hundredp.c. We have a tendency to have over five thousand reviews on TrustPilot, and at least 90percent of our reviewers are happy with our platformn
Are there hidden fees with Bitcoin Trader?
Our fees are fully transparent. You can download a listing of trading fees from the platform’s management dashboard. We have a tendency to only charge a little commission on profits earned through our trading robot
We have a tendency to settle for registrations from over a hundred thirty countries across the world. Most of our purchasers are from the UK, the US, some elements of Africa, and Asia. We have a tendency to are on the market in your country if you can access our Bitcoin Trader website while not employing a VPN.

We aim to assist normal people reap important returns from cryptocurrency trading. With us, you get exposure to over forty five Bitcoin contracts for variations (CFDs). Common crypto pairs you'll trade with us embrace BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, BTC/EUR, and BTC/XRP.

1) Register: Registering with the Bitcoin Trader app is straightforward. Scroll to the high of this page and submit the specified details through the registration kind.

We require users to verify your phone range and email, since this is often what you'll use for multi-factor authentication. Yet, our partner brokers verify the identity of all users per regulators’ understand your customer (KYC) requirements.

a pair of) eposit: You wish to deposit a minimum of $250 US to trade with the Bitcoin Trader software. We tend to depend on our partner brokers to facilitate transactions, and all of our partners are absolutely regulated by government authorities. With regulated brokers, you'll rest simple knowing that your funds are safe.
You'll fund your account through wire transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union, FasaPay, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, WebMoney, and Skrill.

three) Trading Education and Demo: We have a tendency to are an auto-trading robot, however we have a tendency to do enable our users some level of management, especially when it comes to risk management. Consequently, our Bitcoin Trader official website encourages you to travel through our trading education section to familiarize yourself with the chance management process.
Our highly intuitive demo platform ought to additionally facilitate your observe trading with the robot before you begin trading during a live account Bitcoin Freedom

The platform needs that you just define the trading conditions for the robot and activate the live trading session button. We have a tendency to encourage you to depart the robot running throughout the day within the background. You'll be able to let it run unmonitored for up to eight hour
We tend to have recently been nominated as the most profitable robot for BTC trading in 20twenty. Moreover, we are one of the trading robots that has been extensively covered by mainstream media. Bitcoin Trader has thousands of reviews on client feedback platforms
Bitcoin Trader was one amongst the primary robots to use high-frequency trading techniques to BTC trading. The robot was founded in 2015, nearly two years before the crypto boom in 2017.
Bitcoin Trader uses AI and ML to create sense of big knowledge, which allows it to trade with high accuracy.
Our trading platform became an on-line sensation in mid-2017, and it has maintained its popularity since then. Bitcoin Trader is the simplest possibility for many beginner and experienced traders.
Bitcoin Trader allows you to earn a daily profit of up to $1,00zero by investing simply $250. That’s a potential return on investment of up to four hundredpercent.
Do celebrities recommend the Bitcoin trader software?
We tend to are highly widespread and hence a prime target for celebrity gossip. There are viral rumours that we have a tendency to have been endorsed by Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos.

Elon Musk – The founder of SpaceX has invested in Bitcoin and expressed interest in artificial intelligence, however he has not invested employing a trading robot.
Richard Brandson – Branson is another celebrity alleged to own invested using Bitcoin Trader. While it's true that he loves Bitcoin and blockchain technology, he hasn’t endorsed any trading robot.
Jezz Bezos – Bezos is also a big fan of emerging technologies, however he hasn’t shown any interest in BTC trading through revolutionary robots like Bitcoin Trader.

You ought to never build an investment decision based mostly on whether or not a star has endorsed or invested in it. Bitcoin Trader has been tested and licensed by specialists.

The verdict about Bitcoin Trader
We tend to are a prime-rated crypto trading robot with nice reviews on sites like TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy. Moreover, we have been recognized as legit and profitable by authoritative bodies like the US Trading Association.

We have a tendency to are always striving to offer the most effective to our users by regularly improving our trading platform. Our team of experts analyzes feedback from users to work out what features will create a a lot of seamless trading experience. We tend to operate in complete transparency, having partnered with some of the world’s most reputable brokers.

Our platforms are encrypted to shield you from hackers. Furthermore, we tend to also adhere to information privacy measures, like the General Information Protection Regulation (GDPR). Try out Bitcoin Trader currently through the link at the high right corner of this page.
perior over different cryptocurrencies?
PRESS RELEASEWhy is Bitcoin superior over different cryptocurrencies?Akshay KSPublished a pair of weeks agoon August 12, 2020By Akshay KS
Source: Pixabay
During this technical world, bitcoin is the foremost used digital currency all over the world. However the main question then arises within the minds of the many folks is why bitcoin is considered the foremost superior over other cryptocurrenc Bitcoin Freedom
Bitcoin is that the one method of creating transactions daily as alternative currencies. But it's its options and uniqueness that make it superior. Bitcoin and different currencies are based mostly on the cryptographic algorithms or mathematics that are encrypted, with that the user becomes the owner of the currency. Bitcoin currencies are easily accessible at Bitcoin ATM and online exchange
The main feature of the bitcoin, which makes it superior is that it is the safest option for digital transactions. These will be used for on-line searching and transfer of money too.
There are many alternative blessings to using bitcoin. A number of them are mentioned below
Decentralized and digital
Bitcoin offers the freedom of exchanging the price without representatives that proves helpful in controlling the lower fees and high funds. Bitcoin is that the faster method of transaction than others. It is secure as it is free from theft and frauds and is constant. The main advantage is that bitcoin has its homeowners whereas the bank controls the money.
Makes online looking
Normally, bitcoin will be used for on-line shopping too. Bitcoin is the opposite face of e-wallet, that is created by blockchain technology that is used to store money and will easily pay everywhere digitally. For this reason, it also makes your searching easy by which you'll be able to look from your home solely

Bitcoin is accepted globally at each corner of the planet, which makes it less volatile than local currencies or cash. This feature makes it superior because it enables us to form transactions on-line and across the boundaries
Bitcoin unable the means of tracking cash
Bitcoin is created by blockchain technology. Blockchain is the sole technology which will either make it or break it. There are many computers which are used to keep up a permanent record of each bitcoin transactions with the help of cryptographic technique. In this approach, it becomes a lot of valuable together with the tracking of the payment. At the same time, there's no method of tracking the cash

While not any transformation method, it will be used over the entire world. It provides the simplest platform for the investment as it is free from the restrictions of governments or banks. It provides an open market and combines the simplest of gold and money.

Bitcoin provides the power to access the balance of the users with a password which is named a personal key. It additionally permits the exchange of values through the web without any middle person. Thus, bitcoin becomes safer, stuffed with privacy, and open to everyone
Unlike cash, it is not possible to form the duplicate quite bitcoin that makes it more efficient. It's protected with the technology of blockchain. Even if anyone tries to form a replica of bitcoin to use it, then the system will automatically reject it as the system recognize it as unknown

Bitcoin Freedom failed to allow two persons to transact on the one price. Once the bitcoin is transferred, its possession is also transferred. So this is the simple approach of maintaining records for any tax functions. It conjointly makes it a easy and healthier metho

Bitcoin is the foremost reliable manner of online transactions. Many questions arise in folks’s minds that are solved on websites like bitcoin revolution. One in all them was the above-mentioned question. Bitcoin provides many facilities, and it comes with more and a lot of blessings which makes it distinctive and special over different cryptocurrencies. It can be preferred as the simplest digital platform for transac

Disclaimer: AMBCrypto US and UK Market's content is informational in nature and is not meant to be investment advice. Buying, trading or selling crypto-currencies ought to be considered a high-risk investment and every reader is advised to do their due diligence before making any decisions.
People, businesses, and developers: get the support you would like with our straightforward

Browse the FAQ'sn news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the very best journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

Sign up with Bitcoin Trader nowadays to start out earning potentially thousands of greenbacks in profits daily from an initial investment of just $250. We tend to are a high-rated automated trading robot that's accessible and easy for all to use. By trading with Bitcoin Trader, you'll start generating a lot of investment income than ever beforeBitcoin Freedom

“After simply some months trading with Bitcoin Trader, I’ve made a lot of than $ten,00zero and finally understand what it’s like to measure the dream. I’m saving up my profits to quit my job and spend a year traveling.”

“I’ve been a member of Bitcoin Trader for only 47 days. But my life has already modified! Not solely have I created my 1st $1,000, however I’ve also met a number of the most incredible folks in the process. Thanks, Bitcoin Trader!”

“I used to speculate on my own, but now that I’ve used Bitcoin Trader I would never return to my recent broker. Bitcoin Trader takes manner less work and that i’ve already created thousands of greenbacks in profits in simply a few months.
“Two weeks ago, I got laid off. With no choices left, I thought my life was over. Now I’m making a lot of cash than I made at my job every and each day. Thanks, Bitcoin Trader!”

With the Bitcoin Trader software, you can probably build up to $one,500 daily from a deposit of $250. We tend to are powered by artificial intelligence technology to confirm that you just get a win rate of more than 98p.c under the right market conditions. The US Trading Association has nominated our Bitcoin Trader as the most profitable crypto trading robot on the market.
We have invested in the globe’s best trading technologies. These include the factitious intelligence subsets of natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning. Bitcin Trader depends on these technologies to derive insights from huge data and market news.
The Bitcoin Trader app has won nearly fifteen coveted awards since launching in 2016. These include the most Profitable Robot 2020 award by the American Trading Association, the simplest Robot in Trading Technologies 2019 award, and the most Profitable Crypto Robot in 2018 Award. We have a tendency to price our customers and are contin
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Defi Coins List In Detail

A Detail List Of Defi Coin












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KuCoin Tutorial: How To Buy Crypto via Your Local Currencies?

KuCoin Tutorial: How To Buy Crypto via Your Local Currencies?
KuCoin now supports multiple channels to purchase crypto with local currencies, including P2P Fiat Trade and Buy With Credit Card.
Today, the KuCoin Blog will tell you how to use your local currencies to purchase crypto easily and quickly.
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Online Run Archives?

Hey, everybody! First time poster, long time lurker.
Obligatory praises: StS has completely replaced my needs for shaving, heroin, and basic human interaction. This has saved me a ton of money! So, thank you!
In my day-to-day job, I'm an ersatz data scientist. What I've discovered is that my run files are chock full of really cool information that I've been using as a sort of dummy data when prototyping charts for less fun data.
My runs are numerous enough that they're generally effective for data averaging. What I'm curious about is, is there an online archive of people's run files? I've been looking around but my Google and Kaggle skills haven't really found much.
If there isn't an archive, would there be interest in having one? I'm a backend developer by trade and can throw together a simple uploader and data indexer. My general idea was to have it free (read: ad-free) and anonymous with the data available to whomever wants to download it. At some point I'd also plan on customizing the output to be friendlier for machine learning tool-chains and to provide customized output options for en masse downloads. I'd also be happy to put together some basic tutorials on how to access and sync run data from jailbroken iOS devices.
My caveat here is that once the storage and bandwidth limits start getting nutty (~1TiB for storage and 1TB for transfer, which is my cloud provider's maximum without bumping up to the crazy tiers) I may start pleading for crypto-currency, Patreon subscriptions, and, of course, to Bludgeon that 'like' button. Also useful would be any frontend folks that would be interesting in making the site look less like a 7th grader's first foray into HTML-land.
TLDR: How receptive would the community be with sharing their run files to the world at large in exchange for access to those from other like-minded individuals?
Edit: Phrasing (boom!)
View Poll
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#KuCoin ahora admite múltiples canales para comprar #crypto con monedas locales, incluidos P2P Fiat Trade y Buy With Credit Card.

KuCoin ahora admite múltiples canales para comprar #crypto con monedas locales, incluidos P2P Fiat Trade y Buy With Credit Card.

Hoy, el Blog KuCoin le dirá cómo usar sus monedas locales para comprar criptografía de manera fácil y rápida.
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Free cryptocurrency method

Follow this tutorial and you will start to see your first $$$ by tomorrow, you will get paid every 24 hours , you either withdraw everyday or you will use the method that I will show you below, to make more and more profits!
We are going to be using a method called compounding. The Steps are simple: The first step is to register on the KuCoin Exchange.
Use the referral link because you will be converting your deposited cryptocurrency to another currency called KCS, owned by KuCoin.
You get a small fee as bonus when you use my referral link, which you can use for transaction fees, resulting in 0% loss from your side ( so we both have a profit ) Referral Link:
Next, you need to deposit some BTC, ETH, LTC or other cryptos to the trading account in your KuCoin Account. With that, purchase KuCoin Shares. Transfer the coins from Trading to Main Account and that’s it! To check KuCoin earnings, log into your KuCoin account and click on Assets in the menu. Then click on My Bonus/KuCoin Bonus and then you’ll be able to see your bonus payouts. Please note that the first day you won’t get anything, but check back the next day and you will see your first payout. Also, you should claim bonuses every day, so that you can earn compound interest!
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[Giveaway] Sources, tweaks, apps compatible for iOS 6.1.3 ☮

Hello visitor,
This is a big list still in the process that took me a year to get and that contains Cydia tweaks, sources, and compatible apps for the best iOS version ever released (to me), iOS 6 (.1.3) for july 2020. Playing with them has been a beautiful gift developers made to the jailbreak community (thank you for your time and creativity), so in the name of open source, enjoy those that are still possible to download, and thank the cool guys and girls for having developed those that you like. Am sure u're gonna like it. Also some tweaks and apps are free, other are paid.
Peace & Love, Supertramp, Fantastic Planet ~
(remove the spaces)
(old) Repository http://apt.z
7bubbl3s repo http://7bub
AppCake http://cydia.ipho
BigBoss http://apt.thebigb
Cydia/Telesphoreo http://apt.saurik.c om/dists/ios/793.00
HackYouriPhone http://repo.ha
Heaven iPhone http://cydia.heav
julioverne's Repo http://julioverne.gith
Limneos Repo http://lim
ModMyi (Archive) http://apt.mod
Momentum-Dev Repo http://mtmd
tyler's repo http://repo.tyl
ZodTTD & MacCiti (Archive) http://cydia.zodt
2x2 Folder Icons - 1.0-1 3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7 & 6) - 5.7.3-1 7-zip (POSIX) - 4.57-3p Action Menu - 1.4.1 Activate Command - 1.4.2-1 Activator - 1.9.13 ADDO - 1.3-3 aDownloader - 1.2 adv-cmds - 119-6 Air Lockscreen - 1.1 Airscan - 1.2 AnimateBattery - 0.1-1 Anonymous Logos for Zeppelin - 1.0.1 AppCake for iOS6 - 4.59 AppCake+ HD - 3.96 AppInfo - 1.6.2 (List made possible thanks to this app) AppList - 1.5.16 Applocker - 2.5-1 AppSync for iOS 6 - 1.1 AppSync Unified - 80.0 APR - 1.3.3-4 APR (/uslib) - 1.3.3-2 APR-util - 1.2.12-5 APT 0.6 Transitional - 1:0-23 APT 0.7 (apt-key) - APT 0.7 Strict - APT 0.7 Strict (lib) - Audio Recorder - 0.7-47 Auxo - 1.4.2 ayecon - 1.3.5 Barrel - Bars - 0.7.0 Base Structure - 1-4 basic-cmds - 48-2p Batch/Bash Script Editor - 2.5.3 BatteryDoctorPro - 4.6.1-11 Berkeley DB - 4.6.21-5 BetterWiFi - 1.0.1 BgVideo - 1.0-1 Bicycle Joker Logo for Zeppelin - 1.0 BigBoss Icon Set - 1.0 BigBoss Recommended Tools - 1.3.2-2 Bigify - 1.7 biteSMS 8 - 8.3 Bluetooth Companion - 1.9.3 Bootstrap Commands - 60-3p Bourne-Again SHell - 4.0.17-13 Box2D - 2.3.0-1 BrowserChooser - 1.0.6 BytaFont - 1.8 bzip2 - 1.0.5-7 CameraTweak - 0.20 Canopy - 0.2.0-48 Celeste 2 (iOS 6.x) - 2.0-23f Class Dump - 3.1.2-x-1.0.1-2p Clockify - 1.0.3 Codezer0 - 2.1 Core Utilities - 8.12-13 Core Utilities (/bin) - 8.12-9 CoverArtExplorer - 1.6 CryptoNotes - 1.2 cURL - 7.33.0-9 Custom NC Background - 1.1 Cycript - 0.9.594 Cydia Installer - 1.1.30 Cydia Substrate - 0.9.7101 Cydia Translations - 1.1.12 Cyueue - 1.1.3 Darwin CC Tools - 895 Darwin Tools - 1-5 Dashboard X - 2.0.5 Debian Packager - 1.18.10-12 Debian Utilities - 3.3.3ubuntu1-1p Default HD SBSettings - 1.2 developer-cmds - 48-2p Dezel8 - 1.3 Diff Utilities - 2.8.1-6 DisableYouTubeUpdates - 0.0.1 diskdev-cmds - 421.7-4 DNSCrypt - 1.6.1 dpkg Check - 1.1 DreamBoard - 1.1.4 Era Zeppelin pack ios7 - 1.0 Erica Utilities - 1:0.4.2 f.lux - 0.9988 FakeCarrier - 1.5 FEZ Lockscreen 2 - 1.2 file - 4.23-3 file-cmds - 220.7-3 Find Utilities - 4.2.33-6 Firewall iP - 2.53 Flipswitch - 1.0.16 Flusterless - 0.9.4-75 FontSwap - 2.1.1-1 FontSwap Starter - 2.0 Future SMS - 2.6 Gawk - 3.1.6-2p gettext - 0.17-7 Git - 2.8.1-5 GNU Cryptography - 1.4.0-2p GNU Debugger - 1518-12 GNU Privacy Guard - 1.4.8-4 GnuPG Errors - 1.6-2p Graviboard - 2.1.1-1 Gremlin Framework - 3.0.2-1 Gremlin Plugin Pack - 1.6-1 grep - 2.5.4-3 GSignInFix - 1.0.1 gTxtEdit - 2.0 GuizmoDNS - 1.1.0 gzip - 1.6-7 hack2learn Zeppelin logos - 0.3 hAcx Daemon - 3.6 Harlem Shake - 1.0-1 hid-support - 1.3.1-1 HTML Editor - 1.0.1 HYI Repo Icons - 8.0.4 iCleaner - 7.8.3 icon - 2.4 Icon Tool App - 1.1 IconBundles - 0.2-1 Iconoclasm - 1.9 IconRotator - 1.0.1 IconSupport - 1.11.1 iFile - 2.2.0-1 inetutils - 1.6-8 InfoStats 2 - 1.0.2 Instagram Image/Video Download - 0.2-26 InstagramUnleashedXI - 1.1 InstantCamera - 1.2-1 IOKit Tools - 76-4p iOS Firmware - 6.1.3 iPhone Firmware (/sbin) - 0-1 iRepoCloud - 1.0.1 iSHSHit - 1.1.5 iSpeedTouched - 2.3.5 iWebBoost - iWep Pro 4.1.2 - 4.1.2 iWidgets - 1.3.2 LayerSnapshotter - 1.0 LD64 - 274.2 less - 418-3 libevent - 1.4.3-1 libfinder - 1.2-4 libfreetype - 2.4.11-5 libgsasl - 1.8.0-1 libhide - 2.4.1-1 libidn - 1.28-2 libipodimport - 1.2 libjpeg - 6b-1 libnet - Libnet - 1.1.6-3 libntlm - 1.4-2 libpopt - 1.16-2 libtool - 2.4.2-1 libxml2 - 2.6.32-7 libxml2 Library - 2.6.32-3 libzip - 0.11.2 lighttpd - 1.4.18-7 Lighttpd Settings - 1.6 Link Identity Editor - 1:1.2.1 LocalIAPStore - 1.4-1 Location Spoofer - 1.4-1 Lockdown Lite - 1.1.1 Lockscreen Clock Hide - logrotate - 3.9.1-1 logrotate Daemonizer - 1.0-1 lsof - 33-4p LSScrubbing - 2.0.1 LZMA Utils - 4.32.7-4 Make - 3.81-2p Meteocons NC Weather - 1.1 MobileTerminal - 520-2 msmtp - 1.6.1 Music2iPod - 1.0 myFox - 1.5 mysql - 5.0.96-4 nano - 2.2.6-6 NCSettings ISX - 1.6.1 neon - 0.26.4-4 Network Commands - 307.0.1-7 NeutrafaceTwo - 1.0.1 New Curses - 5.7-15 Nitrous - 2.5-6k NoStoreButton - 1.0 Old debs - 1.0.1 OmniStat for NotificationCenter - 1.3.2 OpenBackup - 2.0.5-1 OpenSSH - 6.7p1-13 OpenSSL - 0.9.8zg-13 OTABlocker - 0.2a p0sixspwn - 1.4-1 PAM (Apple) - 32.1-4 PAM Modules - 36.1-5 PasswordPilot - 1.2-4 patch - 2.5.4-3p pcre - 8.30-6 PhotoExif - 1.4-1 PhotoMail - 1.2-66 pincrush - 0.9.2-1 Pineapple Bootlogo - 1.0 PkgBackup - 8.6.2 PlayAwake - 1.2-8 png - 1.2.24-3 PostgreSQL - 9.3.4 PreferenceLoader - 2.2.4 Profile Directory - 0-2 proxychains - 4.10 ProxyManager - 1.0-8 QuickShoot - 1.4-1 readline - 6.0-8 Rick ANd Morty logo pack (zeppelin) - 0.2 Rock Bands Logos HD for Zeppelin - 1.0 RocketBootstrap - 1.0.9 Router Advisement Daemon - 307.0.1-2 rsync - 3.0.5-3 Safari Download Enabler - 3.1-9 Safari Download Manager - 2.1-1f Safari UniBar - 1.0.1 SandCastle 2 - 2.2-1 SBInfoGrabber - 1.1.6 SBSettings - 6.0.5-1 sbsettingstoggles - 6.0-2 sbutils - 1.0.2-1 sed - 4.1.5-8 Serious SBSettings HD - 1.4-1 ShadowSocks - 0.3.2-3 shadowsocks-libev - 2.4.2 shell-cmds - 118-6 Signal 2 - 2.0.7-1 SIManager - 2.8 SiNfuL iPhone Repo Icons - 4.5 SMSNinja - 1.6.5 SolarSystem iWidget - 1.1 Springtomize 2 - iOS 5 & 6 - 1.4.3-1 SQLite 3.x - 3.5.9-13 SQLite 3.x Library - 3.5.9-2 SSLPatch - 1.0 Stride - 1.2.1 Substrate Safe Mode - 0.9.6001 Subversion - 1.4.6-2p Sudo - 1.6.9p12-4p SwipeSelection - 1.5.2-1 SwitcherLand - 1.1.0-2 Syslog Commandline - 1.0 System Info - 2.0.0-1 system-cmds - 433.8-14 Tape Archive - 1.29-10 Theos Tutorials - 6.2 TIFF - 3.8.2-2p top - 39-4 tor - touch-lighttpd-php-mysql - 2.10-11 TrackingCell - 2.2 UIKit Tools - 1.1.10 Unfold - 2.2.5 Unhide - 20100202.1 UnlimTones - 4.7-53 unrar - 3.6.8-2p untrackerd - 0.3 unzip - 5.52-6 User Agent Faker - 1.5-1 UUID Generator - 1.6.0-2p Velox - 1.0.3-2 Vi IMproved - 7.1-3p VoiceChange - 9.3 Volume Amplifier - 1.46 Volume Boost X3 - 1.5 WallpaperAutoChanger - 0.7-1 WebCycript - 0.9.5003 WeeLoader - 1.4-4 WeePreferenceLoader - 1.1 wget - 1.16-4 whois - 4.7.24-2p WiFi Analyzer - 2.32 WiFi Booster - 2.0.2 WiFi Passwords - 3.0.1 WifiUtil - 0.0.1-98 WinT Messenger - 1.2.0-1 WinterBoard - 0.9.3919 WLAN Audit - 1.3.3-1 XAR - 1.5.2-1p XML Parser Toolkit - 2.0.1-3 xml2 - 0.2-3p XSignal - 0.1-1 YingZhiPython3.3 - 1.0 Zeppelin - 2.1.0-12 Zeppelin Naruto Villages - 7.0.6 zeppelin peace logos - 1.0 Zeppelin Weed Logo Pack - 1.0 zip - 2.32-6
101 Games - 1.3.4 3D Coaster - 1.1.16 4 Images 1 Mot - 4.0.3 5-0 Radio Pro - 31.3 Action Movie - 3.1.4 Air Penguin - 1.1 AirMonkey - 1.0.2 AkiAcademy - 1.2.1 Akinator Free - 2.2 AlloCiné - 2.9.6 AlwaysOnPC - 2.0.3 AngerOfStick - 1.2.0 AngerOfStick2: Jump Jump - 1.1.2 Angry Birds - 1.0.1 Annonces - 1.1.0 Anodia - 3.4 AoD - 1.1.1 AppFusion - 1.12 Appy Geek - Aqueduct 101 - 4 ARBasketball - 2.0.0 Archer Revenge! - Best Bow and Arrow Skill Archery Crossbow Online Free Shooting Game - 22 Askking Quizz - 1.9 Asphalt 6 - 1.3.8 Atomic Ball - 2.1.5 AVATAR - 1.4.9 AvatarFight - 6.6 Baseball II - 1.2.2 Basketball Shooting Stars - 1.8 BeerBattery - 1.1.1 BikeRaceTFG - 394 Brick Basher - 1.4 BrickColor - 3.0.2 Burn the Rope - 1.4.2 BurningTracksLite - 1.2 Casse-Briques HD - 4.1 Castle HD - 1.410 Cat Physics - 1261 Cave Bowling - 1130 CC Hockey - 1.7 Chess - 5.4.1 Chinese-Mandarin - 1.5.5 Chroisen - 1.0.3 Ciclis 3D Lite - 2.2 City Story - 1.2.5 CityVille - 1.035.14141 CK - 1.35 Clash of Clans - 8.709.23 Clipper - 1.3 ClownAround - 1.3.3 Coin Dozer - World Tour - 3.3 Coin Dozer Seasons - 4.131 Cows Space - 1211 Crazy Bikers - 1.1.3 Crazy John - 1.5.3 Crime City - 654 CrossFingers - 3.2.0 CtC - 1.5 Currency - 2.6.7 Cut the Rope - 1.7 D vs G Lite - 1.2 Dark Nebula - 1.3 Death Rally - 4.0.2 Death Rider - 2.0.1 Dinosaur_Slayer - 2.4 Discovr Music - 2.7 DofusBattles - 120613 DofusBattles2 - 120613 DoodleJump - 2.4 Downloads Lite - 4.3.1 DragonLords - 1.3.2 Dune Rider - 1.8.1 Dust FREE - 1.3.0 edjing - 4.0.5 eDrops Nature - 2016.02.190920 Elementals - 1.27 Elix - 2.2 Empire Story - 1.0 Enigmo 2 - 3.2.1 EnigmOn Lite - 1.1 Eo <> En - 1.3 Epic Truck - 1.59 Esperanto To English Dict - 5 Espiritualidad - 8.24 Evil Bricks - 1.2 Evil Dead - 1.1 Ex Skater Blitz - 82 Extraction - 1.4 Facebook - 2816550 Falling Fred - 2.0.1 Family History and Genealogy records DB FREE - 1.5 Farm Story - 1.7.3 Farm Story - 2.0.2 Fat Face - 1.2 Fatify - 3.1.2 Find Friends - 300 FindMyiPhone - 325 Flappy Duck - 1.1 FlashLed - 2.1.2 Flick Soccer - 20 FlickFootball - 1.3 Fortunator - 1.0 Four in a row - 2.1.1 Fragger - 550 Fragger DS - 468 francetv info - FreeRemote - 2.1.1 FrenchLearnChinese01 - 1.7 Frisbee® 2 - 1.2.1 Geometry Lite - 2.1.0 Gravity Guy - 616 Great Solitaire - 1.13 GyroSynth - 2.53 Happy Bird 豪华版 - 1.0.6 Haze - 1.0.3 HDR Fusion - 2.2 HerbalPlants - 1.1 Hit Tennis 2 - 2.18 iAddict - 2.0.1 iBooks - 1929 Icebreaker - 1.2 Icomania - 1.8.1 iCopter - Icy Escort - 1321 iDaft - 2.3.2 iDownloads+ - Instagram - 6722466 iPhAccess - 6.0.2 iPunch - 1.1 iReveilPro2 - 1.156 iSlash - 1.5.4 iSoft - 4.9.7 iStunt - 1.8.5 iStunt 2 - 559 JCSLite - 1.2.0 Jelly Drop - 1.1.1 JournalDuGeek - 2.6 Jumpy Jack - 1.1 Jurassic Park - 4.5.6 KB Loco - 1.6.0 Kingdom Age - 1113 Kingdoms - 1.1.6 Knight's Dash - 1.2.3 Kosmo Spin - 1.4 KoT - 1.5.2 KungFu - 1.3.7 Lavalanche - 1.5.0 Legend - 67 LicensePlate - 3.77 Line Birds - 2.4 LogosQuiz - 24 Mafia Warlord - 1.0 Maps 3D Lite - 3.312 Marijuana Handbook - 4.5.2 Mediapart - 3.1.1 Mega Run - 9 Messenger - 53726189 MetalStorm - 5.2.1 Minecraft PE - Monkey - 1602 Monopoly - 2.4.45 Monster - 135 Monster City-The World Builder - 5 MonsterLord - 1.7.3 MoRPG2 Lite - 1.12 Mortal Skies - 1.9.2 motoCROSS - 1.1.1 Motorcycle games - the New Motorcross Racing Ultimate Madness Adventure - 7 Mr Flap - 2.0.2 Munchers - 1.1.1 MvM - 1.1.2 MX Mayhem - 1.87 MyCppGame-mobile - 2.7.3 Naruto - 216 NASA - 3.17 Neon - 9.3.0 Netflix - 3005564 NFS Shift 2 - 1.2.95 Ninjago: RotS - 1.1 NinjagoSpinjitzuScavengerHunt - 1.6 NinJump - 2.2.1 NinJump DX - 1.81.6 NovaFree - 1.4.7 Nuit des Etoiles - 1 Nuts! - 1.8 Oldsch Blocks - 3.7 OpenVPN - 1.0.5 PAC-MAN - 15101 palmreader - PaperBomber - 1.0 Paracute - 1121 pastlife - 1.2 Pet Shop - 3.6 Petanque Lite - 1.0 Physics Box - 1.3 PlantPedia - 3.0.4 PlanX - 1.0.15 Plasma Globe - 1.21 PlayTube - 305 PocketCloud - 2.3.111 Podcasts - 356 Pool - 5.1 PowerSketch - 2.0.1 Pro Football - 1.0.5 ProTube - 3.5 Pumped: BMX - 1.60 puniverse - 5.3.8 Python 2.5 for iOS - 109 queenChess - 2.1.1 Quell+ - 1.77 R.Racing GTI - 1.04 Rain Sounds - 1.0 Rat On Run - 1331 RCBTravel - 1.1 Red Browser - 1.3 Relax M. P. - 5.0.23 RelaxingSounds - 24 RIDERS - 422 Rip Off - 1.0.5 Road Trip - 1.16 Road Trip 2 - 0 RogueRunner - 1.7 RunStickRun! - 5.4 Scooter XL - 1231 Sex Games - 10.1 Shark Night - 1.1.5 Siege Hero - 2.1.2 SimpleBoard - 11 Skateboard - 1211 Skater Free - 1.7.1 Ski-On-Neon - 1 Skyfire - 42010 SkySafari - 3.8.5 SlideStory - 7618 Smoody - 1.3.3 Snapseed - 1.6.4 Snooker Club - 1.3.4 Solar System 3D - 1.0.4 Sonic Jump - 2103180130 Sonic Racing - 1.9.0 Sonos - 31.9.27151 Sovereign - 1.2.4 Space City - 1.2.2 spacedogplus - 1.2.10 Sparkle - 1.6.8 SP★FREE - 1.4.0 StarChart - 5.08 StickBo - 1.92 StickBo Z - 1.111 StreetView1 - 1.0 STT Pro - 1.4.11 Stylish Sprint - 1.8 Subway Surf - 1.45.0 Sudoku Inf. - 485 Summer Riddles - 1.0 SUPER CW - 1.2.2 Super Save - 1.0.5 Supersonic - 2.0.3 SushiGoRound - 35 SWA - 1.2.7 Talking Tom - 2.7 TapWord - 3.3 TaxiGoneCrazy - 201 TeamViewer - 10338 Telegram - 70195 Temple Run 2 - TempleRun - Test de QI gratuit : Calculez votre QI - 2.2 TextMe - The Line - 1.5.5 TheSims3WA - 1.1.23 Thumbat - 1.4 Tiki2Builder - 1.1.1 Tiki2Valentine - 1.1.2 TradeNations - 4.2.1 Traffic Panic - 1.3 Traffic Rush - 1441 Translate - Translator - Treasure - 1.0.2 TunerTool - 742 Twitter - 6.13.6 Urban Ninja - 1230 Vegetarian! - 439 Vintagio - 134 Vinted - 7138 VirtualRegatta - 1 VisAnatomy - 4.4 VS. Racing - 746 VTT - Wallker - 2 Wallpapers - 1.8 Warp Rush - 1.5.2 WCTT Free - 4.7 Weather - 1.0 Weatherzone - 4.2.3 Webmail - 1.3 White Tile - 1.3.3 WiFi·Map - 1.2 Wikipedia - 3.3.1 World Atlas - 3.4 World Tour - 1.40.6 X-Plane-4G - 9.850 Yoo! Sports - 1.5 ZENONIA3 - 1.0.3 Zentomino - 2.8 Zoom - 3.5.6 手机MSN - 1
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What Is The Dark Web? How Can You Access It? What Will You Find?

What Is The Dark Web? How Can You Access It? What Will You Find?

Dark Net Hacker
What is the dark web? How to access it and what you'll find
The dark web is part of the internet that isn't visible to search engines and requires the use of an anonymizing browser called Tor to be accessed.
Dark web definition
The dark web is a part of the internet that isn't indexed by search engines. You've no doubt heard talk of the “dark web” as a hotbed of criminal activity — and it is. Researchers Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid of King's College in London classified the contents of 2,723 live dark web sites over a five-week period in 2015 and found that 57% host illicit material.

A 2019 study, Into the Web of Profit, conducted by Dr. Michael McGuires at the University of Surrey, shows that things have become worse. The number of dark web listings that could harm an enterprise has risen by 20% since 2016. Of all listings (excluding those selling drugs), 60% could potentially harm enterprises.

You can buy credit card numbers, all manner of drugs, guns, counterfeit money, stolen subscription credentials, hacked Netflix accounts and software that helps you break into other people’s computers. Buy login credentials to a $50,000 Bank of America account for $500. Get $3,000 in counterfeit $20 bills for $600. Buy seven prepaid debit cards, each with a $2,500 balance, for $500 (express shipping included). A “lifetime” Netflix premium account goes for $6. You can hire hackers to attack computers for you. You can buy usernames and passwords.

But not everything is illegal, the dark web also has a legitimate side. For example, you can join a chess club or BlackBook, a social network described as the “the Facebook of Tor.”

Note: This post contains links to dark web sites that can only be accessed with the Tor browser, which can be downloaded for free at

Deep web vs. dark web: What’s the difference?
The terms “deep web” and “dark web” are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Deep web refers to anything on the internet that is not indexed by and, therefore, accessible via a search engine like Google. Deep web content includes anything behind a paywall or requires sign-in credentials. It also includes any content that its owners have blocked web crawlers from indexing.

Medical records, fee-based content, membership websites, and confidential corporate web pages are just a few examples of what makes up the deep web. Estimates place the size of the deep web at between 96% and 99% of the internet. Only a tiny portion of the internet is accessible through a standard web browser—generally known as the “clear web”.

2020 Modern Backup Buyers’ Guide

Business continuity for remote workers

10 Reasons Why 15,000+ Businesses Point DNS to Cisco Umbrella

The dark web is a subset of the deep web that is intentionally hidden, requiring a specific browser—Tor—to access, as explained below. No one really knows the size of the dark web, but most estimates put it at around 5% of the total internet. Again, not all the dark web is used for illicit purposes despite its ominous-sounding name.

Dark web tools and services that present enterprise risk
The Into the Web of Profit report identified 12 categories of tools or services that could present a risk in the form of a network breach or data compromise:

Infection or attacks, including malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and botnets
Access, including remote access Trojans (RATs), keyloggers and exploits
Espionage, including services, customization and targeting
Support services such as tutorials
Customer data
Operational data
Financial data
Intellectual property/trade secrets
Other emerging threats
The report also outlined three risk variables for each category:

Devaluing the enterprise, which could include undermining brand trust, reputational damage or losing ground to a competitor
Disrupting the enterprise, which could include DDoS attacks or other malware that affects business operations
Defrauding the enterprise, which could include IP theft or espionage that impairs a company's ability to compete or causes a direct financial loss
Dark web browser
All this activity, this vision of a bustling marketplace, might make you think that navigating the dark web is easy. It isn’t. The place is as messy and chaotic as you would expect when everyone is anonymous, and a substantial minority are out to scam others.

Accessing the dark web requires the use of an anonymizing browser called Tor. The Tor browser routes your web page requests through a series of proxy servers operated by thousands of volunteers around the globe, rendering your IP address unidentifiable and untraceable. Tor works like magic, but the result is an experience that’s like the dark web itself: unpredictable, unreliable and maddeningly slow.

[ Is your data being sold? What you need to know about monitoring the dark web. | Get the latest from CSO by signing up for our newsletters. ]

Still, for those willing to put up with the inconvenience, the dark web provides a memorable glimpse at the seamy underbelly of the human experience – without the risk of skulking around in a dark alley.

Dark web search engine
Dark web search engines exist, but even the best are challenged to keep up with the constantly shifting landscape. The experience is reminiscent of searching the web in the late 1990s. Even one of the best search engines, called Grams, returns results that are repetitive and often irrelevant to the query. Link lists like The Hidden Wiki are another option, but even indices also return a frustrating number of timed-out connections and 404 errors.

Dark web sites
Dark web sites look pretty much like any other site, but there are important differences. One is the naming structure. Instead of ending in .com or .co, dark web sites end in .onion. That’s “a special-use top level domain suffix designating an anonymous hidden service reachable via the Tor network,” according to Wikipedia. Browsers with the appropriate proxy can reach these sites, but others can’t.

Dark web sites also use a scrambled naming structure that creates URLs that are often impossible to remember. For example, a popular commerce site called Dream Market goes by the unintelligible address of “eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onion.”

Many dark websites are set up by scammers, who constantly move around to avoid the wrath of their victims. Even commerce sites that may have existed for a year or more can suddenly disappear if the owners decide to cash in and flee with the escrow money they’re holding on behalf of customers.

Law enforcement officials are getting better at finding and prosecuting owners of sites that sell illicit goods and services. In the summer of 2017, a team of cyber cops from three countries successfully shut down AlphaBay, the dark web’s largest source of contraband, sending shudders throughout the network. But many merchants simply migrated elsewhere.

The anonymous nature of the Tor network also makes it especially vulnerable to DDoS, said Patrick Tiquet, Director of Security & Architecture at Keeper Security, and the company’s resident expert on the topic. “Sites are constantly changing addresses to avoid DDoS, which makes for a very dynamic environment,” he said. As a result, “The quality of search varies widely, and a lot of material is outdated.”

Get a hands-on, inside look at the dark web | Salted Hash Ep 25
Commerce on the dark web
The dark web has flourished thanks to bitcoin, the crypto-currency that enables two parties to conduct a trusted transaction without knowing each other’s identity. “Bitcoin has been a major factor in the growth of the dark web, and the dark web has been a big factor in the growth of bitcoin,” says Tiquet.

Nearly all dark web commerce sites conduct transactions in bitcoin or some variant, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to do business there. The inherent anonymity of the place attracts scammers and thieves, but what do you expect when buying guns or drugs is your objective?

Dark web commerce sites have the same features as any e-retail operation, including ratings/reviews, shopping carts and forums, but there are important differences. One is quality control. When both buyers and sellers are anonymous, the credibility of any ratings system is dubious. Ratings are easily manipulated, and even sellers with long track records have been known to suddenly disappear with their customers’ crypto-coins, only to set up shop later under a different alias.

Most e-commerce providers offer some kind of escrow service that keeps customer funds on hold until the product has been delivered. However, in the event of a dispute don’t expect service with a smile. It’s pretty much up to the buyer and the seller to duke it out. Every communication is encrypted, so even the simplest transaction requires a PGP key.

Even completing a transaction is no guarantee that the goods will arrive. Many need to cross international borders, and customs officials are cracking down on suspicious packages. The dark web news site Deep.Dot.Web teems with stories of buyers who have been arrested or jailed for attempted purchases.

How the dark web has gone corporate
Is the dark web illegal?
We don’t want to leave you with the impression that everything on the dark web is nefarious or illegal. The Tor network began as an anonymous communications channel, and it still serves a valuable purpose in helping people communicate in environments that are hostile to free speech. “A lot of people use it in countries where there’s eavesdropping or where internet access is criminalized,” Tiquet said.

If you want to learn all about privacy protection or cryptocurrency, the dark web has plenty to offer. There are a variety of private and encrypted email services, instructions for installing an anonymous operating system and advanced tips for the privacy-conscious.

There’s also material that you wouldn’t be surprised to find on the public web, such as links to full-text editions of hard-to-find books, collections of political news from mainstream websites and a guide to the steam tunnels under the Virginia Tech campus. You can conduct discussions about current events anonymously on Intel Exchange. There are several whistleblower sites, including a dark web version of Wikileaks. Pirate Bay, a BitTorrent site that law enforcement officials have repeatedly shut down, is alive and well there. Even Facebook has a dark web presence.

“More and more legitimate web companies are starting to have presences there,” Tiquet said. “It shows that they’re aware, they’re cutting edge and in the know.”

There’s also plenty of practical value for some organizations. Law enforcement agencies keep an ear to the ground on the dark web looking for stolen data from recent security breaches that might lead to a trail to the perpetrators. Many mainstream media organizations monitor whistleblower sites looking for news.

Staying on top of the hacker underground
Keeper’s Patrick Tiquet checks in regularly because it’s important for him to be on top of what’s happening in the hacker underground. “I use the dark web for situational awareness, threat analysis and keeping an eye on what’s going on,” he said will. “I want to know what information is available and have an external lens into the digital assets that are being monetized – this gives us insight on what hackers are targeting.”

If you find your own information on the dark web, there’s precious little you can do about it, but at least you’ll know you’ve been compromised. Bottom line: If you can tolerate the lousy performance, unpredictable availability, and occasional shock factor of the dark web, it’s worth a visit. Just don’t buy anything there.
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Leon Li founded Huobi in 2013, a former computer engineer at Oracle. Huobi Global is a digital asset and crypto currency exchange headquartered in Singapore. Huobi also has local exchanges in South Korea, Japan, and through its strategic partner, the United States.
The Huobi Group, the parent company of Huobi Global, has received venture capital finance from prominent Beijing based ZhenFund and American VC firm Sequoia Capital.
The Huobi Global exchange serves traders in 130 countries. Through Huobi Global, traders can access almost 200 crypto and stable coin assets. Huobi users can download trading clients on both mobile and desktop devices.
Huobi has traded over US$1.2 trillion in digital assets, and at one time it was the world’s leading exchange by volume, capturing 50% of all global trading volume.
In terms of security, Huobi has adopted a decentralized exchange structure, which helps to resist DDOS attacks. However, Huobi has implemented the ‘Huobi Security Reserve, in which Huobi has set aside 20,000 BTC reserved for users who have lost funds either due to hacks, or exchange failures.
Ease of use
The UI is clean, user-friendly and perfectly designed with all the basic requirements for a crypto-trader. The charting software is provided by Tradingview, which is exactly what you want.
Huobi OTC
Huobi’s OTC exchange is a good initiative. The Huobi OTC exchange allows users to trade funds peer-to-peer which doesn’t affect the market price of the underlying asset. The OTC trading-desk, with transfer options like bank-transfers, PayPal, WU, Paytm, UPI, IMPS, Alipay & many others, is an easy to use payment gateway. With a secure exchange to diversify your investment, right next door, too with effective list of Buy and Sell options for BTC, ETH, USDT and EOS coins.
Huobi Lite
Huobi Lite App provides a convenient channel for everyone to buy cryptocurrencies at the best prices. Tailor-made for beginners, traders, and users.
We can download the App directly from the respective iOS Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, we may access via the link:
On Huobi Lite, you can buy Bitcoin with your local currencies, credit card, or exchange cryptocurrencies tokens, with zero fees at competitive prices. Huobi Lite currently supports MYR / HKD / VND / USD (Credit Card deposit only), with more to come in the future.
Huobi Derivative Market (Huobi DM)
Margin Trading
Huobi Global launched Huobi Derivative Market (Huobi DM) exchange to selected countries. It provides margin trading, with very low daily loan interest rates of 0.1%. Margin Trading allows users to increase their investment exposure given a limited base principal to enjoy multiple returns.
3-Steps taken in Margin Trading:
  1. Request for Loan
  2. Trade on Margin (Long/Short)
  3. Repay Margin Loan and Interest
With the introduction of Cross Margin on Huobi, users will have to explicitly input the respective margin type before executing the above 3 steps. Balances on the Cross Margin balance does not show on the Isolated Margin balance.
Huobi Futures
Huobi Futures is a kind of digital currency derivatives. Users can make a profit from the rising/falling of digital currencies prices by going long or selling short based on their own judgment.
The Huobi Futures Contract adopts spread delivery. When the contract expires, all open positions will be closed at the index-based last-hour arithmetic average price, instead of physical delivery.
BTC/ETH/EOS/LTC/XRP/BCH/TRX/BSV/ETC Contracts are available on Huobi DM. Contracts are priced in USD, with corresponding digital currency (BTC/ETH/EOS/LTC/XRP/BCH/TRX respectively) as margin to open positions, and PnL is also settled in corresponding digital currency.
Weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly contracts are available in Huobi DM. Weekly contracts will be settled on imminent Friday; Bi-weekly contracts will be settled on next Friday; Quarterly contracts will be settled on the last Friday of March, June, September and December.
Choices of leverage: 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x
Huobi Perpetual Swap
Huobi introduced Perpetual Swaps on March 27, 2020 (GMT+8). Huobi Perpetual swap is a kind of digital currency derivatives. Users can make a profit from the rising/falling of digital currencies prices by going long or selling short based on their own judgment. Similar to a margin spot market, its price is close to the price of the underlying reference index. The main mechanism for anchoring spot prices is the cost of funds. Perpetual swap have no delivery date. Users can always hold it. Perpetual swap are settled every 8 hours. After each settlement, the realized profit/loss and unrealized profits/losses are transferred to the user account balance.
Partial Liquidation
Huobi Futures adopted partial liquidation to help position holders reduce liquidation risk. Users with large positions and high leverage bear high risk. Huobi Futures releases partial liquidation with the aim to lower possible losses due to high price volatility thus giving users better trading experience.
Under partial liquidation mechanism, when liquidation is triggered, instead of liquidating all positions at once, the system reduces positions gradually till a grade whose margin ratio is great than 0. Full liquidation will only occur when the margin ratio of tier 1 upper limit net position still fails to be great than 0.
Trading Fees
The Huobi exchange has a fair trading fee structure. Every asset traded via Huobi Global is subject to a 0.2% trade fee, for both market makers and takers. Further, Huobi Global has introduced a tiered fee system which offers competitively lower fees for high volume traders. VIP membership gives access to various fee reductions and other benefits.
Huobi Prime
Huobi Prime, the Launchpad platform which we can call Direct Premium Offering (DPO), does share some similarities with initial exchange offerings (IEO) like Binance Launchpad, but it is unique as it is not a fundraising platform, and any coins purchased on the platform are immediately deposited into the users’ wallets and tradable on Huobi Global. Huobi Prime offers its users early access to the coins of premium projects, which can be bought using its native crypto currency, the Huobi Token. To avoid dumping, Huobi has implemented an innovative idea of a period of tiered price limits.
Huobi FastTrack
Huobit FastTrack, rebranded from Huobi Prime Lite, is a new listing model. Wherein, all participants will have a direct say in what projects are listed on Huobi Global and when. In addition, winning voters will get access to quality tokens at below market rates. The program also provides much needed exposure and a straightforward listing process.
Huobi Wallet
Huobi Wallet is the official mobile wallet of Huobi Group, a leading global digital asset financial service provider. It is a multi-chain asset management tool that provides native support for various types of blockchains and all of the ERC20 tokens. So far Huobi Wallet supports BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, USDT and all ERC20 tokens.
Huobi wallet is the first wallet to expand support to cover seven stablecoins including, Paxos Standard Token (PAX), TrueUSD (TUSD), USD Coin (USDC), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), Dai (DAI), Stasis EURS (EURS), and Tether (USDT).
Huobi Wallet is built based on the core principle of security-first. The wallet gives back its users, complete control of their private keys. In simple terms, You own your assets. The wallet is backed up with mnemonics, so in future when you want to import your wallet, it’s just simple few clicks.
Currently, the wallet is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and you can download both from here (
Huobi Chain
Huobi launched Huobi Chain’s Testnet (“the Testnet”) on February 29th 2020 (GMT+8). Huobi Chain is China’s autonomous cum compliant-ready blockchain platform, and is committed to providing a global, blockchain-based, digital asset infrastructure. Huobi Chain is committed to providing a high-performance, blockchain-based, global digital asset infrastructure. Once the Mainnet goes live, Huobi Chain will announce HT- related events: e.g. pledge HT to be a Super Node, etc.
HT Lock & Mine (Huobi Pool)
Huobi launched HT Lock and Mine operations on 25th July 2019 (GMT+8). Users who lock HT tokens receive daily HPT rewards. Specific reward quantity will depend on lock option period selected, quantity locked and Huobi Pool’ s mining hash power and daily float.
DPOS Rewards: All Huobi Global users with more than 1,000HPT holdings in their HBG account will receive DPOS mining rewards. Currently, token reward received under DPOS mining include EOS, TRX, CMT, ONG, IOST, ATOM, IRIS, LAMB。
Huobi Support
Users of the Huobi exchange can access 24/7 live chat and Huobi help center. Those facing issues can also open a support ticket to have their issue resolved by an expert representative immediately.
The Huobi Group has a very active YouTube channel, featuring Huobi Talk, where it posts user tutorials, detailed guides, and crypto currency information for traders.
What I like the most about Huobi
  1. An established platform that’s been operating since 2013, which is a long time in the crypto world.
  2. Highly secured with decentralized exchange structure, which helps to resist DDOS attacks. Huobi has never suffered a large hack.
  3. Huobi Security Reserve of 20000 BTC to compensate users’ loss of funds.
  4. Dedicated, fast and 24/7 customer support.
  5. Regulated in major jurisdictions.
  6. User interface is very smooth and clean.
  7. Over 230 crypto assets are available.
  8. User education program is good initiative.
  9. Separate trading desk for institution and firm size users.
  10. Very transparent about its operations, listings and projects.
  11. Huobi Wallet is secured and very easy to operate.
  12. Huobi mobile app is smooth and very easy to use.
  13. Competitive fees.
  14. Has taken serious steps towards avoiding wash trading.
  15. Impressive array of trading pairs.
  16. Has given more important on community participation, like voting for listing, mining pool, Huobi Knights program etc.
  17. I like Huobi Prime because of following reasons: -
(a) Purchased tokens are immediately deposited into user’s accounts,
(b) As projects launch exclusively through Huobi Prime from day one, all users get assets at the best price.
(c) Tiered price limits on the platform protect both investors and projects from immediate dump.
  1. Huobi screen projects and launches which are only the best. I don’t have to worry about poor or scammy projects.
  2. Burning of HT is a great move and it would benefit long term holders.
Join Huobi by click here:
Huobi Global:
Join Indian Group:
Global telegram Channel:
Join Huobi by click here:
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MKR Holder DAI-gest: Week 8, 2020

I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast that believes DAI is the stable coin capable of bringing a widespread adaptation of digital currency to the people. My mission is to help others learn about and get involved with the MakerDAO ecosystem. I am not an employee of MakerDAO, my views are my own and do not represent the views of MakerDAO implied or expressed. Can you find the weekly DAI joke? (Beside DAI-gest): Read on.

MKR Holder DAI-gest: Week 8, 2020

Governance Recap Week Ending February 22, 2020

At-A-Glance: * Dai Statistics * From the MakerDAO blog: * How to Buy Cryptocurrency: A Step-by-Step Tutorial * A Guide to Crypto Wallet Types * Executive Votes * Weekly Governance Meeting * MakerDAO in the News: * MAKERDAO CRYPTO COMMUNITY GOES DEFENSIVE FOLLOWING DEFI EXPLOITS * MakerDAO and Pundi X Turn Dai Into a Merchant Solution * Events

DAI Digits (Statistics)

Get Involved

Want to get involved? Visit the MakerDAO Community Forum. The community is made of interested people like yourself, and Community Leaders from MakerDAO. Share your skills in growing the MakerDAO Community, no experience necessary. My interaction with Maker has always been friendly and inclusive (we really respect DAI-versity), don’t be afraid to contact foundation or forum members alike.

From the MakerDAO Blog

Governance News

Recent and Current Executive Votes

Executed February 21, 2020: Executive Vote Activated the Dai Debt Ceiling Adjustment, Set Dai Savings Rate Spread, Set Sai Stability Fee, Lowered Surplus Auction Bid, Set Governance Delay Module

Executed February 8, 2020 Executive Vote: Activated the Savings Rate Spread and the Sai and DAI Stability Fee Adjustments

Weekly Governance and Risk Meeting, Ep. 74 February 20, 2020

Here is a guide from MakerDAO about becoming involved in Governance. The meeting is held every Thursday, 17:00 UTC.
Governance and Risk Meeting Community Guide * Understand the issues that are discussed and governance themes that get explored to build a healthy, secure, Maker Platform. * Get info on how to connect by phone or webcam. * Explore meeting archives.

DAI News and Info

There is nothing to worry about, and no one has been hacked. With the rumor of some sketchy Defi trading in the Defi arena, MakerDAO makes changes to keep a secure ecosystem.
With their eyes on the Latin American markets, MakerDAO and Pudi X are incentivizing the implementation of point of sale acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Upcoming Events

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Our mission is to bring the benefits of blockchain to the masses and make it possible for anyone to buy and trade APX tokens. Especially right now with the timing of the current market opportunity and our globally growing community, while still in Beta.
So in order to do that, we need users without prior trading or crypto knowledge to firstly understand that APX tokens are a cryptocurrency and can be exchanged for other currencies like Bitcoin, Euro, Dollar and Yen and secondly, how it works.
This is why we created this easy to follow step-by-step tutorial on how to use the gateway.
🔁 APPICS GATEWAY APPICS is based on a dual-blockchain technology so both EOS-based and STEEM-based APX tokens exist. EOS-based APX are tradable at while STEEM-based APX are tradable at Steem Engine.
► Any issues with the Steem Engine Gateway❓ Report here:

appics #tutorial #apx #crypto #token #blockchain #trading #business #technology #innovation #passionrewarded

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Bitpie “DeFi Star” 3# — dForce

Bitpie “DeFi Star” 3# — dForce
This is the 3rd episode of Bitpie DeFi Star, today we gonna talk about a DeFi project (decentralized finance) that based on blockchain and Monetary agreement platform -- dForce.
dForce now has 3 main products:
1.Yielding Protocols(
2. Liquidity Protocols
3.Monetary Protocols(USDx).
Today, we will introduce you the Monetary Protocols and Yielding Protocols.

What is the Yielding Protocols( is a monetary market agreement in the dForce ecosystem that supports stable currency demand deposits to generate interest and instant loans, and is compatible with all ERC20 tokens. Users can deposit stablecoins through and earn deposit income, or obtain instant loans by collateralizing crypto assets. All transactions will be automatically executed through smart contracts, and users do not need to trust assets to third-party institutions, and the cost is low. currently supports borrowing in multiple currencies, USDT, USDx, USDC, PAX, TUSD, BTC, ETH. Users will not be charged a fee when depositing assets. Lending assets from will charge a fee of 0.01% from the loan amount. In terms of preventing default, requires borrowers to deposit mortgage assets with a value of not less than 125% of the loan amount in the smart contract before applying for a loan. And once the asset mortgage rate is lower than 125%, users’ failure to replenish mortgage assets or repay loans in a timely manner will trigger a liquidation mechanism.

How to use the Yielding Protocols(

  1. Download( and open Bitpie wallet (Pro Version)then find dForce
For iOS users, you can search through in the DiscoverPage
For Android users, you can find both the and USDx in the Discover Page
  1. Deposit for interests. Choose the coin you gonna deposit(USDx as demo)
As shown in photo 3, after depositing assets, you can see the current deposit limit and interest rate.
Collateral lending: Take USDx deposit and USDT loan as examples
I have deposited 1USDx in the previous step. based on the 125% crypto-assets cover ratio, it can be calculated that the amount of USDT that can be lent is 1 / 1.25 = 0.8. The safe value in the image is the lower risk borrowing line set by the system. Its value is equal to 80% of the loanable amount, that is, the safe value = deposit amount / 1.25 * 0.8 which equals to 0.64.

What’s Monetary Protocols(USDx)?

USDx is an on-chain synthetic indexed USD stablecoin protocol, which is 1:1 pegged to a basket of selected stablecoins, USDx is issued as an ERC20 token and is automatically minted with a basket of constituent stablecoins (mostly fiat-back with high transparency and liquidity) through smart contracts. Its’ underlying portfolio includes USDC, TUSD, PAX and DAI, which is adjustable via on-chain governance.
USDx is backed by four constituent stablecoins, with the following weighting: 30% USDC, 30% TUSD, 30% PAX and 10% DAI . The selection and weighting of constituent stablecoin is assessed based on the following parameters/factors:
1) Transparency & regulatory compliance;
2) Outstanding floats;
3) Daily trading volume and OTC liquidity;
4) Supported exchanges.

Dual-token Model

dForce is featuring a dual-token model, with USDx as transaction stablecoin pegged to constituent stablecoins and the network utility token — dForce Token (DFT) to be used for transaction service (i.e mintage fee, interest payment etc), insurance fund, community governance, incentive mechanism, validator deposit etc;
DFT also acts as last resort for dForce ecosystem, i.e issuance of DFT for recapitalization of USDx holdings in extreme events.

USR( USDx Saving Rate)

USR is a critical feature of USDx stablecoin — this will be the first fiat-back synthetic stablecoin implementing systematic saving rate.
USR delivers the following benefits to USDx holders:
  1. Simple transactions to get a systematic saving rate and holders of USDx can earn current account interest by simply supplying USDx into USR contract.
  2. There will be no liquidity risk to earn USR. USDx holders can withdraw at any time and interest is earned on per block basis.
  3. Lending protocols supporting USDx and integrated USR could deliver USDx depositors USR+USDx Supply Rate, a combined yield that could outperform most fiat-stablecoin saving rate in the market.

How to create USDx?

  1. Download( and open Bitpie wallet (Pro Version)then find dForce
  2. Enter USDx and use your stable coins to mint USDx
The system currently provides users to exchange three stable currencies: PAX, TUSD and USDC. After authorizing the minting contract, users can receive USDx.
The above is the tutorial of using two products of dForce. At present, both products are relatively easy to get started, and there is no particularly complicated concept, so they are easy to be understood and accepted by the market. USDx, as a synthetic indexed stablecoin, has much better asset stability than the centralized USDT. As a lending-and-borrowing DeFi product, also gives users the opportunity to earn interests. It is foreseeable that in the future DeFi market, dForce has its own competitive edge with its product advantages.
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How to get $50 of Ethereum for Genesis cards in less than half an hour

If you're like me and never got into Ethereum, but would still like to get some Genesis cards before they are gone forever - this could help.
EDIT 16/10 - All of my links have been used, thanks guys! I've posted some others referral links below, please use them - but do step 2 first! If you are going to post your own referral link please edit your comment to show how many people have used it, and once all four slots are used please completely remove your link so other people have a chance to earn some free Eth. I estimate this thread to have generated over $3-400 of free money for the GU community so far!
Proof that I earned 4 different cryptos and converted them all to Eth -
Genesis card packs are only on sale until the 29th, after which they'll NEVER be buyable as packs again (just as singles in trades) - so I'm trying to get as many as I can before they're gone. Gotta get that edge, might be black lotus style once in a lifetime cards! This also allows you to get a little Ethereum together to pay the gas fee if you just want to sell your raffle tokens, or a trusted place to buy Ethereum.
This guide should take you less than 10 minutes to get $20, and 30 minutes for $50, after you have an account. You can then earn up to another $80 by posting your referral links below! You'll need to have a GU account, be over 18, have some ID and a phone, and have metamask installed to transfer all the Eth to buy the cards at the end. If you sign up using these links I'll get a little bit of crypto too and it won't cost you anything, some of these you need to be invited to through my links.
Basically coinbase is (the most popular and trusted) crypto exchange and wallet. They are encouraging people to try new crypto coins with really well done video courses that teach you about the coin, then reward you with some of that coin.
Step 1 If you haven't got a God's Unchained beta account, sign up here.
Step 2 - Do this before the next step - If you haven't got a coinbase account, sign up with this link and if asked, verify your phone number and ID with a picture.
Step 3 - Once you've signed up, or if you already have an account with coinbase, click a random one of the links below (not just the top one) to be invited to a course to learn about EOS. There are five short videos and a question after each, you'll earn $2 of EOS per video. At the end you can invite others to earn, feel free to put your links in the comments.
PRO TIP: All of the videos have a speed button in the bottom right cog button, set it it 1.5 or 1.75. After a few seconds the question is available, you can try to answer now and repeat until it's right with no penalty for wrong answers.
Step 4 - Once you've completed that course, do this one on XLM. Another 5 videos at $2 each with invites at the end too. Use a random link (not just the top one) to be fair
Optional Step 5 - Go to and if you are able to, complete the DAI and BAT for $20 and $10 more respectively. The BAT one is easier, the DAI one you'll need a phone and to download an app. You might have to join a waiting list for both.
For the DAI guide, there is an important step missed. You will open a CDP contract and be told to close it, then you won't have enough to close it. You'll need to transfer a little more DAI from your coinbase account to your wallet to pay the stability fee (for example if the fee is 20%, transfer 20% of the 0.060 contract, which would be 0.012 before gas fees). You can then transfer the remainder back. This guide can help
Step 6 - Transfer the coins you now have to Ethereum by clicking Trade in the top right of coinbase, then clicking Convert and choosing the coin you want to convert in the top dropdown and checking that you are converting it to Ethereum in the bottom dropdown.
You could just transfer it all into your currency and withdraw it and you've got some money for a little effort. You probably want to transfer it to the metamask wallet that your God's Unchained account is linked to and then buy cards. Do that by going to Accounts > Ethereum and clicking Send. Get your metamask Eth address by clicking the metamask fox icon in your browser and clicking on the address to copy it. The transfer should take a a couple of minutes.
If you haven't got metamask installed and linked, go to and create a new account. You'll get an Ethereum address where you can store your Ethereum AND the cards/trinkets e.t.c linked to your GU account. Make sure you write down and safely store your backup passphrase and private key. It's safe to give out your receiving address. Go to either or to check that your metamask account is linked to your GU account.
Step 6 - Buy cards! Click this link and I'll get a bit back from your purchase at no extra cost to say thanks for the guide.
Hopefully this guide will help any newbies like wanting to get Genesis cards before the sale ends. If you appreciate the guide and would like to help me out, you can click on any of the links above to sign up to coinbase or complete the tutorials for your own free crypto, or you can tip me with Eth (guaranteed to go to Genesis cards) at 0xD84621F33cbaaFA8D9Fe1dE48618266647C2C23F
Hopefully this will help new players who might be put off by the crypto side of things, and encourage players who feel they don't have an edge without Genesis cards to get a few packs in now.
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A Guide to DeFi

Hello everyone, been working on a guide so thought I'd post here:
DeFi – Decentralised Finance
Decentralised Finance or “DeFi” is rapidly becoming one of the main applications of smart contracts. It is an ecosystem comprised of applications built on decentralized networks, permissionless blockchains, and peer-to-peer protocols for the facilitation of lending/borrowing or trading with financial instruments.
These open finance applications are being built almost exclusively on Ethereum. The core principle is to provide a new, permission less financial ecosystem without a central authority. This allows for lending and borrowing in a decentralised manner. The user act as their own custodian, maintaining full control of their assets while granting access to financial services.
DeFi Assets
Types of Assets
Native blockchain assets
These are assets that reside purely on the blockchain, unconnected to any real world assets. Examples of these are Ether, the currency of the Ethereum network and Dai, a USD stable coin and its governance token, MakerDao.
Non-native blockchain assets
These are assets that exist on the blockchain but backed or pegged to real world assets. Examples such as Goldman Sachs backed USDC stable coin or TrueUSD, backed by US dollars. What they can be used for
• Collateral for a loan
• Lendable assets
• Borrowable assets
• Governance assets (e.g MakeMKR)
DeFi examples:
With Maker / Dai, a user is able to lock up their Ethereum in a smart contract, wrapped in a specially created token and borrow Dai, a USD pegged stable coin in return. The Maker token is used for governance and allows users to participate in governance decisions and also earn operational fees.
• Loans are over collateralised with the minimum ratio set above 150%
• A user sends their Ether to the smart contract and sets the ratio to their desired risk level, above 150%.
• New Dai tokens are minted and sent to the user.
• If the price of Ether drops below the CDP liquidation point, enough Eth is sold to cover the position with a fee.
• The user is then able to withdraw their remaining assets.
• It is completely up to the user to set the risk level they are comfortable with.
• If a user is in danger of liquidation, they can lower the risk by adding more collateral or returning Dai.
Currently only Ether is used for collateral though other ERC-20 tokens are due to be added soon to enable users to park multi-asset collateral.
Compound is a protocol which creates money markets for various tokens, running on the Ethereum blockchain using liquidity pools.
Each market is linked to a cToken (i.e. cBAT token in place of a BAT token) that acts as the intermediary for any asset being lent on the protocol. Through the cToken, lenders earn interest that compounds over time. Within Compound, there is a withdraw function which allows users to convert the cTokens to the original assets (e.g. from cBAT to BAT).
Interest rates exist for each asset based on real-time market dynamics. When there is an excess of demand from borrowers, the interest rate would increase whereas an excess of lendable amount would lead to lower interest rates. Furthermore, the supply rate (I.e. the lending rate) is always lower than the borrowing rate, by design, to create liquidity on the platform.
It is possible to arbitrage between Compound and Maker if the fee for borrowing Dai is less than the interest gained by using Compound.
Dharma is a platform that allows users to borrow and lend several assets at a fixed interest rate for 90 days. Supported assets include Ethereum, USD Coin and Dai. In short, this platform handles and matches trades manually without acting as custodian at any single point of time. A user can request to lend funds and then he/she will need to wait for their offer to be matched.
Interest rates are currently determined manually by the team in a black-box process. Borrowing and lending rates are set equal which contrasts sharply with other platforms like Compound. If a borrower decides to repay his loan before the maturity date, they must pay the entire interest on the loan over 90-day. As a result, the only incentive for a borrower (to repay the loan early) is to get full access to his collateral immediately.
DeFi Use Cases
The key benefit for lenders is to enable them to use the capital held in Ethereum tokens to generate yields.
As well as traditional borrowing needs also allows native blockchain use cases. E.g. Leverage A borrower could short an asset by borrowing and selling an asset into a stablecoin such as USDC. Likewise, they can long an asset by purchasing it with stablecoins released by their CDP.
Assuming no transaction cost, an arbitrage opportunity exists if the following inequality is true: borrowingRate (%) < lendingRate (%)
DeFi Benefits
Greater capital access: participants residing in capital-controlled countries can obtain access to unseizable stablecoins that give them exposure to other currencies, such as the US dollar or any fiat-denominated stablecoin (e.g. GBP, EUR).
Transparency and efficiency: on pure P2P lending and borrowing platforms, interest rates are determined solely by market participants and loans are secured through overcollateralization. It is easy and costless to access information publicly about loans.
Lower set up costs/turnaround time: unlike the traditional financial industry, it is extremely fast for any user to borrow funds at market rates, removing any intermediary crediting agencies.
Ability to transfer borrowed capital across platforms and trading venues / jurisdictions: As with cryptocurrencies, tokens on Ethereum benefit from blockchain for trade or moving assets.
Full custody of the funds: Assets are held by the user in a wallet or in a smart contract with access controlled by the wallet, without a third party.
Ability to enter margin trading in restricted jurisdictions: As mentioned above.
Video Guides
What is DeFi? A Comprehensive Guide to Decentralized Finance @CryptoBobby -
MakerDao Tutorial @ Nuggets News -
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CryptoCurrency Trading Tutorial - How to sell at the top, protect your profits in a bull market. Icoin Pro Crypto Currency Trading And Training - YouTube How to Start Crypto Currency Trading  Step by step Guide for Beginners  Hindi  Tube Guru Cryptocurrency Trading Tutorial For Beginners Part 1  Best Bitcoin Exchange How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners (UPDATED Ultimate ...

If you have ever funded your trading account with Bitcoin or tried to buy anything with Bitcoin, you will understand what I mean. For a digital currency, the transaction time is a little slow. It can take about 30 minutes or more, to do a single transaction. Upgrading this speed has been hotly debated and finally led to the creation of Bitcoin ... On the site, the average complete guide to trading cryptocurrency will cost you around $199 to learn all you need to and start professional crypto trading. You also typically get tutorials that introduce you to general cryptocurrencies and blockchain ideas to advanced courses that teach you how to build cryptocurrency dApps on blockchain. Day trading is a trading strategy that involves entering and exiting positions on the same trading day. Since the trading happens within the same day, this strategy may also be referred to as intraday trading. The goal of day traders is to use intraday trading strategies to try and profit off of price changes in a financial instrument. The term ... It simply means that a high amount of currency is flowing in and out of that cryptocurrency. Disadvantages. As the cryptocurrency markets are so volatile, the prices can change very quickly. This means that if you want to perform short-term crypto trading, you will need to spend a lot of time analyzing the markets. Welcome to the wild west of cryptocurrency trading. Check out our vast selection of guides, how to tutorials, crypto tools, step-by-step trading manuals, trading pattern and candlestick cheatsheets, trading videos and so much more. Come on in and take a peek!

[index] [61] [197] [683] [1012] [265] [498] [373] [263] [887] [8]

CryptoCurrency Trading Tutorial - How to sell at the top, protect your profits in a bull market.

CRYPTO CURRENCY TRAINING. Learn how to buy, sell, trade & store Bitcoin & other crypto currencies. ... How To Trade Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for Beginners - Duration: 7:48. Fred Yen 603,967 views. This is the ultimate guide on how to buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency for beginners. Link to the article version of this g... **Update: Doing private training courses, Message me on instagram. @cryptoinformer This is a video for everyone that trades, btc bitcoin, eth ethereum, neo, DASH, LTC litecoin, XMR Monero or any ... 4/ Crypto Currency me trade kaise kare 5/ Learn Basic crypto Trading 6/ How to Trade in Binance 7/ Crypto Currency Trading 8/ Bitcoin Trading 9/ How to Trade in Bitcoin 10/ Binance Complete ... A cryptocurrency exchange or a digital currency exchange is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or ...